Anticipation can be so sweet as i oil my skin with sweet scent planning for later when it will be warmed by his hand. Fresh from the shower with nothing and everything on my mind at once I am so tempted to turn the water back on and touch myself until if find my relief but no the anticipation is enough and waiting will just build my excitement to a frenzy making the release so much sweeter for the virtue of my waiting.

firm resolve does nothing to keep me from absent mindfully pinching my pink nipples, enjoying the feel of them harden under my touch looking in the mirror at my lusty body almost quivering. Running the oil in the wispy curls over my hungry pussy. Needing to look at myself i push in my fingers, spread my lips open looking at the glistening desire almost dripping from me. I licked my fingers clean tasting myself flavored over the sweet oil.

I realize that getting myself ready is a form of foreplay so effective i only wish you were here with me to heighten the ritual. I hate to cover myself with cloths for any period of time but i know that the wearing of them with you is just to make my anticipation greater, to make me all the more hungry for the release from them the kiss of your eyes on my flesh, I enjoy the look you give me in front of others as if you know in the snap of finger you could take me, i would always yield to you, give in to any demand fulfill any desire of yours that i could in order to earn your praise, a second of your affection.

The pleasure I get from giving to you exceeds almost any other I have ever felt, gathering my mind for submission to your will gathering my heart to wear on my sleeve I dress and rush through my make up cursing all the time i spent being a drugged out tom boy instead of a pretty girl who would be good with makeup, I do my best and rush away from the mirror before I can pick myself apart...

breasts heavy in my bra, panties already damp as i load up into my car, thankful that driving takes both hands or i would be to tempted to resist pleasing my self on the roadway as i speed to your arms... HOPE JOY PEACE wash over me in your embrace if you only knew the power you could have over me you would run a million miles to flee from my hungry eyes...

for me this is why the anticipation is almost better then reality, eager hopeful when i get ready for you i radiate the joy i feel at the thought of being wanted, desired and able to please you, knowing all along that in reality the more i care for you the less you will care for me, what a terrible tug of war this is to try and make myself want you less just so that you will want me more. what a childish game of denial we are indulging in, when we could bring such bliss to each other if only we knew how to allow ourselves.