Intimate in crowd

Something unique happened at my orgy, it was a totally different experience for me, sex in a group can reinforce that feeling of being an interchangeable sex toy, if you know what i mean, which i don't mind at all, that is what the other who come to play are for me, at least for that day they are, but a man came to the party, i will say i was shocked to see him show up, he was another man coming to his first orgy, and by this point it was no longer a gang bang but an orgy full on, three other women had come to the party and seven men and a she-male, putting twelve in the room either watching or playing,

This man came around the same time as another man i have talked to for a while so i was excited to see them both show up, and i quickly talked them out of their cloths. At an orgy i refuse to undress a man sure its sexy but i got myself naked and they can do the same. so i went back and forth for a little giving head until the first one ready moved me to my back and started fucking me riding my legs hard into my breasts, with my hands on his ass the other man got the idea and was fucking my face, whenever i could catch a glimpse of his face i could tell he was liking the view of the other man fucking me...

to my shock when the time came for his turn it was the most astounding thing i have ever had happen in a group setting, it was like finding that stranger that you already know, it was as the title implies intimate in a crowd i was lost in his eyes and swept away by his rhythm, he was everything i look for in a lover, tender and fierce, passionate and controlled, open to the whole room but only there for me is what it seemed like, i cannot say how moving it was, that is the closest i have come to feeling like i was making love instead of fucking in a long time, he was simply complexly amazing, both times we did it, nothing fancy simply holding me close while he drove himself home into me, touching my face and kissing me, what luxuries, somehow it seemed so right when i know that it was so out of place, a few men made my short list and he is at the top of it, i want to drag other women over to his home and analyze how he makes love to them, somehow in a roomful of twelve people watching us he made me feel like we were the only two people in the world...

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