feeling the loss....

OK, I know I post everyday and I love it, but yesterday the thought didn't even cross my mind. Yesterday I lost a women a love and today, this week, this year, perhaps the rest of my life I will feel the loss of her. I am not sorry that she died yesterday I will not be mad at the world or fate for her early end. every day with her was a pleasure, and every memory we had made together will be treasured by me for all of my days to come.

so i sit here and cry and bear my soul because to share my pain might ease it for a minute. when Shelly was only 44 she went for her first mammogram where lumps were found in both breasts, they moved quickly to biopsy worried at the size of the masses. it was malignant cancer and she went through a double mastectomy the week of her 45th birthday. it was not soon enough her cancer had spread to her bones, and yesterday at the early age of 48 the light in the wonderful women's eyes went out forever.

i am more sad for me then i am for her, but isn't that the way with death. you aren't really mourning the people who have "gone to a better place" you mourn the people who are left behind to suffer the loss. after 4 long years of battle of chemotherapy and radiation, of the agony of bone cancer and being drugged into a shadow of herself. she was ready to go, we were ready for her not to suffer anymore, but now that it has happened i am inconsolable. her husband and i spent the day going over the plans she made and left for us. you would think my tears would run out at some point but it seems i am a bottomless well,

we opened a bottle of her favorite wine, and shared some of her favorite medicine (the herbal kind) and remembered every goofy thing she had ever done with us, we contacted the call trees we had in place for this day, we posted what was needed on the net, and we cried because we couldn't be with her, i am never certain what to think of death i mean what happens to us, but i do know she is no longer in pain, and if there is a heaven she has a place in it.

even in death she makes us laugh as we go through her plans and see she has every detail of her final arrangement's made, both the family ceremony with a viewing and pictures on display, we were sobbing like lost baby's when we watched the slide show of pictures she had made, and secret plans for a bonfire party to celebrate her life to drink and smoke and dance like fools.

i am facing loss on all sides and she was still my shelter in the storm she was sick but never broken by it, she was so much stronger than i could ever be i am blessed to have known her at all. life can be so much sometimes i don't have words, i wish you could see how i am feeling right now. how frightening it is to think one day we all will only live in memory.

treasure your friends, plan for tomorrow, love one another and never ever forget how easy it is to lose the ones you love the most. she is asking for contributions to NORML an organization that works for legalization of marijuana, for her it is a matter of compassionate care. it is a medicine that works so why deny a safe herbal remedy in favor of morphine. so if you have an extra 5 bucks send it their way so that they can do some good getting legislation changed.


christmas eve fantasy

twas the night before Christmas last year at a good friends house, my friends from the story i make a perfect gift, she and i had been playing together for a long time but he was never allowed to join in, we would all get together for dinner and drinks then she and i slip into the bedroom while we leave him watching TV,

she came up with the perfect gift idea it was almost inspired, she wanted to give him me for his special gift, isn't that sweet, so Christmas eve she hid a key for me to let myself in and so at midnight i snuck in, stripped down tied on a wide green ribbon around my middle. i lay out on their huge tree skirt and struck a pin-up pose under the tree.

as planned she woke him up telling him she heard a noise he needs to check out, so into the room he did creep and when he saw me he froze, i swear he did about ten double takes looking around the room then back at me. i crooked my finger bringing him closer, and when he went to speak i shook my head, when he was close i looked into his eyes and pulled open his robe.

he sprang out hard and ready at what he thought was a dream, when i wrapped my lips around the tip i heard him mutter to himself "gosh this feels real" i almost cracked up and ruined it, but i held my laughter and gave him the best head i could give, he came rich and thick in my mouth quick because his wife hasn't given him head in over 8 years.

i tied his robe and shook my head again when he tried to speak so he left shaking his head and went back to bed, i dressed and waited and about an hour later after he fell asleep she came out to make me some hot cocoa and have a good laugh.

we think he thinks it was a dream he has never said anything to either of us about what happened that night and it really couldn't have gone better then if he had been in on the script, in fact at dinner the other night we were talking about gifts and she even said she wished she could wrap up a blow job for him, since he was so nice this year. you should have seen his face when he choked on his drink, poor man. i almost feel sorry for him, with two such devious minds plotting his escapades.

the plan for this year is a little more complex but should be just much fun....

so merry Christmas eve to all of you and yours as you go about your day, and don't forget to look twice under the tree...


friday rocked

nearly a month ago now i took a new friend of mine to the club, she and i meet at my weekday fun orgy and she is just great it is so nice to meet other women with intrests in group sex like me. so we head to the swingers club on a quite Friday night,

while we were doing the tour a friend of mine from several other nights was upstairs and we decided to show her how the red spider chair worked so i hopped on and he went down, bringing me off hard before he stood up to fuck me, but as is often the case he was the wrong height so i flew to the bed and let him fuck me good while she sat on the chair in the room and watched...

the crowd was thin and she is very selective we were lingering upstairs and i hopped in my favorite piece of furniture the glider waiting to see if i would get a bite...

i found several men who were good enough for me, and moved to the room and had a nice little train fucking with these five guys, sucking one fucking the other, over and over until i ran out of cock to play with...

since i was busy she had been sitting out on the love seat and a very attractive black man with a lyrical accent was chatting her up. we went down and crawled into the hot tub to soak, and i gave her one of my trademark corydory back rubs... i love to massage people especially if they have skin as soft and smooth as hers....

her admirer followed us down and he didn't get in but he stood and chatted to us from dry land until she was ready to take him upstairs... omg it was so fucking hot, i went with them to the room just to watch but i ended up on the bed with her while he rode her good and hard, then she mounted him and she fucked him like a porn star on the balls of her feet squatting up and down full force on his large cock...

it was red hot fucking they both pulled out moves you normally only see in movies... i kid you not she may be selective but if you are lucky enough to have her select you be ready because shes gonna fuck you like an animal...


OK i know your not here to see my comments on pop culture but i watch family guy all the time and now McDonald's has a new commercial asking if you are a mcnuggnut... i kid you not, just say it out loud, isn't that the funniest thing ever. mcnuggnuts are people who are crazy about eating mcnuggets, i mean really are you a mcnuggnut... it is cracking me up, i think i am a mcnuggnut because i love to bob on a knob till i get to eat the nuts does that count can we make it a new dirty term mcnuggnuts are nuts about swallowing your cum...

sorry to ramble but that is what i get for being stoned during family guy, really say it out loud mcnuggnut, lmao, also while i was hanging with a girl friend and burning a nice green yule log she made an amazing point to me i never really understood. we were talking about girls and boys and why hooking up online is so much more likely to let you find like minded people instead of just ones that are physically appealing, she asked me how many men i have just looked at in public that i wanted to kiss. maybe 50-75, well then she asked how many men do i see all the time. really all the time men are everywhere.

i have seen maybe a million men on earth and only so many have ever just caught my eye on sight where i said to myself i gotta get me some of that, i think it is the same for most women in the world, and if that is the case then your chances online are a million times better because you aren't judged first on your looks, you get to meet peoples minds first and in the end isn't that the most appealing part the deciding factor in who you chose to have as a friend, or lover, their minds not their looks, i love the Internets blinders it lets people chose me based first on me...


saving things

OK it may be true nothing says i love you like a threesome but it is even more true that adding a partner to a failing relationship is no way to save anything at all... it would be like trying to put out a fire with straw, i know it is tempting but if things are going south already you should focus on that not on finding a women to play with...

so i got an email from someone i wrote off a unsolicited single male, sending him my standard response which is the truth, i say this a dozen different ways when i reply to these emails, some of which are clearly cut and paste and others that are nice and do interest me but all the same i thank them for the contact, let them know i looked at there profile, then tell them that for safety reasons i do not meet single men one on one, but if they want the chance to meet me and see if we play well together they can check out my group [group 170713 IWF].

I don't mean to stray from the topic, so i send this reply to a man saying i don't meet single men one on one, he writes back that he isn't single, so i send him what i reply to most couples with if i like their profile (of course his was just a single male) that i would love to know more about them and what they are looking for in a playmate, are they experienced and can they host, and do they want me to include a male friend of mine for fun, and if so which one do they want me to ask. i sometimes ask more detailed questions depending on how brief their profile was...

so his reply wasn't quite a full awnser, it was pretty short and left a lot to be desired but he did include pictures of his girlfriend and she was very pretty, so i decided what the hell and started talking about dates to set up a play date with them, now i don't mean to brag but i am a busy girl and i have plans most weekends, and back up plans when in true aff style people cancel or flake out on me. i know what i need to be happy and i arrange to get it often nothing wrong with that in my book,

but anyway back to my story i tell this guy i will meet them for dinner and see if it works, now the trick here is that if i make a date with someone from aff, i really plan to fuck them, i mean you would have to do or say something really repulsive for me not to fuck you at that point, I'm not one of those I'm looking for the right vibes chicks I'm a let me test drive you and see what i think, i just wanna take you for a spin, then i can see if we click. because really I'm not here looking for friends (but i am so glad that i have met a few people here that i love) i am here looking for sex lots of hot dirty sex mostly with strangers, even if we met and fuck a few times if we don't really get to know each other and i mean basics most of the time i don't know where people live or work, then we a strangers or at best fuck buddy's. all this to say more often then not i don't judge someone until i have slept with them first.

the point of all that was I'm a pretty sure thing if i am meeting a couple, and once I'm willing to talk dates that means I'm already decided i will fuck you, barring some unforeseen drastic turn off, so we set a date and he writes me like five email within 3 hours of each other, kinda freaky but maybe hes just excited right but then the next day it was like 9 emails in 4 hours and i felt like it was very passive aggressive it would be him writing and the first one would be some question then he would be like if you still want to meet then it would be are you still intrested then it was i guess you were fake then it was you must not be interested.

it was freaky, it may have been totally harmless and he was just eager but i had my husband read them (changed my password today that chapter is done, what will i do for common sense now) and he felt like it was scary, we are pretty sure the man was unstable, or at best on something. so i wrote to say i didn't think i could meet them and i was sorry but i wished them luck in their future searches. i almost never do this but it was just psycho enough to make me not want to risk it, specially since he wouldn't give me her profile name.

then he writes me this email demanding to know why, and saying that this had been my plan all along to set him up and i was fake, and so on so i write back to say i didn't like that he came on so strong with the email, he should leave time for me to reply to him instead of just an hour before he jumped to the conclusion that i was fake and then escalate inside the 4 hours to 9 emails each one more and more aggressive. i put a lot of thought in wording it right so he wouldn't be hurt and so that he would take the advice to heart. he reply that he isn't gonna read it because he wants to still be able to like me. like I'm some low class bitch whose gonna leave unforgivable things about him in a note I'm leaving him.

then he sends like 5 more emails saying that he was having a hard time with his girlfriend and they were counting on meeting me to save their relationship, how much he loved her and wanted it to work so they decided to try having a threesome, so i will restate the first paragraph, threesomes are awesome and an amazing thing to share with someone you love but if things aren't going well adding people wont help save the two at the center no matter how many you add...


I am done searching for Mr. right i want Mr. next... sure i know wonderful men exist and i have even meet a few but in reality the whole dream is a joke for a girl like me. as some of you know my current "real" relationship isn't working, not my fault and it makes a funny story really but i am heading into divorcee territory i think. i have said the words aloud enough i don't cringe and start to cry but sometimes it is hard to have every hope and dream dashed on the rocks of reality and stand facing a world of i told you so's and should have been's. i am not sure now how much i will blog on this topic since it is a pretty raw wound for me, but if i cant let it out here where should i go.... besides therapy... regardless of how my marriage ends i am a stronger and better person for having the experience. he needs to do what he has to in order to apiece his family and maintain their status.

i have meet at least a dozen Mr. rights a hundred Mr. right nows and now i don't have half the heart i used to for emotional adventure. i need to find Mr. next i know its pathetic but I'm one of those silly girls who cant be alone. i need a partner a ms. next would work as well but either way no matter how much senseless sex i engage in, no matter how often that physical itch gets scratched without emotional partnership with at least one other human. i will feel at sea and slowly descend into the abyss of depression. i do like to be alone i am good company for everyone other than myself.

my ideal person... is hard to imagine even harder to describe but the situation i am looking for is much easier to pin down, i need someone to move me in as their mistress, someone who loves to share. i make a great live in and i am always horny even if i have a headache, i would love to find a partner in the lifestyle whose appetite comes close to mine, i could never live in the sex twice a week setting, i like kids and older men so maybe a dilf with a bachelor pad, I'm a OK cook and i order mean Chinese, i will go to market and run any errands, if you have a small business or work from home you could make me earn my keep. with my allowance cut off i will be trying to live a fourth of my income, which goes beyond tightening the belt to the point of ridiculous, im a piratical girl who can admit i need help.

i want someone to eat dinner with then go out and play someone who loves pussy as much as i do, i would prefer an older bi/bi-casual man who has his shit together, i want to cuddle at the end of a long weekend and have someone to fall asleep with and hold, i need for someone out there to know all those little things about me that no one else has time to learn. i also need a man for practical reasons such as safety when I'm playing and security at parties.

I need to be needed, i want to be wanted. i have to have that human connection with at least one other in the world and right now while I'm surrounded with friends and family i still fell that i am utterly alone in life, in the world, in my mind....

i know this is a crazy place to look for a relationship but the lifestyle is a huge part of my life and never again will i make myself live with anyone who disapproves of how i have my fun, i love my lovers but right now i need someone to love me back, and besides if i never ask i will never receive


so the day after my inspired story I'm all kinds of sore and tired so i decided to go out to the local swing club and soak for a few hours in the hot tub, maybe do some gentle one on one if i see anybody i know but otherwise i was there to soak,

heck i even took a book to read in the tub, it was a cold and quiet Wednesday night and i was just soaking up the heat letting my tender flesh relax as i leaned into the whirling jets, reading and chatting away when another person would join me, i kept refusing to get out and play until much later in the night when a friend from another blog post, why I'm glad to be a member for life Big **** was there with his cousin hoping to bump into me,

by now i had been soaking more then 90min naked watching porn and anybody who even knows about me knows i am always a horny girl so with the littlest encouragement i was up the stairs and in a room in no time at all and both men wanted to play with the door open.

so there i was sore and still fucking loving the thrusts that hurt so good, once again the cream in a kinky Oreo with two big black cocks filling up both ends, i decided i am truly deeply and incurably insatiable, i want to fuck all the time and don't think that i can ever find enough to satisfy me, sure i reach a point when i want to quit for a minute but that is all in a half hour i want even more than before,

this is why one on one relationships wont work for me, i have yet to meet anyone with an appetite equal to my own, and have a hard enough time finding people to keep up with me for a night... still you gotta admit it is a wonderful way to be worn out...



this was an inspired evening, a friend sent me to a really great off site sex blog, which I'm hooked on now to read a really sexy story about fisting, something i didn't think i would ever want to try...

this story was so detailed and the women who was experiencing it sounded so in love with the sensations and all it was really hard no to think about for the whole night, then my friend was in town by a fluke...

woohoo and we got a room together to play in for the night, what fun and play we did, for a while everything was normal then i got the thought in my head and couldn't shake it, i wanted him to try and fist me, i wondered if it could be done not to brag but my pussy is tight for three fingers and a fist no matter how much lube we used might not fit...

i asked him because i trust him and so he put on a glove and started small, my job was to keep a mini vibe on my clit and try to relax, he knows all the tricks and in no time it was four fingers and i was asking for more, so he slipped his thumb into my pussy making it his whole hand, i have never felt so full i was asking for more, because he couldn't quite push into me,

he knows all the tricks so he told me to bear down and force him out, so i did as he said and when my muscles relaxed from the contraction it pulled his hand all the was into me, placing the knuckle of his thumb against my g-spot making me a very happy camper and as i shook myself into a state of frenzy i came all over his wrist it was so fucking hot to feel so much of him inside of me,

my main fears were useless not only was i not stretched out i was to tight for my own finger only a few moments later it was insane how my body had contracted, not that i would do this every day or even once a week but for a blue moon treat this was a wonderful and erotic experience i am thrilled to add to my first times post...

however i will say the for the two days that followed i was sore as a two dollar whore, so while i did enjoy it it will be a long time before i try that again, still it was an incredable night...


i am the fuckee

i had the chance to spend an off night with a good friend who was playing his away game, it was such a matter of drunken luck that we even made friends and now he is on the short list of men i love to play with, and on an even shorter list of men whose dicks i could suck for hours...

one of the things that make enjoy his company so much is that he enjoys mine, his encouragements and mummers of joy while i go down on him make me want to suck him dry. he even told me he had masterbated to the memory of my blow jobs, is it me or is that so fucking hot...

even so no matter how much i love to suck his cock non-stop i still wanna fuck, and in bed i am a much better fuckee. everyone has their preferred role in bed, sub or dom, fucker or fuckee, i have always been a fuckee by my own choice, because i have no sense of rhythm which makes putting me on top a frustrating exercise in futility...

in this case with this man i decided to step out of my comfort zone a little, i had worn out his knees and I'm sure his legs had started to cramp so i rolled him over laid him down and mounted him with pleasure in a special move i had seen at the swingers club the night before, he called it a reverse cowboy...

i was the fucker and fuck him i did with pleasure and gusto riding him until my cum was dripping off his balls, then after that very exciting experiment i sucked his dick several more times until we both nodded off and did it again in the morning, it was so nice to change roles for once and be the fucker not the fuckee, i don't think i could have done it if i hadn't been so comfortable with him...

this is another reason i love my shortlist, everyone knows my weekends are busy but my short list friends can call almost any week night and i will be thrilled to entertain them or use them for my own entertainment at least. what a wonderful surprise this night had been in more ways then one, thank you for playing your away game with me...

also i want to thank this special friend for defending me and the fun i enjoy, fuck the rest of them if they don't like it, i am a good girl and a good friend if people give me a chance and if your the kind of person who wouldn't get to know me because your other friends might not approve of me then you aren't the kind of person i would be friends with anyway...


sorry i have to do this but i had a madding time out friday night, i was nothing i couldnt handle just another reminder to self why single guys can be scary and should be handled with caution. i like to go stag to the swingers club and most often can be found hunting there on wendsdays,

i am always comfortable there and have yet to feel preasured or uncomfortable in anyway, i know the securty and feel safer meeting men there than anywhere else if im on my own that said i wasnt born yesterday and i know not everyone who swings is trustworthy, still it shouldnt be hard to learn that no means no,

i am not asking to much to think that a simple no thank you i dont want to do that right now should do the trick, i am a polite person by nature and cant imagine pressing my attention on someone who didnt want it, but this night it was done to me in several differant ways, and by the end of the night i was about ready to hurt someone, no thank you is enough i shouldnt have to resort to no fucking way in hell as a response

i dont often play with men one on one, this night was a vivid example of why, a nice clean single young man got my attention and we sat for a while talking to each other, i indicated i would play with him so we went off to a room, this has been a long week for me, i have meet and sucked more dick this week then some women do in a year so i let him know i wouldnt be giving great head, not that he needed any since he was hard but it is a nice way to start so i showed my trick of putting a rubber on with my lips, he grabbed my hair hard and started to fuck my face it was freaking me out, i kept pulling back but he was pushing hard and this is after i told him i wouldnt do oral, i grabbed his dangling nuts and squeezed untill he stopped

he is lucky i didnt just slap them as hard as i could, but i dont want to be hurt and i know that makes most men mad, anyway he apoligized and looked real sorry and said he got carried away, so i went ahead and said he could fuck me but he had to go easy, he was large and maybe because i asked for easy he went at it extra hard but i know he was trying to hurt me, then when i thought it couldnt get worse he pulled out and rammed himself into my asshole without permission and without lube,

i kicked him in the head as hard as i could manage from my back, i think he might have seen a star or two, i wanted to scream and yell at him i did in fact a little but only for the 20 seconds it took me to grab my robe and hit the halls glad i left my top on, what a fuck'tard i cant imagine anyone playing with him more than once, i was very shaken up by this and went down to soak in the hot tub and calm my nerves

i was soaking happly in the newly reopened hot tub when a nice looking young man joined me and we sat pleasently chatting about the night and the club and what not when another man came up and asked how the water was, it was perfect so he decided to join, an invitiation to soak in the tub is not a offer to have you grab my pussy, just to be clear, i find confidence a turn on but aggresion turns that into a turn off quickly and this man was aggresive,

not wanting to hurt anyones feeling when he tried to feel me up i told i was just trying to soak and i didnt want to lose my hot tub privleges, then he asked the other man for permision after i had told him no and crossed my legs, pretty clear body languge i wasnt interested, i explained i didnt know the other man, which probably was a mistake because it gave me away as single if i was smart i would have used the other man as a cover hoped in his lap and hidden but it was after 1am and i wasnt thinking

the man grabs my hand and moves it to his cock like he has every right in the world to do it, i was done i had my share of men for the night and told him so, in no uncertain terms, i take my hands out of the tub so he starts to kiss and suck and slober on my arm before he grabbed my floating tit, at this point the other guy got agresive to it is like a disease that spreads man to man

now with both of them determined to play with me and me as turned off as i get i debated my options with myself got out and went home early i hate to jugde all men by the actions of a few but i was hot in a bad way red mad hot and half wanted to tattle on the creep like some little kid short of slapping him he wouldnt take a hint,

yes i was at a sex club i was even there to have sex and lots of it but when im done i stop, and if i want to just sit and relax i should be able to, next time i wont be so nice the more i think about it the more i wish i had just given him a good crack across the face he needed to learn manners.

there are time when i enterain the notion of finding a full time lover, someone to watch my back on nights like this because as silly as it seems and as far as i have come from the little girl i used to be in my first abusive relationship there is that part of me that blames myself for these things happening, i feel like i was asking for it and i got what a dirty slut like me deserves, i feel silly looking for your symphaty. i know i only feel this way becuase it was beat into me early on, and now i am a grown women who demands to be treated as a lady at least out of bed, and that i didnt deserve either of the creeps

harmless intentions or not NO MEANS NO, it isnt funny im not joking i may be into all kinds of things but if i or anyone says no then dont press it and never ever just do it anyway...

the levels of BI

OK this trend has reached new epidemics the many many levels of being BI- i know each term means something different to everyone so i think i will just define what it means for me because i for one am a true BI and wouldn't change it for a second, i also love to watch BI people of either sex play together,

BI-lifestyle : to be enjoy a true BI-lifestyle means you really do not have a preference for women or men but you sincerely enjoy sex on a person to person basis without gender preference, you can have lasting and meaningful relationships with either sex as long as it is with the right individual this includes many people who practice polyamory and love both sex's simultaneously

BI-sexual : this is living a straight lifestyle but enjoying sex with either gender, you can have wonderful same sex experiences behind closed doors but do not want to have that be part of day to day life, being BI-sexual means being uninhibited in your sexual experiences but going back to the opposite sex relationships for emotional fulfilment and love

BI-curious : sometimes this term annoys me, there really is no need to be shy if you are curious try it if you like it do it again if you don't try something else, but i know nothing is that simple and this grouping includes lots of the BI group, these are people who have ideas and fantasies of a same sex sexual experience but have not yet acted on it, or who have tried it once or twice but don't want to rush to judgement they would prefer to give it few more chances or who liked it but don't want the classification of BI-sexual ,

BI-closeted : these are the group of people who aren't yet at grips with there desire and who are afraid to let the inhabitions tied to same sex play go so that they can enjoy themselves fully, i think some of this fear is tied to social stigma but another part can also be from a fear of indulging themselves and becoming complete homosexuals,

BI-casual : I LOVE THIS TERM and this group these are the people who come to play and leave every inhibition at the door, they don't seek out same sex encounters but they enjoy group play and in that setting do not let gender affect the desire to feel good, these are the true hedonists that make orgy's worth throwing, the motto here is if it feels good do it, all i would add for my personal crest is if it feels good do it OFTEN...

BI-hypocritical : gotta include this, these are the people who feel really feel that it is OK for one gender to be BI, not only OK but often find it extremely erotic but when the other gender is BI it is no longer OK it is an abomination or some such shit, i understand the issue of comfort and sexuality is a touchy thing i would never ask someone to do or watch something that made them feel uncomfortable but i will call it hypocritical because it is,

BI-phobic : OK i have to touch on it some people find the whole BI thing icky and gross and can not tell the difference between it and homosexuality to them same sex is same sex, sometimes this is just good old fashion homophobia and other times it is rooted in a bad experience somewhere in the past, these are the people who cant wrap their minds around the whole idea, which is OK straight people need love to and that doesn't mean BI people don't like them,

ending on a high note

i will leave you with this the party was a great success, almost everyone who came had a wonderful time and i know next month will be even better as we iron out the little wrinkles.

by later that night a third women showed up to play and we three girls wore all the men out in turns, breaking their bodies for our pleasure, i think more then one will be on the injured list still with cramped legs hurt knees and sore hips, but it was more fun than i can say, imagine three hot wet naked women writhing on a king size bed surrounded by nine men all occupied in some interesting fashion as we sucked fucked licked and played our way to complete exhaustion, i wish i had recorded the sounds for you to hear the audio erotic quality of moaning and flesh slapping on flesh in a group that large cannot be found elsewhere, it was that part of the night i love when i am already feeling fuzzy and cum drunk and we are playing hard for the last couple of hours,

we wrapped it up around one in the morning sending most of the visitors home except my friend from farther away who agreed to stay with me, even i am not stupid enough to sleep alone in hotel room 30 people have been to not that i think any of you would hurt me but you cant be to safe and besides i was glad he was back in town, so around two we headed to Perkins for a victory breakfast then back to the room for some amazing one on one that reminded why i love my short list players really for me the day was full of the best of both worlds amazing groups sex mostly with people i knew but still meeting several new friends with potential, and hot one on one with a good playmate then cuddling,

yeah i know its sappy but even i like to cuddle silly or not sometimes it is nice to fall asleep wrapped in a lovers arms and just lie content to feel safe and warm and comfortable together, so more power to the cuddlers, and thanks again to everyone who made the Decembers party so wonderful, the toys are donated thank you all for bringing toys and the orgy was a hit, i cant wait to do it again...


The show i was looking for...

caution you might not wanna read this, this story contains graphic descriptions of bi-sexual men playing in ways that make some people uncomfortable so if that is you i would recommend skipping today and returning tomorrow....

i hate to ramble or rail when i am about to tell a dirty story but i do want to point out that i think it is bullshit that bi-girls are celebrated and bi-guys are shunned, i for one love watching men play with each other, now i know this isn't for everyone and that is why communication is important at a party....

i love giving anal and can not believe the number of men who will let me or ask me to violate their asshole while maintaining they are totally straight not even bi curious or bi casual, one man at the party let me lube him up and fuck his asshole good with my little toy it was so hot and so very much fun

so when the main part of the party moved to the front room of the suite for a little break while i stayed in back with two of the men the one whose asshole i tapped and the other i know is bi, both well equipped and open minded what a wonderful combination, and as i was working to suck them both back to a hard and ready place i kept moving them closer together

finally getting the idea one offered to let me suck both cocks at once, something i have never done before and i love to add things to my falling into firsts post so i was more than game to try and the men squished their cocks together and into my mouth

at this point i was pretty sure they were comfortable together i mean you gotta get real close to pull a move like that so after a novel attempt i pulled back and asked for a little help, so while i was sucking one he was fondling the other,

yep men grabbing men and i loved it, but wait it gets better, i don my little rubber glove and lube up so as i was sucking one man with my fingers zeroing in on his tight asshole he started to suck the other mans cock, what a sight, that will be on my masturbation memory reel for a while to come, i even noticed we had one man lurking in the room watching with a not quite horrified expression,

besides at this point in the day my jaws were about to go slack so getting help from anyone was welcome, for me to see the men touch and caress each other playing with nipples and balls was hot enough but to watch them exchange oral... wow... happy endings were had all around before a break was called and we cleaned up and went to rest with the others,


my well equipped friend

so the party was carrying on in a very festive spirit everyone was playing nice waiting turns for me and the women with me, when my well equipped friend just happened to show up,

now the other girl had brought her own pretty jelly vibe and i carry a fully loaded sex kit bag, with 3 vibe several lubes and rubber gloves and condoms and Vick's and baby wipes and sanitizer and i like to think of myself as prepared

i got nothing on my well equipped friend he shows up tool box ready, with some the most fun unique and orgasm inducing toys i have ever played with, just what the orgy needed since i was running out of people to fuck me while i was giving head...

some boys wear out after they cum a few times, i just don't get it but the toys oh they will last all right, so we explore the options a Hitachi vibe (i want one for Christmas) several glass pieces, a stainless steel g-spot tapper, and a liberator wedge to name a few, he even had my favorite brand lube in a new flavor,

what fun that was i even manged to be the example pussy for a Hitachi demonstration, yes i will suffer for education... it was wonderful i was sucking a nice hard cock with my pussy just hanging up in the air and one man started showing another how to use the Hitachi just right to stimulate the clit... yep that was torture, every second i felt like i would explode and shatter...

the student was a very apt pupil and before long the men had made a pretty noticeable wet spot under me, which isn't easy with my ass in the air but i came so much it just poured down,

then there was the stainless steel toy which is a curved piece with weighted balls on each end to roll over the g-spot, since i had played with this toy the last time i saw my friend i urged the other women to give it a try,

so while i was licking her clit my friend worked that onto her g-spot and few minutes later heaven was found, the stem of the toy was narrow and this women could squirt boy could she ever and for the first time i saw squirting while something was in the vagina, not as much but impressive all the same,

her pussy was so tight one of the glass toys with heart shaped ridges on it was being used to get her off and every stroke you could feel her clamping on the ridges it was one of those few times when i wish i had a penis cause i wanted to feel that on myself,

toys may not be a necessity but darn it they sure are fun and i am so glad my well equipped friend could make it to the party and that he thought to bring the props the only thing he brought that we didn't need were the dice, we all know how to get started at the fun...


group play is best

how to tell the tale of an orgy, do i make it vague to intrigue you or detailed to satisfy you, do i tell it in many short stories or one long erotic tale, after the unpleasantness last time my descriptions will be briefer and there is a lot i am leaving out, some things that will be keeping my hand on my clit for many nights to come,

the party was a great success it was wonderful and just what i needed, i was running late that morning so it was 11 when i checked in and i was far from ready but men were already in the parking lot so i headed into the room set up quickly and hopped in the jacuzzi while the men settled in, after a quick dip to clean up i started the play in the bed room, we had a king size bed and so i sat a man down and started to suck,

i am a lazy cocksucker there is no doubt, what i want most is to suck it hard then tell him to fuck me with it so i can get the next one ready, which most often works very well except when i give to good of head the i just suck him off and have to look for the next one, the three of us played in rounds getting each other off and by noon i needed a break already,

i had tried to change the message on my voicemail so that people could find us because my phone was dead but i didn't save the new message when i learned my mistake i fixed it right away but i think a few people missed out because of my fuck up, i am more sorry then i can say i didn't mean to exclude anyone who wanted to play,

after another quick soak in the tub the crowd swelled again so i headed back to the bed to please as many of the men as i could reach and to let the others watch if they wanted to, play continued like this till the first other women appeared, then she and i set to it together pleasing as many men as would come into our reach, rolling out of bed when we needed a ciggy and heading back when we were done, i unloaded my sex bag scattering lube condoms and toys around the room for all

when we had exhausted the men on hand i was trying some oral resuscitation with my ass up in the air so some kind soul stepped up to my pussy and pleased me so much i couldn't contain myself, i actually had to stop sucking cock because i was shaking so hard and as he hammered my g-spot it was amazing how hard i came, i was just twitching like a epileptic coke head,

the whole morning went so very well it was a true pleasure for me and those who came to play did while those who came to watch had a wonderful show,

there are a few things i would like to explain because when i say 30 people were there some people are horrified at the idea, so first not every one is there at once at the most we had ten or so people in the room at once, from 11am to 1am there were between 4 and 12 people in the room at all times, also i want to point out the hypocrisy of people who say yeah i would do a group of 6-8 but never 30 in a day that is way to many, i mean really what is the difference if you are OK with 6 why not 40 the mechanics stay the same, and for an insatiable women like me i can wear out that many men in a day so why wouldn't i if they are willing....

thanks again to the men and women who are adventurous enough to attend i love the kudos i get for being a good hostess but i know that without you attending, the party would be a bust, you guys and gals deserve all the respect for coming to the party with open minds prepared for pleasure...

another amazing hump day

i know I'm hooked, even when i don't plan on playing i end up leaving fucked silly and smiling every time i go to the swingers club...

so Wednesday i took a man i had met a few times before to the local sex club to get his new membership, i love to act as tour guide and welcome committee when i find anyone who will love this place like i do, so i drag him thru the whole tour showing off the sexy rooms one by one, letting him feel the symbian and showing him how to make it run,

when we reached the room with the red sex chair i showed him how perfect the set up would be for man of his height, i hopped up and wiggled my ass to the edge hooked my black fuck me heels into the loop and let him step into my pussy, even clothed i could feel him at half mast pressing hard against my hot wet spot,

we went around a little more before the tour was done, then of course the choice of where to play was up to him, so as i was sure he would he choice the chair that we had tried, we rushed into the room and stripped with haste so i could hop up and get fucked long and hard till i couldn't stop my screams, i came so hard i was afraid i would hurt him as my pussy clamped onto his cock, it was simply great...

after we went down to the main area to sit and drink and talk for a while, of course i introduced him to the few people i know, it was a really slow Wednesday, and after a bit a couple i liked came in, you might recall them from my INTERRUPTED post, we sat and talked about all things swinger, my friend had to leave to get home at an excusable hour,

i stayed to see what might happen and the very cool couple i knew wanted to play pool with me, which would be fun except I'm so bad a pool i could make my own all new pool game where no matter how many balls are on the table you score by hitting only the cue having it roll around and miss all of the other balls...

since we were three i offered to team up with her to take him on but he had a better idea, so we girls played while he watched, who wouldn't love that, and since we both are pretty bad at pool he made rules that had us both as winners, who ever scratched had to suck on the others nipple,

yep that is a form of pool i can win at, in fact we both won often...

during the game two of their friends joined us to watch with him as we teased and played so when we were done four of us went upstairs to a room with two queen size beds, we all of course strip down and set to playing, first just she and i while her husband went to fetch more sheets, and after the housekeeping was done we set to playing me eating her out while one man fucked me and she sucked on another,

heaven oh heaven i love a moresome and the other friend of theirs i had met downstairs came into the room to join us, woohoo so her husband stepped back and the other man fucked me doggy style while my face was full of pussy she sucked both men while they watched me in the middle, the special guest came and went quickly and the four of us played more,

what i can say about my night is that orgasmic doesn't begin to describe it, it was hot wet sticky sweet salty and real, yes oh yes i love love love the swingers club what a place of wonder and discovery,


conclusion of taking a virgin

When we reached the hotel he woke me with a quick kiss and I straighted myself up a little, we split up checking in thankfully my roommate was Nicole who I knew took zanex at night to sleep she would swipe them from her mom who had scripts from a few different doctors and who wasn’t the best at keeping track of how many pills she had stashed and where. Nicole once even gave me a soma to take now there was a pill I liked at first high. My head would bubble away from me but I knew the only way I would take one of those this weekend was if I screwed up bad enough to injure myself and I wasn’t going to do that so I didn’t feel to giddy as I lay in a sexy skirt and halter top under the first cover I felt that rush that makes it all worth while. When the coach was sure we were tucked safely in bed and went off to have her nightcap, we all knew she was a drinker, couldn't say a curse word to save herself but could drink like a sailor. Nicole offered me one of her totem poles, a 10mg zanex and I told her maybe later if I couldn't sleep and left it on my nightstand I said I wanted to watch TV for while before I crashed. Fine I don’t even care if you watch one of your boring history documentaries she said because I took two tens and am gonna sleep like a baby don’t worry if I look dead it just means there working, just don’t make me get up before 10 and I have no problems. Not a half an hour later she was down for the count and I threw the blankets off and was out the door in a flash I rushed down the hall and down the stairwell condoms and a light blanket in my big purse. Right on time Devon hadn’t been waiting long at the bottom before I appeared at the top step of that flight his eyes riveted to my long bare bronze legs and the flash of red satin under the short black skirt. He looked truly tongue tied so I kissed him long and hard to see if adding my tongue to his might untangle him. Stepping back to take a breath I asked if he was ready and took his hand to lead him out into the hotel courtyard and down a little path I had noticed leading to a line of brush and trees I was betting there would be a lake at the end of the path and really was hoping for a gazebo, we walked fast just in case someone was watching from a window above us. Like most walking trails this one lead to a nice size lake and went all the way around it and I spied just what I had hoped for a nice wooden gazebo the bottom solid fence to keep little kids from rolling into the water and it would also keep bigger kids rolling around from being seen from the road or hotel. We walked around the lake fingers interlaced and talked about what we liked best about each other, I warned him I wasn’t a virgin I said that beth and I had been fooling around and found her sisters vibrator so we went to the store and bought a huge box of condoms so we could try it out and when it was my turn it felt so good I just couldn’t keep from putting it all the way into me. He looked appalled and interested at the same time he had just two questions why use a condom when a dildo cant get you knocked up, and did girls really play like that with each other at slumber party's. He taught it was only on late night showtime movies. I told him almost all the girls I know did, I shouldn’t have said anything but I didn’t want him to worry when he felt I wasn’t a virgin. Worry about what he asked and I said you know getting sick from me that’s why we got the condoms because we didn’t know where Beth's sisters pussy had been. He was stuck on the slumber party idea and asked how he could get invited so I told him neither of us could have a boy spend the night at our houses and he agreed we couldn't’t stay at his, but I did tell him we could sneak out for a night if he had a hotel room for us all to play in. That was enough talking we were at the gazebo me leaning against a post him leaning into me I gave him a quick kiss and laid the blanket out on the wood deck the noise from the road sounding like distant waves I let him reach into my shirt and grab at my chest pinching my nipples really hard before I took over and striped his shirt off. I showed him how to treat a nipple right caressing his chest running my nails across them and then when they were puckered just enough I licked at them making them hard as little pebbles I licked and caressed switching sides then sliding my one hand down I undid his belt and button pulling the zipper down while he returned to my breasts cupping them in his big palms just reminding me of how big and hard his cock would be. Or at least I hoped it would be. Clumsy was just another word until night when I learned what it really meant to see a klutz in action. I could be kind and blame it on the dark or that he was scared of being caught, but he groped at me as though I were a pillow he was practicing kissing with. I finally got his dick in my hand and discovered that not all urban myths were true to this day it was the skinniest dick I have ever seen. Long hard and thin his veins were pulsing and It looked almost like a sculpture in motion all in all it was lovely just not what I had expected, I used my fingers to smear the little teardrop of pre-cum off of his little head and down his shaft making him shudder and lie back on the ground my chest forgotten in his pleasure I stoked him a few times maybe a little roughly until I saw his balls were twitching. I rolled the condom on nice and slow and told him he had better wait for me, he wrapped a fist in my hair and pulled me down under him kneeling between my legs nibbing on a nipple. He was jamming his cock into my pussy lips never quite finding the hole so I reached between us and guided him into me. He was almost in a trance it seemed like he would have cum on the spot if I hadn’t told him to start fucking me, that was just what I said, I told him he better fuck me good if he wanted to do this ever again. That snapped him out of it he narrowed his eyes and started banging away just ramming it into me as hard as he could. Long swift strokes maybe five of them and then he pulled back to far and fell out. I don’t think he even noticed until I reached down to correct the situation. Then it happened again this time he noticed and said “oops it fell out” , he tried to stick it straight back in my hole but he had the wrong hole and sunk himself about four inch's into my asshole before I could stop him, it felt so full and amazing I came right on the spot juices dripping down onto his dick now trapped in my ass. I never told him he had fucked me in the ass. You know the jock type they are so homophobic he would probably convince himself he was gay because he had fucked my tight little asshole till it was on fire. It wasn’t more then five or six strokes latter that he came to collapsing onto me In a sweaty sobbing heap, he really did cry. I'm still not sure why I think he was just a little overwhelmed. But he did provide me with a great new antidote for party, what are the two thing you never want to hear your lover say in bed, oops it fell out and sorry wrong hole. The girls all had our share of laughs over the encounter and I can say my cherry popping urges were gone for good I never slept with a virgin again. When the trip was over I broke up with him latter that week trying to make him feel better I told him my dad refused to let me have a boyfriend which I'm sure would be true if he knew I had a boyfriend but it also meant I couldn’t date any of the boys at our school which really was fine he had been the best choice and he was really bad, besides I needed a older man who knew what he was doing with me and how to make things happen.

Babysitting for men without kids-

I was fourteen and looking for trouble when the Internet really picked up speed. We had a new computer at home that finally went fast enough to allow for chatting and is not chatting fun for everyone. You can be anybody you want to pretend you are. my favorite was the persona of a barely legal porn star named Mary Jane Dream. I would even cut out porn star pictures from the free porno sites and email them to men as though it was me. I started to chat in a local room you know swm seeks swf kind of stuff, then private chats with local guys until I had a handful that I was cyber screwing on a daily basis sometimes I would be in two chats at once with them both jacking off at the erotic words I sent into their homes. Both cumming over my explicit description of the sex acts I wanted to perform on them. After a few weeks I gave Roman my phone number and we talked for hours about our fantasies and obsessions. I lied about my age and told him I was sixteen and he lied about his age and told me he was thirty six. We decided to meet and I told him I had an ad in the neighborhood newsletter as a babysitter and he just needed to call and hire me.

I would be his all night long for only ten dollars an hour, twice my regular rate but less than half of what he was willing to pay for a chance to act on half of what we had talked about. He called my mom and set up the date, Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, he even had a elaborate story about working overnight and his wife being out of town with her sick mother and having to keep his third shift job he needed me to keep the kids busy while he slept and then put them to bed while he worked.

My mom with her kind heart asked if he had someone else for Friday and he said he was just going to stay awake and she wouldn’t hear of it she practically insisted he pick me up from school Friday and keep me until Sunday night. I know now that she and dad probably spent the weekend celebrating the break from me. But at that time all I cared about was doing some celebrating of my own.

When he picked me up Friday I was expecting to be disappointed I hadn’t seen his picture and some people do exaggerate but there he was in his black convertible jet black hair with just a hint of gray at his temples he was mature and strong looking. I knew this would be a weekend to remember I tossed my books in the back and slid onto the seat letting my plaid uniform skirt ride up to show the top of my thigh high white nylons.

He said online he was a leg man and I know I had perfect legs golden and smooth. I told him what a pleasure it was to meet him and I just couldn’t wait to see his place. He had other things in mind first and asked if I wanted to go shopping first. I asked why and he said that he wanted to buy me a present to enjoy the weekend. We went to a little store by the beach where the shop girl knew him by name. downstairs they sold printed towels and swimsuits and whatnot for snowbirds but roman took my hand and pulled me behind the counter and up the stairs.

It was a whole different shop up there also for tourists the kind with lingerie models and leather equipment on the walls. He gestured with his hand and told me I could have what ever I wanted I just had to try on a few outfits. It was like a dream come true the most beautiful of fabrics and the sexiest bustiers. He sat back in a overstuffed leather chair and motioned for me to sit on his knee. I did but I felt so revved up I started to ramble I told him how much I loved sexy panties and bras and asked how he had known that and how did he know to come upstairs here.

His reply sure surprised me, he was chatting with me under a different name at the same time I was being two women he was being two men. He told me he loved how bold I was and he knew he had to meet me so he had a back up profile in case I refused to meet with him. It was the sweet thing to say I liked that he paid attention and I snuggled up and kissed him on the earlobe whispering my thanks.

Then he dropped another bomb he owned this surf shop and a whole line of them and this is what they all did upstairs for special clients modeling swimsuits and lingerie for out of town business men. He turned my head and we watched together while the four women each strikingly beautiful in her own way displayed some of the most amazing underwear I had ever seen. After I saw everything modeled and squirmed around on Romans growing erection. I choose my three sets each very different from the others but still the sexiest id ever even seen much less owned.

He told the women to include all of the accessory in the box and then we left with box’s in hand. Roman hadn’t ever even thought of having kids he lived in a condo on the beach and it was a den of pleasure with plush carpet and a leather couch. As I explored it had every amenity of a porno set a two person Jacuzzi in the bath room a king size bed with mirrors above it and soft lighting in every room he sent me to the bedroom to try on my new dress while he poured us a drink and lit some candles.

Beside the bed the master bedroom was decorated in deep shades of green with the walnut wood of a dresser and bed set, in the corner straps hung from what I suspected was a love swing. Oh this was going to be just to good, I stripped out of my school cloths and satin under things, I found a bottle of baby oil on the dresser and spread it over my heated skin just enough to make me glisten.

Then I slipped into the first costume, that’s how I saw it. I slid into the bodice corset style top and laced it in the front with a bow. I pulled and laced until my already hourglass figure seemed comically so. I put on the thigh high silk stockings in a matching shade of emerald that made the pale skin on my thighs stand out against the rich hue of the garters ribbons. I slipped on the matching silk robe that reached almost to the top of my stockings.

I found his assistants had thought of everything and three pairs of shoes in my size were inside one of the boxes. One to match each outfit. I slipped into the high heel house slippers with their puff of matching green feathers and felt like a forties movie star as I fastened the clasp of the necklace I found in the shoes, pearls with a green stone accent. Just long enough to rest on the tops of my breasts which were squeezed together making a tight high shelf thanks to the embrace of the corset.

I looked like a true madam in that gilt mirror. I tapped my way down the tile hall to the living room and took his breath away if he wasn’t such a manly man I think he might have squealed in delight as it was he chocked on his sip of wine. I accepted my glass of wine and his complements on my new outfit. He asked if he could take down my hair. I told him I was his to command and turned around so that he could take the clasp out of my thick hair and let it fall around my shoulders.

That was why I had chosen green, my strawberry blond hair was just past my shoulders and lay softly on the shelf my breasts made in the corset. I shuddered and felt the edge of one nipple slip out of its restraints pushed so high I could almost look down and lick it my self. Roman ran his hand through my hair and down my back stopping to caress my mostly bare ass, his hand was warm and hard against me.

He said my pictures didn’t do me justice and I realized he meant the ones of another woman I had sent to him when I thought I never would meet him. I told him I thought the other woman was more beautiful by far, but he wouldn’t hear any of that kind of talk he made me feel like the most drop dead sexy woman on earth he used words to caress me and then asked if he could take my pictures. Just to prove to me how sexy I was, this was the kind of opportunity I had been waiting for. Of course I wanted to pose for him, it was the kind of thing I had fantasied about since I saw my first penthouse spread.

We went to his studio and I let him rub all of my exposed skin with more baby oil so I would glisten. An I lay back against a pillow draped with silk scarfs as roman snapped away I went to town getting up on my knees and pulling the robe slowly off I adjusted my breasts so that they hung out over the lace and satin bodice that was cinching my waist I turned my back to him and bent down, offering up my pale and tender ass I slowly pulled the panties off over the garter so that he could see my pussy from behind me. Then I laid out on my back over that huge floor pillow arched so my big breasts were aimed straight up I spread my legs and began to masturbate I was to excited to do anything else. I told roman I was to hot to go on. He had to relive me, but instead he handed me an ice cube and deep French kiss. I ran the ice over each nipple to make it stand out more then I held my pussy lips wide open and rubbed that ice all over until I was cumming from the cold against my fire.

Roman finally took mercy and set his camera aside he lifted me from the floor into his arms and carried me to his big bed. He freed himself from his pants and took me savagely. He must not have been as cool behind the cameras as he had seemed because I barely had time to match his frantic rhythm before we both were cumming apart at the seams it seemed. He crushed me into his silky comforter as he collapsed on top of me, still inside my throbbing cunt.

I wiggled my hips and licked the sweat from his throat. Which revived his lust and he stiffened while he was still inside of me. Slower and softer this time he fucked me until I begged for release and then while he was still pumping into me he reached between us to finger my clit. I exploded, shot to the moon, and as I quivered and clung to him with every muscle he lost it again and rolled to the side of me stroking my hair and neck. Until I was in a deep exhausted sleep.

He must have unlaced my bustier and removed it because when I woke he was suckling at my freed breasts, tracing a path with his hand from my big pink nipples to my wetness stopping to tell me how sexy I was in just my garter belt. his mouth followed the path of his hand and while his fingers reached deep into me his expert tongue flicked my clit until I was nearly insane with want. my hands in his dark hair urging him on. Soft sunrise was reflecting off the water in hues of pink and peach flashed through the window and cast a rosy hue in the room as I was cumming into his mouth he lapped up every drop like a drunk would guzzle his first beer of the day.

We both fell back into sleep and the next time I awoke it was to his deep kiss which tasted like sweet peppermint of his toothpaste. He told me his housekeeper maria was here and had breakfast ready if I would get up. I was famished from our randy night and surprised at the news he had a housekeeper who came and cooked for him. I rolled from his big bed and dressed in my bikini and pulled a modest sundress on over it making swift work of my morning toiletries. Then heading out to meet maria, and eat my breakfast, roman was already at the table reading his daily paper.

When I walked in he looked up and frowned at my modest dress. He ordered in a stern voice that if I wanted breakfast I had better take that moo moo off. So being brave I stripped the dress off over my head teasing him as I did it. He flicked his fingers at me. And I went to him he adjusted every which way at the triangle top until the edges of my soft rosy nipples were exposed. Then he pulled my panties clean off my bottom then pulled me into his lap where I sat trying to eat breakfast while his aroused flesh burned against mine.

the wiggling was just right when he pushed his thick cock right into my wet and ready pussy. I gave up eating and gave myself over to his deep thrusts while his hands on my hips guided me over him to match him thrust for thrust. The day went along much as it had begun and we were making love on nearly every surface even in the hot tub of the condo in cool seawater and on the elevator. I dressed each evening in the very lovely lingerie he had bought for me and was sorry to see Sunday night come but even as he drove me home he got me off with his hand under my skirt.

I will never forget that magical weekend and the amazing loving roman gave me not to mention my souvenir lingerie. I meet up with a few other men on-line to babysit for them without children present at least until mom caught me and put an end to my on-line activities. But none of these men stand out like roman did he was a master of seduction and erotic doings

Adventures in Youth Group

It was around the seventh grade I started to go to youth group with my friend Sarah at another big church. She had told me her youth pastor was the handsomest man on earth and I wanted to see for myself so I got all dolled up and joined her the Wednesday we got back. He was a total stud muffin thick brown hair and brown eyes like melted chocolate and lush lips that should have been on a women. A strong chin his tight jeans showed off a hard ass and a promising bulge in the crotch. His t-shirt was tight across his broad shoulders and muscled arms.

He wanted all of us to call him jack instead of sir and lead us in a very textbook discussion followed by a game of dodge ball in the gym. I kicked off my sandals and gave him a run for his money. Or at least I made a good show of it since sports were never really my strong suit but I watched Baywatch like the next girl and knew my bouncing breasts were sure to catch any straight guys eyes, and sure enough before the game was half over I had caught him looking at least twice, it was just too delicious.

By the next Wednesday I had made my plans I was going to seduce him, and then fuck his brains out, if he fell for it. The danger was thrilling and I had a sexual high all day just at the thought of how forbidden he was. Sarah did my makeup and hair for me so I looked perfect a few of my red gold curls dancing around my face, made up with very natural colors and wearing a very simple dress it was made of light gauzy cotton and had a v-necked tank top style with a knee length skirt that clung to my hips and flared out it was in shades of green with neat little white buttons all the way down the front, I wore a strapless green lace demi wonder bra and lacy pale green panties that had a bow in the front of satin ribbon, I matched a pair of hemp slippers that had a good size heel on them since he was taller then me.

Sarah couldn't’t quit cracking up since I told her my plan, I don’t think she was jealous she wouldn’t ever have had the nerve to seduce a boy our age much less someone she saw as a teacher. She didn’t think my plan would work but she did admit I looked good enough to eat. I asked her to help me because I was a little nervous so I went over the lines I had prepared for jack.

Asking for his help because I was having these dirty urges at night and even had to touch myself. It never seemed done I just stop and go to sleep isn’t their something more something he could teach me. She thought he might buy it and while we shared our pre-church joint in the woods behind the football field

I asked if we could kiss just so I wouldn’t be rusty, she thought for about a second and bit her pretty lip then nodded consent. I caught her head in my hands and pressed my lips to hers caressing and tasting I tilted my head and licked her lips clean of her cherry lip gloss before she went limp in my arms wrapping her arms around my back and clung to me. When she opened her mouth to sigh I plunged my tongue in and was dancing in her mouth my hand stroking down her back and bottom pulling her into my lap leaning back so that she was on top of me kissing me with all she could, she had brought a hand to my chest and was coaxing my nipples into pebbles.

I returned the favor reaching under her skirt I moved her silk panties aside and rubbed her wet cunt with my hand I moved onto my knees and laid her out on the ground in front of me so I could taste her. She no longer cared about helping me kiss jack she was just so hot I knew It was my duty as friend to make her cum so I went down on her sweet little pussy with thin soft blond hair and juicy lips I kissed her thighs making her shiver before I dove into my delicacy what a treat to have her so at my mercy and how naughty it felt to be out of doors the sky, red with sunset making her skin glow her head thrown back.

I lapped at her soft sweet pussy until I was sure she was wet and ready then I used my hand and tongue together to touch and taste her inside and out. She shattered like glass I had to catch her scream with my hand then my lips as she just came and came dripping down my hand. She shuddered and held me close for a moment, then started to straighten out her skirt and blouse, she put her shoes back on and then finally spoke she told me I didn’t need to practice kissing I was already the best. I asked if she was mad at me, and she just laughed and said that she loved it.

She offered to practice with me anytime I wanted just not more tonight or we would be late we smoked another joint and went into class. We slipped in about 8 min late with our lips swollen and smelling like a perfume counter. It was a small class this night just ten or twelve of us and pastor jack. He looked just like a dream shaggy blond hair and a five o’clock shadow of whiskers on his cheeks I think he was in his mid twenties about ten years older then me. I couldn't’t wait to rub my cheek against his and feel him rub his beard on belly.

I had the perfect plan Sarah already told her mom I had a different ride home that night and my mom thought I would sleep over with Sarah. So I was free until school the next day and I knew what I wanted to do in the meantime a six foot something hunk named Jake. So after the class I asked if I could talk to him in private I told him I was having some problems I needed his help with. Of course he said and after he had seen the other kids off he came back to the classroom and

I was sitting on his desk swinging my legs a little and I had already undone a few of the many buttons holding my dress together. I licked my lips and launched into my sad story. As he sat down at his desk I moved to sit nearly in front of him, legs spread a little. I leaned in showing him my ample breasts, I have a huge problem I told him and Its really embarrassing but you look like you might be the only man who can help me, you see I think I might be a lesbian I just cant stop thinking about sex.

"But when my ex-boyfriend and I screwed around I never got off and I haven't been attracted to anybody else until last week when I saw you. The whole time you were talking to the class I was wishing I could be under your desk sucking your dick, I want to lick your balls and make you shoot cum down my throat." I could see his dick staining against his jeans already this would be easier than I thought I licked my lips and went on, "I have been cumming all week at the thought of seducing you."

"I want to bend over on your desk and pull my panties aside so you can do me from behind. I started to undo buttons on my dress. I want to bite your nipples and lick your lips." He jumped to his feet and kissed me grabbing my hair in his fist and forcing me back against the desk I pressed into him forcing my tongue into his mouth and tasted all of his hot smoky breath. he went to the door and I thought he was going to throw me out but instead he locked it and propped a chair under the knob then came back to his seat.

"I want to make passionate love with you all night in every position we can think of until you cant see straight." I scooted over until he was between my legs my ankles against his knees my weight still on the desk my cleavage in his face my dress unbuttoned past my bra. I continued talking, "I’ve dreamt about you every night since I meet you" And as I was talking my hands started to roam over his t-shirt, I put a hand on each shoulder and slid off of the desk into his lap straddling him I could feel his hard on against my thighs as I pressed down against him. I licked his earlobe and whispered all of the bad things I wanted to do him.

He was a picture of restraint until I pulled down his fly and to my delight found red briefs underneath jack had a wild side I couldn't’t wait to discover. I pulled his cock out of the fly and slipped down to the floor on my knees in front of him so I could suck him dry. I slipped him into my mouth he tasted salty and hot, he smelled like Irish springs, I love Irish springs soap it smells so fresh and manly.

I licked and sucked my hair was getting in my way and I stopped to pull it out of my mouth. I looked up at him with my best puppy dog eyes and asked him to hold my ponytail back so I could get my treat, his voice was hoarse when he asked what treat I was after. I told him I wanted to drink every drop of his cum, I wanted him to shoot it down my throat and I was gonna lick his dick until he did. Then I went ahead and did just that I licked and teased and sucked until he was shaking and pulling my hair I loved it and drove his cock into my throat so I could just lick his balls when my hand grasped them I knew he was close and I couldn't’t wait to swallow him into me.

He lost it he stopped before he was to loud just a grunt really but he must not have gotten off for quite a while he was cumming spurt after warm bitter salty spurt I loved it I licked his head clean and tucked him back into his pants for the moment. I wanted him to take me home, with him.

He asked what I wanted and I told him that I was afraid of being gay since I had never really gotten off on a guy before only when I was playing with girls. He took the bait I read once in a dirty magazine that men love to be challenged in bed so I challenged jack and it worked like a charm I dared him to make me cum when no other man could.

He took the bait it must have been a long time since he had been with anyone he seemed dazed and grateful at his good luck. I told him I didn’t want to be caught and somebody would be locking up the church soon. He asked if I had to go home and I told him I just needed a ride to school in the morning and he was mine until then. So we departed for his car nearly racing across the parking lot, he warned me his new apartment was a mess and he hoped I wouldn’t mind his roommate was a slob.

Of course I didn’t mind the idea of a roommate was exciting to me. So when we got there his roommate Dave was in the living room smoking out of a nice glass bong, jack nearly died of embarrassment pulling me back into the hall and trying to explain things away. I just smiled I whispered into his ear that I had seen his red underwear so he had better just relax and let me have a good time tonight.

I just told him that if Dave wont mind Id like to get high and screw. It will make things so much better for us both. He just laughed and said if that’s how I felt about it he had just the thing for me. We went in and Dave a loner who looked like he hadn’t even seen a girl in weeks was trilled to smoke me out and I teased both the boys stroking the stem of the pipe and licking my lips I pulled my knees up showing a flash of panties, jack said he had a treat for me, another one already I asked . He laughed and said this was a different one.

He went to his room and came back with a white pill he said it was ecstasy a double dose, I asked if I would be ok for school the next day and he said that was plenty of time for it to wear off so I took it with a glass of orange juice about a hour later I felt it and I loved it my body felt like it truly was a temple. I was floating on the precipice of delight, the only way to describe it is to say that you spend 6-8 hours feeling the same way as you do in those 3 seconds when your about to cum then something will set you off and its like the most amazing orgasms on earth but you don’t have to fear it ending in seconds it lasts 6-8 minutes each time.

The littlest things would blow you up. that’s the term used for that orgasmic feeling of ecstasy. I stood loving the feel of my skirt on my thighs dancing to the music on the radio while the two guys sat on the couch smoking out and watching as I slowly undid each button in a daring strip tease touching myself all over I kicked my sandals off and slowly let my dress slide off and down to the floor my light brown fluff showing beneath the lace of my panties and my breasts almost falling out of my strapless bra I turned and undid one hook at time dropping the bra and turned my arms crossed over my nipples

I started to laugh, my laughter was contagious I was loving the attention of the two hot guys and both guys were at attention their hard on's like flag poles stuck out to salute my young fresh body I reached up and let my hair down loving the feel of it brushing against my back I went to jack and knelt across his lap my tits in his face and while he was licking my nipples and taking tiny nibbles I was shuddering in ecstasy

I told him that the way I was feeling he would need reinforcements and maybe Dave could help us out if he wanted and looking at his rock hard cock he wants to, jack said he didn’t care as long as he could fuck me right now, I told there was nothing I wanted more and he had better have condom on before I count to three I stood turning my back to him I stuck my soft round ass in his face and slowly pulled my panties off counting as I went one down to my thighs two past my knees as I bent forward three off my ankles and kicked to the heap where my cloths were while I was upside down I looked between my legs and saw that he had followed orders.

So I put my legs on either side of his and my hands on his knees as I sat down right onto his cock and began to bounce I rode him like a pony and then some it seemed like I couldn't’t stop cumming on him as I jerked up and down on his pleasure pole. His roommate Dave was standing in front of me naked with his cock in his hand jacking it off so I used one hand to caress his balls. Until he shoot a wad on my chest and I rubbed it in lifting a nipple to my mouth and licking my own breasts clean.

Jack came grabbing my hips and pressing himself harder into me and groaning to beat the ban. I hoped off when he was done and was still buzzing so high I went to the bathroom and was splashing my face with water, oh it felt so good, I didn’t notice Dave slipping in behind me until I saw him in the mirror he was rolling a condom onto his dick he was ready to fuck again already. I bent over the counter facing the wall size mirror so I could see him behind me fucking my brains out my boobs were in the sink cold water still running over then making me feel like fire and ice he was really going at it. Making the funniest faces in the mirror as he made me cum over and over again.

When he finally lost it we went back to the living room where jack had made a Turkish bed on the floor with pillows and comforters all with a red sateen sheet set on top he lounged rolling a fat joint looking like some young sultan. I went and kissed his feet on my knees I kissed up his legs slowly tasting and licking as I went. He lay back and waited as I reached his cock and barely teased it with my tongue. I pulled back and said I wanted to smoke his fat joint before I smoked his fat cock.

So he lit the joint and we got real high and were all three giggling and trying to decide who would have to get up and get the whip cream out of the fridge when there was a knock at the door all three of us froze I was scared to death that it was the police or worse my parents. I stayed on the ground perfectly still as if that would make me invisible Dave hid his stash while jack ran to check the peep hole. He freaked out oh my gosh he was running around grabbing his cloths frantic. Its Sarah he hissed at me did she know you would be here.

Oh thank God I said as I leaped up and bound to the door my naked breasts swaying I undid the deadbolt and threw open the door before either guy could stop me and pulled her into the room throwing the lock back into place behind her. I grabbed her around the waste and neck. Does anyone else know you’re here? I demanded No she stammered I rode my bike.

Good thing I said and I spun her around and kissed her good and hard until both guys were moaning. Sarah explained that she had been trying to sleep when she decided that I shouldn't’t be the only girl having a good time tonight and since she knew where jacked lived she decided to ride her bike over and join us if I had been successful in my seduction.

Jack was at first horrified at the thought of being caught by one of his Sunday school students couldn't’t help his arousal at the thought of a foursome between us so he offered a second joint to Sarah and I offered to take her panties off before she stained them she smelled like she had cum on the bike ride over already. We had an amazing night first she and I on that red sateen mound on the floor putting on one hell of a show for the boys until they were so aroused they had no choice to slide on rubbers and fuck us over and over again.

We were truly naughty that night and Wednesday became my favorite night of the week I loved teasing jack while he was speaking to the class or asking the hard questions about those tinglier feelings I was starting to have down there making him turn red and everyone else giggle with me.

We would sneak off into the different closets and restrooms and classrooms of the church playing different games each week. My favorite is when I would be his slave and he would use me roughly for his pleasure commanding me to do all kinds of creative things to him,
Dave was my connection for pot from that day forward and he gave me the best price I have ever had short of free and he would throw in plenty of free pot also he just loved fucking me while I was eating out Sarah's hot little cunt. They never minded sharing me they both said I was so hot one man would never be enough for me I was meant to please the masses.

I never really understood this then it wasn’t until later when what they meant became clear Sarah dated Dave for the next four years then they got married and have two sweet little babies. I went home on a visit lately and they still love to get high and screw we had a truly wonderful time catching up with each other over a bottle of sangria trying to reenact that first night, without jack this time.

Taking a Virgin Part 1

In the sixth grade, I had the opportunity to attend a private christian school attached to a baptist church if you can imagine the combination. Other than cheer leading I hated most of my time there making only a handful of friends outside the squad and surrounded by sheltered prissy misses I was bored to tears a few of the upper class men had been experimenting with French kissing. But most of the kids in my grade had still never seen an R rated movie much less pornography.

The only good thing was that I really did have to wear a little school girl skirt. When I did not have my cheer uniform on, white button up shirt and green plaid pleated skirts, I loved wearing white thigh highs and a lacy white garter belt that had a matching bra and pantie set. I was the envy of my gym class whose moms made wear bras that were for grandmother. Not everyone mind you my two best friends were as interested in exploration as I was and we played together often.

Still I was bored and it had been a few weeks since my adventure at the roller rink. What I needed was a plan. Now that I was experienced I wanted to screw a virgin. Pop his cherry so to say, the theory being that its better to train a lover from scratch then it is to have to break bad habits. So I went on the prowl again making a list in my journal of likely candidates for my experiment.

When after a week and many vivid daydreams of the future seduction. I chose a boy in our school two years ahead of my class I wasn’t sure if he even knew my name just that I was another cheerleader at his games and because we took separate vans to and from games, the boys and the girls that is we never had a chance to talk but I sure had noticed him. He was very tall with a mop of dishwater hair he was on the JV basketball team and spent a lot of time practicing karate he was going to get his black belt this summer.

All in all he was a stud but he was also painfully shy around girls I don’t think he had a clue about how cute he was. Stammering when I would say hello outside the lunchroom, once I was pretty sure I caught him staring at my breasts when we were practicing jumps. After two games of watching him on the court as I was cheering with my squad were all I needed to make up my mind, I wanted him and he would be willing if he even knew what hit him.

Then luck played right into my hands the boys had made it to state and the game was about six hours away so we had to stay over night in a hotel for the play-offs. I know who I wanted to bunk with, though it would never be allowed which made it all the more fun for knowing that I was planning something naughty.

It got even better about a hour after leaving the school our van broke down and during the few hours on the side of the road while the coach tried to fix the van. Most of the girls had a boyfriend on the team and so they paired up and sat together or went for walks except for us and a few of the boys who were goofing off or taking naps.

We just leaned against the vans talking I asked if he was nervous and he was he started talking so fast I thought he would start to stutter again. About the game and his dad and so on until he just looks at me and laughs I think at himself for rambling and tells me it was nice of me to listen. So I told him I was a nice girl, he would see, we’ll be friends I declared and he looked a little stunned. You want to be friends with me he asked. He was so sweet and innocent he didn’t know what that twinkle in my eye meant but he understood when I stepped close and said I wanted to be the very best of friends with him. I wanted to be his cheerleader, motioning around to his teammates most of them with their arms slung around a girl or at least holding hands.

He knew what I meant and I knew he wanted me, by the smile on his face as he realized what this meant for him. I took a step closer my face almost in his chest now and looked up licked my lips with the tip of my tongue and begged with my eyes that he kiss me. I got my first hint then that their might be trouble in paradise.

He bumped my nose so hard I saw stars and my eyes watered. He didn’t even know how to kiss a girl. I hoped I wouldn’t get hurt to badly trying to train him and besides how can I train him to kiss. I don’t know how I learned it was just natural how to kiss from the first time I had kissed my girlhood friends.

Full lips pressing against full lips tongue trying to find a taste of the honey behind those lips pressing licking and exploring the length of the others tongue dancing against each other in a rhythm that comes straight from my pussy pulsing through me. I put my hands on either side of his face and held him still as I started to kiss him. It was a conquest in itself to be the first girl he kissed I leaned into him then pulled back a little until he would follow and I would press back until I finally felt him relax and I made a fist in his hair. When he opened his mouth to say ouch my nimble tongue slipped in and made him forget his complaint. My hand massaging his scalp wishing we were somewhere private enough I could massage his other head.

I could hear one of the girls giggling and pulled back from the kiss long enough to realize we were attracting a bit of attention. So I moved to lean next to him against the van again holding his hand this time and we talked on and on about everything and nothing, my fingers busy caressing his, looking him deep in the eyes trying to make sure he knew what I was planning I wanted him to shake with lust and anticipation when we finally snuck away.

The girls van never did get fixed so we all just crammed into the boys van. I sat against the window, my skirt had hiked up on the climb into the back seat and I threw one nearly bare leg thrown over his leaned close to his enough to his hear to whisper to him, and to press my breasts against his arm.

What I whispered I cant exactly remember just the general idea, I told him how cute he was and that I had been watching him for a while but I didn’t think he would want to talk to me. He stammered now turning red and said how he watched me cheer all year and had wanted me to ask me out after he had seen me at the first game of the year but he had been afraid to ask because he was so shy. I pressed harder my thigh now over his groin and said that I would have gone anywhere he asked asked me, and done anything he could imagine to make him happy then

I licked his ear and nibbled on the lobe. His cock jumped to life against my thigh reaffirming the myth about big feet meaning a big dick he felt like he was huge. So after checking that the other two couples in the back seat where using the time wisely and that the coach's were engaged in a lively debate in the front seat that would distract them the rest of the ride.

I just slipped onto his lap to make more room.he was so tall it made us eye to eye. And as I sat on his lap his hard cock straining at his pants, I was giving him the best lap dance I could with out moving my head or shoulders. I was grinding against him and he looked like he would howl at any moment. I kissed him licking his lips and it was more then he could take I felt him shudder and I knew he had cum in his shorts.

I was happy with that for now but I told him I wanted to taste it the next time he came and so whispering in his ear that I had a condom with me and told him how to sneak out of his room tonight and meet me. Then I fell asleep in his lap with his arms around my waist my head resting on his shoulder because I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.