What upset me was that you seemed to take pleasure in hurting, You knew I was disappointed and it would have cost you nothing to comfort me first, to let me know that you would or at least might make it up to me at some point, to acknowledge that you were doing something hurtful to ditch me and that you ruined my time at the party because you simply didn't find it worth the effort to pay attention to me or play with me so that i could enjoy any kind of quality sub space-

you knew before hand that i was feeling emotionally raw and still you show a complete lack of consideration I expected better of you, despite what others had told me I thought that you were a reasonable and intelligent man who would understand what i needed as a friend. You are making it very hard for me to treat you with respect of justify any of the kindness I show you. When you show me no respect or consideration,

I am glad you had a good time but hope you can understand why i was so hurt and disappointed, I had been waiting all week for some time with you, I was already in a rare funk when the day began then you simply dropped the ball at the party, even if your plan had been to go home with whoever would take you at the end of the night you could have had the decency to show me a good time first- You should be ashamed of yourself for treating anyone the way you have treated me and if this were the first time it had happened I would be more mad at you then I am at myself but this time around I will shoulder at least half the blame... It sounds so ridiculous to say but I should have known better then to expect you to treat me with any compassion- I hope you can understand how disappointing that is when I have never given even the slightest reason to treat me so callously- It was kicking me when I was down and you could so easily have made everything bearable for me and still had your fun if you had only acknowledged me but maybe that is the point of all this- to push me away - do you have any reason not to want me - by what scale have you judged me and found me not good enough to be your friend-

do you simply like to hurt people emotionally is that were you get your jollies by making girls cry and feel unloved and unwanted when you know that what you think of them matters to them do you undermine them on purpose so that you can see the crushed look in her eyes and know that the bruise on her ego will last longer then any you could leave on her flesh- Are you sick enough to delight in causing hope to wither and die. To hurt someone who admires you and has gone out of there way to be kind to you is a horrid thing to do, I know that you want things to be drama free and the can be if you would show a little consideration I would never have stood in the way fo your fun either on purpose or by accident-