swinging swinger...

ok i went and did it finaly after years of wanting to try a sex swing i finaly did, feeling silly and clumsy when i climed up into it the two men with me helped adjust the straps and were so nice they didnt even laugh at me. once i was finnaly situated in the straps things seemed to be ok, so the guys started using toys on me and driving me crazy on a whole, finaly one swung the swing so he could enter me, and with a little trial and error he was fucking me while i was sucking the other man, the hardest part was traction when he would thrust the swing would move away from him untill he grabbed the straps then he could really drive it home and when one was done he spun me around for the other man to fuck while i licked and sucked the cock of the man who had just finished fucking me, but before long i had to abandon the swing the straps were cutting into my flesh and when i was finaly free i had a strap across my bottom that made it look like i had been flogged, ouch, so while the idea is nice after trying it i will stick to the glider, because the swing just didnt do it for me, im still glad i tried to check it off my list and i wish it was as much fun as it looked like it would be

a short list...

if you've read much of my blog you will know that i will play with most like minded people but even i have a short list of people i keep, those men and couples that get priority scheduling, people who have impressed me one way or the other. some are just for a quick piece of ass others are friends who i can sit and talk to, still more are both someone who will give me a wham bamm thank you sir session when i need it and someone who will hold me tenderly and comfort me when i feel lost,

i meet some people on a regular basis once or twice a month, which is great these are my short list players, several couples and even more single men who i can call for a hook up when i need to get off and they know they can do the same, it is a priority status to have me on tap for fun, i like having friends with benefits on call so to say if I'm having a sexual emergency and must cum or else...

I'm never sure why like thirty percent of my first dates are last dates also, i mean sometimes the reasons are clear, but other times i have fun and offer to meet again then we never do, i don't mind so much it just makes me wonder why, I'm not a nuisance if i offer to hook up again i mean it i am interested, if for what ever reason you don't want to just let me know so i don't sit here and wonder why you never call or write me for that second date,

not to sound like an ego maniacal bitch but if i offer you a place on my short list snap it up and feel special i have a lot of options and i am choosing you, the pleasure will always be mutual, i reward my friends well, these people know who they are and should also know they can call me anytime they feel the urge creeping up on them to do some wicked naughties with me,

i love repeat encounters because i can be relaxed and more comfortable, the orgasms i can share with my short list players have been some of the most wild and intense i have ever had, because i trust them i let myself go and completely immerse myself in pleasure, which is how it is supposed to be, so rock on shortlist players you know how much i enjoy you.

playdates with older playmates

first i should apologize to the one in fifty person my age that i actually like, OK even the ones i can only stand, but the rest of them are useless. i am 26 years old born in 1982 when Reagen was president i say this like you will remember because if your my friend you are most likely old enough to have voted for him. not to disrespect the few people my age with their shit together most of the people my age are just to self centered, selfish and both mentally and morally bankrupt, not that those things hinge on age i have meet my share of fucked up elders to, but my generation seems to have the sense of entitlement thing down pat, and the whole i don't need to be informed about the world as long as i still get what i want, fuck the world fuck the police and fuck you if you don't like me seems to be the prevailing attitude which both disgusts me and makes me question all of humanity

i myself dig older people the mature thing does it for me and i prefer their company and friendship i myself feel like i am an old soul with several lifetimes of experience that i am carrying around, so older friends in there forty's and fifty's are closer in mind to me than most people my age. especially with men i find if they are fifty-one there is half a chance we are of equal maturity, i know that is a rough thing to say but you know its true. not to dog them but we all know the guy in his thirty's who refuses to accept he ever made it past twenty one and sometimes you wonder how he did make it, you know what i mean those men that need a babysitter not a lover,

I like my play dates with adults for adult fun, not childish games. i prefer to meet and hook up with people who are smart funny and mature. to me the measure of maturity isn't your age but that does help and what maturity really means has more to do with your spirit then your body, sometimes people freak out when i express this preference for older lovers, but to me it is sensible

i know what i want and I'm not to shy to ask for it, i like women of all ages and really enjoy those sexy couples with a older man and a sweet young girl, i enjoy women of all ages but i prefer men who are old, no pulling my punch i enjoy most playing with men from 40-60, old enough to teach me a thing or two that i might wanna know...

i love to suck limp dick...

when i grow up i wanna be a fluffer and a stand up comdian when my mouth isnt full...

giving head is always a chalange for me and i feel even more a sense of accoplishment when i start from sratch and make a cock grow into a powerful throbing erection, i for one love to suck a limp dick i am crazy about it, i know this sounds really silly but let me explain it is a matter of seeing potential turn into reality, when you start with a soft flacid penis it is easy and not intemidating at all, then with some gradual work that soft thingie will just get harder and harder right in my mouth,

i love to learn hands on who is a shower and who is a grower, it is so exciting to feel that transformation i am causing it is for me like instant gratification because i can feel how much he likes it and because i can feel that i can guage what to do more or less of to make it the most amazing head i can, i already know im not the best but i have heard it isnt that bad either so i will keep on doing what i can to make it the best that i can

when i am sucking a limp dick i can use more of my tounge and really just try to swallow it whole and licking his balls with his cock in your throat can just be so nice, now i will say i wont recomend trying this if his nuts are very hairy, sometimes a hair in your mouth can really throw you off and you usualy will have to stop to pull it out, but for our friends with shaved or trimed pubes it is a nice touch to try, and really if your gonna suck someones dick you might as well make it good right,

so bring me potential any day i like opertunitys like that and sucking a limp dick totaly turns this cocksucker on, i know some women dont like it and want a man to be hard walking in the door but i for one would always perfer the hopefully little penis that i can turn into a throbing hot love rod, this is one reason i perfer more mature men they give me that room to work into things the way i want to, and are glad for that slow steady build into what will be some hot dirty fun with a kinky 26 year old

throat spit is lubier...

I am learning how to deep throat, and i hope with lots and lots of practice i will be able to do it pretty well, i like that full to the brim feeling you get with a cock tapping the back of your throat, and someone i met said throat spit is lubier, which i thought was BS because it all comes from the same place right, but she was totally correct throat spit is lubier, I'm not very good yet at the deep throat thing i normally stay mid way and can plunge down and take it for a bit but i cannot linger there for very long if he is very big, but on the few occasions when size desire and ability collide throat spit is much lubier it just coats a cock so when your stroking it there is none of that dry pull your skin off shit your hand can just fly up and down with out a hitch so in conclusion when giving head throat spit is lubier, and yes lubier isnt a word yet but i still like it so lubier it is.

what about you, what are you trying to learn how to do... bet it is something sexy i wish i knew what it was... maybe some of you will tell me... maybe i would wanna learn how also...


perfect gift

a new friend of mine is coming up on her 10 year anniversary so while she and i were planning something fun to surprise her husband his first FMF who lets her play with women but he himself has never had a threesome, she is the jealous type and wont share him at all, then i noticed in my party planner that the tenth anniversary is the leather anniversary...

that inspired several great ideas she would wear leather chaps and a leather bra top she already had from biking but i don't own any sexy leather so she decked me out, i was in a tight laced leather corset with garter straps fishnets and her pair of super spike heeled boots, I'm not sure if i looked the part but i felt like a wicked vixen complete with a riding crop, wish i had pictures,

we even rubbed baby oil all over our skin so we would glisten,

we set the scene with candles and flowers she waited for him to call on his way home from work then went and meet him at the door her cute ass peeking out of the chaps, I'm sure he was expecting some fun but he had no idea what was in store for him, she kissed him long and hard as i watched in the mirror from the bedroom, she bound his hands in new leather cuffs then lead him into the bedroom where he saw me and went white as a ghost,

she took the crop from me and smacked my ass telling me to get on my knees and suck her wonderful husbands cock which was straining so hard against his slacks it might have broken the fly. i freed him and swiftly took him into my mouth i stroked his length with one hand and cupped his balls in the other and each time he got close i would back off, not letting him finish yet, she stopped me and pushed him onto the bed where we worked together to make it that special fantasy encounter her riding his cock kissing my lips as i sat on his face and as i was cumming on his chin he came into her hot wet pussy we all were panting and breathless,

she had warned me he could only cum once and there was no way i would waste it so i licked and sucked every drop of him out of her making her cum on my tongue for me, it tasted so amazing with his tangy spunk and her sweet cream, it was absolutely divine, and so as he watched us in fascination she pulled me around into a 69 her favorite position and put on an amazing show for her slack jawed husband who started to talk dirty to us and really get into it,

after we were done and cleaning up he still lay on the bed nearly witless looking spent, when he asked her what this was all about she told him it was their leather anniversary and she wanted to give him the perfect gift, my heart melted as he told her how much he loved her and held her tight in his arms, off i went with that satisfaction that comes from a job well done and a night of sharing pleasure with others,

so as this holiday season approaches consider giving the perfect gift for the person who already has everything, a great experience that they will never forget, for me it is better to give than receive but after this i wouldn't mind a naughty Christmas's present this year my own self, and remember nothing says i love you like a threesome...

bad news blues

I need a distraction from the holiday insanity, i am flying around the kitchen and finally have both ovens going so I'm taking a little time out now, i love to bake and am making some amazing cakes pies and bread for thanksgiving this year. I love cooking because it distracts me from the craziness of my family which is on terror alert orange from thanksgiving to new year every year.

somehow the holidays seem to be the worst time as far as getting bad news, when my sister who i love dearly when she was 24 years old the week before thanksgiving doctors found cancer had invaded her brain. i have mentioned her here before she is so strong and full of inspiration, grace, joy and life it radiates off of her, she endured 2 brain surgeries removing the tumors and chemotherapy and for the last 3 years has had no notable growth of the small pieces they couldn't remove completely,

she achieved her dream two years ago and has a wonderful son, she has always longed to be a mother and she is as amazing at it as i knew she would be. this year again at thanksgiving her last mri has shown two new tumors growing rapidly in the last six months. it is horrifying i am devastated and i can not stand to even consider the meaning of this news yet and if i feel crushed i cant even imagine the impact this has had on my sister and today she goes to consult with the surgeon for another go round of battling for her life.

i wont rail against the fates or scream and cry about the unfairness of cancer as it impacts all of our life's, i wont rant and rave because we all have had our own battles with this demon. i for one need a distraction badly when i am faced with things i can not handle i latch onto something i can control like planing a 6 course sit down thanksgiving dinner for 13 of my closest loved ones and as i was using the tweezers to place little rhinestones on the place cards i made i realized what i was doing was distracting myself, so for today i will cook clean and run around the house like a Martha Stewart on cocaine. i know that by Saturday i will have scrubbed the oven put up the dishes and wrapped the presents i buy black Friday so i will need another kind of distraction because the holidays are always hard cancer or not.


Tis the Season to Give

This is the season to give to others, to help humanity as it crashes along around you, because i don't have to work i donate my time year round, to improving the world and making others more comfortable in life, i know that everyone can not give time the way that i do but even a few hours a month can make a difference. for me it is a way to feel part of the larger world volunteering and the work i do on charity boards makes me connected to the lives of people who need me.

I know it sounds silly but for me it balances out all this wicked fun i am having sexually because i am still doing good things with the rest of my time, so as i was talking to a friend about it i realized not everyone knows how to get started. If you have time to give, even if it is only a little bit i strongly recommend typing volunteer match into your search engine, they have listings for all kinds of local non-profits that need your help.

some of my pet projects for giving time include the Juliann center where they provide shelter and counseling to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as survivors of child sexual abuse. I also give time to collect and distribute food during the holidays, i recommend second harvest if you are interested in giving, and i volunteer as a hospice care worker for a few families a year.

some groups need our time and our money both like FAMM Families Against Mandatory Minimums is the national voice for fair and proportionate sentencing laws. Freeing non-violent drug offenders this group shines a light on the human face of sentencing, advocate for state and federal sentencing reform, and mobilize thousands of individuals and families whose lives are adversely affected by unjust sentences, and of course i am an active member of NORML also several times a year

i also organize fund raisers for some special projects that need the money not my time, closest to my heart is the American cancer society and the most fun for gift giving is the heifer project international you can give the gift of Independence to hungry people all over the world, this makes a great gift during the holidays you can give someone you love the gift of helping others, you chose what animal to purchase with your donation the animal is then delivered the people are taught how to sustain and harvest the animals, then when they have more animals they pass them on so an entire village can change from the gift of a few goats, you can choose almost anything from honey bees to water Buffalo's and know you are doing your part to truly end world hunger,

so what ever your pet project is don't forget to take part in the greater world out there and do more for others, we are all links in the chain of humanity so do your part to pull the weight of the world along. anyway you look at it doing good for others is the right thing to do, and i am a big believer in karma so i am stocking up good karma for a rainy day. i sure hope this post acts a reminder to you that with the holidays hot on our heels it isn't all about fun sometimes we need to take time and do the right thing...


cant win them all

OK here is proof that the blog is based on reality, i know from the blog it all sounds like fun games and awesomeness but even i crash and burn, i have my dud dates to, the people who you show up and meet out, then it goes no where, the men who cant quite pop full wood and that's not such a big deal but i do also play with people who are trying this out for the first time or i am the first women they are gonna be with together. this is fine with me but both of you should at least enjoy sex and have some idea of what a threesome will be like.

I took myself off to a recent first date expecting a great time, he and i had swapped dozen of emails, some even very explicit about what i would like to do and have done. he mentioned liking fishnets and red lipstick so i even found my old thigh highs added my fuck me shoes and marched through the hotel looking like a lady of the night.

I almost feel like it was a bait and switch, i get to the room and we sit to talk for a bit, they let me know they have never done this before in any way, and she has never been with a women or wanted to be, but she did kinda like boobies on a stripper when she went there once, i was flabbergasted, the thing i love most about meeting a couple is that girl on girl fun,

then she confides in me she doesn't even like sex very much, at this point i should have realized i was fucked and taken off for the club, there i am looking ready for a wild fucking and she is to shy to slip into a negligee, I'm nice and kind and now nervous as hell, i hate it when i am making a first impression for the lifestyle, I'm such a fan of living and playing this way that i would never want someone to choose not to just because i didn't make the right impression,

I propose we all start to play with ourselves then see what we like but that didn't fly so i lead her over to the bed and laid her down spending a little time on her breasts while he lay and watched, then i thought what the hell all i can do is the best i can do so i went down on her, we've all been there trying to do our best for a women who winds up after a silent shudder or two stopping us, at least i hope we have all been there and not just me, she stopped me saying she had enough, when i leave the bed to head for my dress she tells him he can go ahead,

i didn't mind and i felt kinda bad for the guy cause this sure wasn't working out like the fantasy come true it should have been, so i asked her to watch and i started to give him head, it was so painful he looked on seeming to enjoy but keeping one hand on her shoulder as if to say I'm sorry i but i like it, and she couldn't even watch as i gave head to her husband in the same bed,

so after a polite amount of time i suggested i take off so they could finish that off together, then i fled, i felt horrible at first because i sometimes think things are all about me, but in this case i know it was what was bound to happen from her telling me she doesn't have a sex drive, some people aren't meant to play like this.

it takes preparation to make sure a women is ready for this, just because she gives in and says yes doesn't mean shes gonna like it and if she doesn't like it then the fun isn't gonna last very long, so watch some porn play with sex toys and be ready really ready for a threesome. if a women isn't even bi curious at all a threesome is still possible but let the other lady know, then when taking a loved one for a first encounter make sure she has a drink or three and is as relaxed as the situation will allow, then make sure you participate i cannot stress this enough, stay with her here don't kick back and watch us,

I'm not sure if it would have made a difference on this date but you should always join in with each other specially the first time, kiss and caress and talk dirty to each other, the silence is awkward for everyone, he should have been playing with her chest and kissing her while i was going down on her and she should have done the same for him instead there is that really awkward silence and everyone is ten times more nervous even me.

I know this was bound to happen statistically i meet so many people i was bound to strike out eventually and i hope they find what they want I'm so sorry i couldn't be it, but that doesn't mean i didn't try again, the next night with much much better results.

I just don't quite get the people who wanna jump right in the deep end, which is what a date with me would be if your new to this, i think the steps are there for a reason and should be followed. watch for the signs and follow her hints to get the best results be prepared to try and fail but in the end this lifestyle is worth the trial and error it takes to make it work out for you.


Rules of an Orgy

OK, I know rules are made to be broken and all but for a group sex experience to be a success everyone needs to play following a few basic guidelines, just because you've been invited to an orgy doesn't mean you can show up act like a pig and fuck everyone in the room, these are just a few basics to get you going on the right foot,

first and most important don't be a fuck'tard, someone who wants to fuck but shows no social skills at all, most people want to at least talk a little even at an orgy we all want to be as comfortable as possible with the people we are choosing to play with, part of that comfort is knowing you are an adult who can carry on a short conversation.

respect everyone in the room, have permission before acting, respect others boundaries and don't push anyone, we are all unique in our interests so avoid making assumptions just because a person is in the room doesn't mean they want to play and just because they are playing doesn't mean they want to play your way,

look your best, you don't need to wear a suit and tie, jeans are fine but make sure you are clean and smell nice and have brushed you teeth, sounds pretty basic but you are going to meet new people who you may want to play with later so remember you can only make one first impressions and it lasts, you want to be remembered for your sexual prowess not your body odor.

take turns and be aware of others in the room, know that you will need to share be ready to play with new people or wait, notice the room and choose your partners you don't have to hook up with everyone there to have a good time, it can be more fun to connect with the few you are comfortable with.

communicate, this is key in all sorts of sex but especially in the group sex setting, be clear in what you are asking others to do or let you do, then communicate what feels good or bad, this helps make sure you have the best experience possible, no one wants to waste time or energy so speak up it will make things better for everyone,

clean up your own mess and don't destroy property, i know this seems like a given but it gets messier than you would believe, so remember your mother isn't at the orgy with you (wouldn't that be weird) so clean up after yourself and respect other peoples property,

I'm sure i have left out plenty and feel free to post anything you can think off that Ive left out, this isn't aimed at anybody just was something i was working on and wanted to put out there for you to think about, I am a true group sex enthusiast and anything i can do to make others experience more comfortable and pleasurable i will do. there is nothing better then a hotel room full of naked and horny people ready to indulge...


tie me up and tease me baby...

all right i know I've said it before, i am not a watcher, i cant simply sit and be a voyeur. Ive always said that would be the cruelest kind of torture for me, and now i can say it was. I went back to the house of my friend who has a sex basement, I'm not ready yet to call him master. It was a freezing cold week night and my eyes watered from the dash to the house from my car. He had emailed me unusual instructions on what to wear, so i was in a full burka complete of course with gloves that i have for travel overseas, the only part of my body flesh that was visible were my eyelids, even the bridge of my nose was covered. He welcomed me into the living room of his home this time we sat discussing a little what i had liked last time, what curiosities had brought me back today. it was bizarre to speak about such erotic things with the man who did them while i was covered so modestly. then he delivered an ultimatum if i would watch the play today and not participate i would be invited back and he would show me what he wanted to do with me. what he thought i would enjoy, we headed to the basement, when i consented i knew it would be hard, when he fastened the ball gag under my veil, i almost backed out, when he buckled me into place on a chair both hands bound behind me, leg straps in place, i felt that delicious panic of surrendering control, i knew i wasn't gonna like this, that he wouldn't touch or address me, and i couldn't touch him or speak or even move. then he goes back upstairs leaving me in a corner of the room facing the huge panel of mirrors, it was sitting there looking at my bound self that i realized his reason for my costume. I wasn't even in the room it was as though i was a phantom, not myself, only my big brown eyes could be seen. he returned to the basement with two women nude except for leather cuffs and collars, both were so pretty, one had cropped black hair and was skinny to the point of absurdity having an b cup breast at best, but watching her waif like movements was hypnotizing, the other women was my weakness in every way, i do not judge or chose people based on looks but i like everyone else have a few preferences, she had them all, she was short, with long red hair, i love red hair, that went all the way to her waist, she was a curvy girl with an hourglass figure, her breasts were a d or dd cup, her hips flared wide, and unlike the clean shaved waif she had a perfect little strip of trim red hair over that hot pink pussy i kept catching flashes of in the mirror when she had come down the steps. It was at this point i think i first started to cry, just gentle tears of frustration. Not only was i unable to play with either women or man they would never know i was me, i was anonymous. it was so frustrating i cried many times that night, sometimes hard because the torture these women were taking and the pleasure of giving and receiving it was taken from me. it was the high lights of the most erotic bdsm porn i have ever watched he flogged the waif will the red head was suspended on some kind of phallic furniture, fastened tight in both holes i could see her squirming as far as her bindings would let her. it wasn't all pain for the girls either the rewards looked so sweet, and my pretty red head has a lot of kink in her... after several hours of play he took the girls back up and came to free me, i flew at him horny to the point of insanity but he simply set me back from him, that isn't what this was about, he wanted me to watch him whip these women and use his others tools and toys on them not to turn me on but to give me a taste of how far things could go if i chose to let them... for now my imagination is high balling on an orgasmic red head, who likes to give and take pain for pleasure. he wont tell me who she is or how to find her, but i did get him to promise to have her kiss my wounds the next time when we play if i will let him whip me.... sounds like a trade to me I'm actually looking forward to it, but i think i need to stay on my toes it was devious mind to make me invisible that night, and true torture not to offer me any release after he had tied me up and teased me...

simply a sex toy

I don't like to say that I'm easy i would prefer user friendly, that's right I'm not ashamed to say i want you to use me for your erotic pleasure i want to do things with you some people only imagine, i love to be a sex toy for my playmates, i like to set play dates, what i call it when I'm just gonna meet you and do a few wicked things and take off, we are just playing with one another for fun. knowing that the pleasure is mutual does the trick to ease my nerves.

what i really want deep down in my soul is that I want someone to find the best in me, to challenge me, and to reward me. Sometimes I simply need a friend to hold me, other times I wanna be taken by a passionate lover. i want to find people who deserve me and who will really enjoy me, i provide a unique kind of entertainment and it takes the right kind of pervert to hold my attention for long.

Trust is so rare and once broken cant be wholly repaired no matter the circumstance. Earn my trust and don't betray it, the rewards will speak for themselves. when i can really trust someone i will let myself go in ways even i don't believe after words.

I never, almost never let myself fall asleep in the arms of a partner, I sometimes even call my lovers playmates, not as an insult but as a reminder to myself that I am simply a sex toy. It is my role to be a walking talking sex doll for you to play with as you please, but still i do have a brain.

I don't want strings but a conversation would be nice, I like to have my wits engaged to have my beliefs challenged because they become stronger for me when i am forced to defend them, and on occasion i realize some new truth in the world. I like to meet intellectuals, even if its self proclaimed. whither your as liberal as me or Conservative either religious or atheist i just need some intelligent adult conversation sometimes so stimulate me and make me think.

to find the best in me pick my brain, i may not be organized, on time or always on the ball but i have several lifetimes worth of experience and know some pretty neat things. i guess what im saying is some times its just nice to lay around naked and talk about things other than sex...


try not to break it

i do on occasion meet with single men, and I'm a firm believer in communication, so why is it if a women lets you know shes tender and to take it easy on her pussy you single guys wanna ram it harder, i know its not just me, this is a common occurrence, this is why some women only wanna do it once a week some times less, you've broken the pussy. every so often a pussy needs a little TLC, show it some kindness and it will pay you back in the end...

first don't go straight there you will get there soon enough tease her neck and collarbone, blow in her ear and whisper naughty nothings, stop and appreciate the breasts show some respect for the rack and pay attention to the nipples, i for one don't mind a little nibbling in with the licks but again listen to your partner and notice sounds of pleasure or pain, sometimes you cant just dive into a pussy, on occasion you need to treat it tenderly rub her legs and thighs kiss and caress her all over, massage her hips before you gently spread those lips for your hot mouth, look at it first and tell her you like the view of her wet pink parts, then blow on it and tease it tenderly then go for the clit, and no harder isn't always better some gentle circling can go a long way with ladies, i for one love to be tongue fucked where someone plunges their tongue in and out of my hole, this feel good and with a thumb on my clit it almost always gets me off, i also like it when someone gently fingers my g-spot, and for those who don't know it isn't deep so there is no reason to be hitting or pushing really hard against my vagina with your knuckles this will make most women very sore and you don't want to break the pussy, especially not while fingering because then no fucking,

about the fucking well that is another thing where communication is key, you should be aware enough to tell when a women is squirming away in pain and when shes bearing back for more, listen to her sighs and moans, pay attention to the body language is she tensing with every thrust does she need you to back up slow down or move her legs around, this is also helpful to those wonderful men blessed with stamina, I'm glad you want to and can fuck for five or six hours, but you should know better then to think any women can hold a position that long even missionary requires leg movement to prevent cramping,

sometimes it is great to have a hot and heavy no holds bar fuck the shit out her and make her beg for mercy kind of fuck fest, but if your partner asks for a little TLC they should be able to get it, be aware of your playmates needs and cater to them, in the end it pays off a hundred fold, i love to find lovers that can listen to me in bed, I'm not bossy or demanding i just wanna let you know if your doing something right or wrong, none of us likes wasting time when we could be making our partners feel better, i for one like to receive direction, and i don't like having my pussy broken it is my favorite toy and i need it so listen up, like i said it will pay in the end....

women glorious women

well as the night rolled on the ladies arrived at the party with a few toys of their own, it was wonderful to have three other ladies turn up at the party, more than i expected, thank you guys. They even brought a few toys of their own for me to play with, i was happily distracted when i heard a wild buzzing, OMG somebody brought a Hitachi, or as someone i know calls it a who needs a man, and just in time since most of the men present were wiped out... so i turned around bent over and backed my ass up to the person operating the toy and operate they did i had an amazing orgasm almost instantly then forced my self to keep rubbing against it...

after i collapsed on the bed i saw a couple fucking and since i was free and she was riding him i bent in and sucked his balls for a little while until she got off on him and told him to start fucking me, i backed to the edge of the bed where he was standing and had him fuck me standing up, he grabbed my hips and gave me a wild ride, i love to grind back into a mans hip with my ass while hes getting me dogie style... yummy, then another man went in front of me so i could suck his cock while i was getting ridden, and i bobbed my best on his hard cock while the man behind me went to town on my pussy, i came all over his balls creaming my brains out and screaming with a dick in my mouth, then i went to rest on the other bed, to lean my head on the another woman's shoulder when she said she didn't think women were as good at licking pussy as a man,

now i saw this as a challenge, and i am very very competitive so i went to town eating her pussy. it was so wet and hot i was flicking her clit with my tongue then licking long strokes from her hole to her clit, then tongue fucking her and rubbing her clit with my nose, i just love being ears deep in a wet pussy, and she was great very vocal she kept telling the whole room what exactly i was doing to her pussy with my greedy lips and tongue, i loved hearing her describe my actions to the whole room full of people who were watching me eat her out...

after a little more sucking and fucking the party wrapped up nicely, i really had a wonderful time if you couldn't tell from the posts, so thank you all who showed up, i hope you all will be able to come back for more at Decembers party, until then play safe and think kinky thoughts about me...


Intimate in crowd

Something unique happened at my orgy, it was a totally different experience for me, sex in a group can reinforce that feeling of being an interchangeable sex toy, if you know what i mean, which i don't mind at all, that is what the other who come to play are for me, at least for that day they are, but a man came to the party, i will say i was shocked to see him show up, he was another man coming to his first orgy, and by this point it was no longer a gang bang but an orgy full on, three other women had come to the party and seven men and a she-male, putting twelve in the room either watching or playing,

This man came around the same time as another man i have talked to for a while so i was excited to see them both show up, and i quickly talked them out of their cloths. At an orgy i refuse to undress a man sure its sexy but i got myself naked and they can do the same. so i went back and forth for a little giving head until the first one ready moved me to my back and started fucking me riding my legs hard into my breasts, with my hands on his ass the other man got the idea and was fucking my face, whenever i could catch a glimpse of his face i could tell he was liking the view of the other man fucking me...

to my shock when the time came for his turn it was the most astounding thing i have ever had happen in a group setting, it was like finding that stranger that you already know, it was as the title implies intimate in a crowd i was lost in his eyes and swept away by his rhythm, he was everything i look for in a lover, tender and fierce, passionate and controlled, open to the whole room but only there for me is what it seemed like, i cannot say how moving it was, that is the closest i have come to feeling like i was making love instead of fucking in a long time, he was simply complexly amazing, both times we did it, nothing fancy simply holding me close while he drove himself home into me, touching my face and kissing me, what luxuries, somehow it seemed so right when i know that it was so out of place, a few men made my short list and he is at the top of it, i want to drag other women over to his home and analyze how he makes love to them, somehow in a roomful of twelve people watching us he made me feel like we were the only two people in the world...

Then the party got freakier

more stories from the party, it was shortly after my noon players cleared out, a friend brought by a real treat, a TS or she-male, it was the first time i ever meet a transvestite and i tried not to act like to much of a country bumpkin, to me this pegs the needle on the freakier side of the street, but she was very open to playing and i am one of many open minded women who loves to watch men exchange oral with each other and i don't mind violating one or the other in the ass while I'm watching either, so I'm game to play with a she male, after all who am i to judge what i don't understand...

so one of the few people who came early then said he would come back dropped in for a little revisit, and after our hellos i proceed to suck some cock, well the she-male objected about my tendency to not share whatever i happen to be enjoying so with his permission she joined me sucking his cock, then i quit after a bit, actually i was head butted but no big deal i just moved my head to safety while she gobbled his cock...

i lay myself out on the bed to recline against another exhausted player, spread my legs and held my pussy open with one hand while i rubbed my pink and tender pussy, i teased the lips and caressed my clit rubbing my wetness all around, i could tell he so wanted to touch me but at the same time the she-male was giving what looked like awesome head, so after one little O i enjoyed watching him get his cock sucked, then i saw him playing with his nipples and got up to stand behind him so i could pinch and squeeze his nipples, i can say now that i would stand behind this man in any line and today when i went to bank and waited forever i was wishing he was in front of me.

he reached back and with one talented hand on my clit proceeded to redefine "good with his hands" it was such a powerful sensation i was clinging to his back for support and couldn't make myself sit down since it would mean taking his hand off of my pussy, the other man got up and helped me keep my feet, it was amazing he could do that reaching behind himself, then as i am just creaming all over his hand, he lost his load in the she-males mouth, it was two firsts for me at once, the first time i played with a transsexual and the first time i had an orgasm while standing up, he pulled up his pants buttoned his shirt and was gone before i even properly caught my breath proof again that you don't need much time to enjoy a group...

and later as a reward for a job well done while the she-male sucked the cock of the man who had held me up, i fucked her ass with a passion using my big toy, it was so much fun to make her squirm and moan while i pumped her ass angling the whole time to hit that male g-spot, it was fun playing with a TS, but i think it may have been a little to much for all of my friends who were in their first group, its like trowing a beginner in the deep end, she was totally drunk by four o'clock but she did give what looked like great head, and even got hard and fucked me for a while so who am i to complain. it isn't a lifestyle i would enjoy but i do defend her right to enjoy it...

also and a side note she wants me to round up a group of bi or gay guys to give her a gang bang, and since i love to facilitate fantasies i will be getting this party together in the next month or two, so if the idea interests you please drop me a line i would love to send you an invite to play with this exotic sex toy...


My Reply

Why is it that people feel the need, mostly women, to give unsolicited advise all of the time and why do so many of them word in the form of a indirect insult. It is just plain snarky and I for one don't get it. The whole i wanna help you be less of a dirty whore, so I'm gonna insult your morals and self esteem then work in other petty insults. I for one out grew this shit in middle school but some women around here seem to be clinging to the wrong part of their youth. I never asked anyone Else's advise on how i should enjoy myself or who i should play with. It is getting on my last fucking nerve when you try to describe your insults as advise. I don't need or want your opinion on my standards or lack thereof. What sick realm of reality are you living in where your comments would count as advise. there are people here who have given me valuable advise and i take it as such. You, and we all know who you are, are not dispensing advise you are lashing out at me for reasons unknown. It is in no way solicited or helpful and if you cant display better self control i will be forced to ban your comments on my blog. I really have no room in my life for the kind of drama you seem to be intent on creating. I do not accept the apology you posted here because it was simply a half assed cop out. if you want to apologize try reading some of the many i have posted in trying to keep the peace with people i have upset here. I apologize and take responsibility for my actions, and promise to work on avoiding the same mistake. like i have said elsewhere i am not perfect and i don't succeed at everything i work on but i do try my best. your attacks haven't had much affect on me, but they sure do reveal a lot of unfavorable things about you don't they. i don't know why i remain a target for you, unless you are jealous of me or think in some way i threaten your position here, but neither seem likely. so really i don't get you. the so called advise you have sent me so far basically was telling me that my standards are to low and that i need to work on my self esteem issues. I have a very healthy understanding and love of myself, i enjoy what i do and for the most part who i do it with, yes i will give almost anybody a shot at least once, but that is my decision to make isn't it. i don't see why that would be any of your business if fucked everybody who asks or only men named bill, to me standard's are just an arbitrary way of excluding people i may have really enjoyed meeting. This means that i do kiss a lot of frogs but i also find a lot of diamonds in the rough so to speak, who asked you to judge me, why would you feel at liberty to come here into my space and attack me. this is very upsetting to me I'm sure you can understand why, i thought you were a mature grown women who could conduct herself with a little more dignity than you've shown here so far. shame on you, why should you try to rain on my parade or ruin the fun for my other friends, i have tried indirect posts to express the thoughts i have on this subject but you just don't seem to get it so now I'm calling you out, shame on you. i am free to have whatever kind of erotic adventure i chose to, with whom ever i chose to. you can back the hell up, i wont be attending your meets anymore what else do you want here i just don't understand you goals. I'm only sorry i ignored the people who warned me about you and your childish behavior. sometimes we sleep with people then learn things later that make us regret it, in those cases i find it best to try and forget about those people, you are making it harder for me to forget i met you. Really why reply like that to a dirty story it was simple erotic tale meant for a fantasy read and give a grin to the men who had been playing with me, then your first post said it all. you didn't need to go on and insult my morals and tell me i play with old and ugly people, i think we all got the point the first post. you were really just showing your ass by the second post. i don't know if this will make it worse or shut you up, i agree this is a public forum but if you cant behavior with a little more self control i will delete your comments and ban you, there is lot of room in this town and on this site i think at this point we should call a truce and agree to disagree, I'm sure you don't need this drama anymore than i do, for all i know you were drunk when you posted your bile. all i am here to do is have fun the blog helps people who don't know me decide if they want to meet me or if i am to much for them, i don't think this is the format for a public bitch fest of snarky comments and put downs. life is to short to waste time on ridiculous shit like this, i sincerely hope this is the last post i ever have to write about this subject. to all the my friends here I'm sorry i had to take up your time with this.

The standerds speech

People have been feeling the need to say that I have no morals and that I will fuck anyone, old and ugly alike. Also that I don't have any standards... that is my least favorite phrase now, "you dont have any standards"

I am so sick of the standards speech can anybody tell me Who's standards I'm supposed to use what disqualifies someone from being able to play with me if they so desire, why should i have to adhere to anybody else's standards, i make my own judgments and while i may play with people you wont, i promise not to rub your nose in what your missing out on because of your standards, what grounds do you judge someone you don't know on, i have many things that do turn me off of people most are personality traits, personal habits or plain stupidity, but i find i am better judge of these traits after i know someone better, i don't mind having been fucked by a rude and stupid person i simply don't allow it to happen again...

I have always liked old guys so that would be who i would prefer to have show up men from 30-60ish the whole mature men thing works for me...

As far as i am concerned looks don't matter near as much as a persons whole self, their attitude and spirit, confidence and desire will out way your physical looks anytime, i have found some of my best lovers in people who you would discard as "ugly" because they are glad to find a truly open minded partner like me so they are more interested in sharing pleasure, and because other people have been cruel or excluded them based on some superficial judgment they understand pain better which makes them kinder and more considerate lovers in my book, and i'm no barbie doll my own self...

I do have morals and really don't think you know me well enough to make that call, i have an incredibly high moral standerd which prompts me to devote countless hours to helping others and improving the world we all live in, i refuse to believe that because my morals aren't offend by sex often and with many people that means i don't have morals, morals to me mean i treat others the way i want to be treated, that i respect others persons and properties, that i value human life and the world that i inhabit, that i practice random acts of kindness every day, to me those are my morals and the kind of sexual satisfaction i find fucking strangers and friends doesn't make me an unmoral person...

Watch me anytime

You are welcome to watch me anytime, there is not much better than live porn in my book, not that i look like a porn star i just fuck like one. So a man came to my party planning on only watching, it was after the people on lunch break cleared out. so he sat at the end of the bed and i got on my hands and knees in front of him blowing the man on the bed. i bobbed up and down wiggling my pussy in the air for him to enjoy. he must have really liked it because my watcher was kind enough to dip his fingers into my wetness, he began to rub my clit then started to lick me in the sweetest way and while i bobbed busily on the cock i was sucking he went to town licking my exposed pussy, if we hadn't had to stop for the phone i could have done that forever, my orgasms are so much more intense when both ends of me are busy it almost doesn't compare. so if your idea of watching includes giving my pussy a good licking then you are always welcome to watch me, i only wish there were more watchers like you. Then a few more men came by and I went for the good stuff

i should preface this story with the warning i only do anal sex once in a very blue moon, so don't expect it, but since i had a friend loosen my ass up using toys earlier in the week, so i tried double penetration i hopped onto a big hard dick then told another man to fuck me in the ass. I'm not the best at this and the poor man on the bottom popped out after a few minute. however the man pumping into my ass did it long and strong almost making me scream as i felt him pumping my tight little asshole full of his rock hard cock, i actually came from anal something that almost never ever happens for me, but damn it felt so good to be so filled up and to have a room full of men watching while he was violating my holy of holy spots.

this is what i love about groups, even a passive sub like me can order the men around, normally i like to be the one who is told what to do, but in a group I'm not to shy to tell a man its time for him to fuck me, or lick me or rub me the right way, i can get pretty vocal if my mouth isn't full of cock, everyone in the group should play this way come know what you want then get it, group sex satisfies both the sex junky in me that wants fucked a hundred times over and the exhibitionist in me that want the room to know when something feels real good.

Why I'm A Qulified Sex Junky

I am a sex junky in the worst way, I am a truely insatiable women, I love to be fucked over and over by a large group of people. I like one on one sex to, I would always rather one on three or four but if i can arrange one on 25 I'm more than wet and ready...

The only way I can tell the story of my orgy day is to begin at the beginning, so I checked in early and made myself a drink to get ready for the day, by eleven two men had come to my hotel room for the party and I was more than ready to start so I had them sit together and I went back and forth giving head. When one of the men was really hard and ready I asked him to fuck me, and I set about sucking the cock in front of me while the one behind me pounded home the first big O of the day for me, with a few interruptions for the phone we carried on in this merry style till the man fucking me came and the man who dick I was sucking started to fuck me, as more guests arrived we played with some fun combinations and almost everybody wanted a taste of pussy and set to playing mercilessly with my pussy as I was face down giving head...

after a while it was the three of us and a young man was fucking me hard and fast while two other men stroked their hard cocks over my breasts and I was loosing it, I sometimes like to talk dirty and so i egged him on urging him to fuck me hard like the dirty slut I am I took one of the other mans free hands hand had him rubbing my clit while the other man fucked me, I am such a cum slut and as both masturbating men grabbed my ankles and forced my legs out in a wide v so the man fucking me could pound it good, and so they could watch that long hard cock up close as it pumped in and out of my pulsating pussy, I was really loud and going wild, and both men came in short order spraying hot sticky cum all over my huge tits, and as I rubbed it in talking about how much a girl like me loves to be covered in fresh cum, my hands sliding over my breast I came so hard it was all over his balls, I know because I asked him if he could feel me creaming on his balls, he came hard for me, then after a breath or two I sucked him hard and had him fuck me all over again,

I think that's all I should say for since I need to go rub a little sore spot I got, there will be many more sexy tidbits from my all day orgy so be sure to check back later and if you were in on the action or just wish you had been feel free to post here...