cant win them all

OK here is proof that the blog is based on reality, i know from the blog it all sounds like fun games and awesomeness but even i crash and burn, i have my dud dates to, the people who you show up and meet out, then it goes no where, the men who cant quite pop full wood and that's not such a big deal but i do also play with people who are trying this out for the first time or i am the first women they are gonna be with together. this is fine with me but both of you should at least enjoy sex and have some idea of what a threesome will be like.

I took myself off to a recent first date expecting a great time, he and i had swapped dozen of emails, some even very explicit about what i would like to do and have done. he mentioned liking fishnets and red lipstick so i even found my old thigh highs added my fuck me shoes and marched through the hotel looking like a lady of the night.

I almost feel like it was a bait and switch, i get to the room and we sit to talk for a bit, they let me know they have never done this before in any way, and she has never been with a women or wanted to be, but she did kinda like boobies on a stripper when she went there once, i was flabbergasted, the thing i love most about meeting a couple is that girl on girl fun,

then she confides in me she doesn't even like sex very much, at this point i should have realized i was fucked and taken off for the club, there i am looking ready for a wild fucking and she is to shy to slip into a negligee, I'm nice and kind and now nervous as hell, i hate it when i am making a first impression for the lifestyle, I'm such a fan of living and playing this way that i would never want someone to choose not to just because i didn't make the right impression,

I propose we all start to play with ourselves then see what we like but that didn't fly so i lead her over to the bed and laid her down spending a little time on her breasts while he lay and watched, then i thought what the hell all i can do is the best i can do so i went down on her, we've all been there trying to do our best for a women who winds up after a silent shudder or two stopping us, at least i hope we have all been there and not just me, she stopped me saying she had enough, when i leave the bed to head for my dress she tells him he can go ahead,

i didn't mind and i felt kinda bad for the guy cause this sure wasn't working out like the fantasy come true it should have been, so i asked her to watch and i started to give him head, it was so painful he looked on seeming to enjoy but keeping one hand on her shoulder as if to say I'm sorry i but i like it, and she couldn't even watch as i gave head to her husband in the same bed,

so after a polite amount of time i suggested i take off so they could finish that off together, then i fled, i felt horrible at first because i sometimes think things are all about me, but in this case i know it was what was bound to happen from her telling me she doesn't have a sex drive, some people aren't meant to play like this.

it takes preparation to make sure a women is ready for this, just because she gives in and says yes doesn't mean shes gonna like it and if she doesn't like it then the fun isn't gonna last very long, so watch some porn play with sex toys and be ready really ready for a threesome. if a women isn't even bi curious at all a threesome is still possible but let the other lady know, then when taking a loved one for a first encounter make sure she has a drink or three and is as relaxed as the situation will allow, then make sure you participate i cannot stress this enough, stay with her here don't kick back and watch us,

I'm not sure if it would have made a difference on this date but you should always join in with each other specially the first time, kiss and caress and talk dirty to each other, the silence is awkward for everyone, he should have been playing with her chest and kissing her while i was going down on her and she should have done the same for him instead there is that really awkward silence and everyone is ten times more nervous even me.

I know this was bound to happen statistically i meet so many people i was bound to strike out eventually and i hope they find what they want I'm so sorry i couldn't be it, but that doesn't mean i didn't try again, the next night with much much better results.

I just don't quite get the people who wanna jump right in the deep end, which is what a date with me would be if your new to this, i think the steps are there for a reason and should be followed. watch for the signs and follow her hints to get the best results be prepared to try and fail but in the end this lifestyle is worth the trial and error it takes to make it work out for you.

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