Plan for a grand adventure

A game on a grand scale and an adventure that can not be matched, when the time for play draws near I will be ready and i want you to play along with me, I will be more then sure to share what adventure i am off on at the moment but i can not stand the shallow pursuit of simple sex. I want a grand adventure a sure way to amuse myself and enjoy. I love to write and i know that i enjoy shareing my sexual escapades but for some reason my muse has not been amusing and well when that happens what can you do but take a break and try again later.


Fantasy In Motion

As I wander thru this life and all that it is i learn more and more about my self and the world. about the universe and my dreams, what drives me to action and what only stirs my mind with few other results. A truth I would like to propose is that our fantasies are in motion, we are all in a flux between what we want and what we have, as we get what we are after that goal will just change so that we want more...

What a wonderful order for my life to fall into, I form a true DESIRE which will prompt ACTION and that will produce in my reality REWARDS in the form of what i DESIRE. How wonderful is that system, but wait it gets better because left as is i would quickly have everything i want from the world and be left with nothing to desire, and we know a life without desire is not for me. So the universe lets me refine and detail my dreams as i go as they take shape in my mind and form in my life. Fantasy in motion, contently being able to write in more and more of my own content to my life....

No longer will i be a slave to the programing i was born with to the life station i am pre assigned from birth. I am free to CREATE with my MIND and BODY a better world for myself. I have the TOOLS that i need in order to have everything i desire so long as i can keep setting further goals and fostering new desire in my soul. It is a matter of staying in a constant state of motion in the direction of the emotion of joy, relief and bliss. It is time to wake up and move in the direction of my desire, to keep my fantasy in motion i must be moving towards it.