perfect gift

a new friend of mine is coming up on her 10 year anniversary so while she and i were planning something fun to surprise her husband his first FMF who lets her play with women but he himself has never had a threesome, she is the jealous type and wont share him at all, then i noticed in my party planner that the tenth anniversary is the leather anniversary...

that inspired several great ideas she would wear leather chaps and a leather bra top she already had from biking but i don't own any sexy leather so she decked me out, i was in a tight laced leather corset with garter straps fishnets and her pair of super spike heeled boots, I'm not sure if i looked the part but i felt like a wicked vixen complete with a riding crop, wish i had pictures,

we even rubbed baby oil all over our skin so we would glisten,

we set the scene with candles and flowers she waited for him to call on his way home from work then went and meet him at the door her cute ass peeking out of the chaps, I'm sure he was expecting some fun but he had no idea what was in store for him, she kissed him long and hard as i watched in the mirror from the bedroom, she bound his hands in new leather cuffs then lead him into the bedroom where he saw me and went white as a ghost,

she took the crop from me and smacked my ass telling me to get on my knees and suck her wonderful husbands cock which was straining so hard against his slacks it might have broken the fly. i freed him and swiftly took him into my mouth i stroked his length with one hand and cupped his balls in the other and each time he got close i would back off, not letting him finish yet, she stopped me and pushed him onto the bed where we worked together to make it that special fantasy encounter her riding his cock kissing my lips as i sat on his face and as i was cumming on his chin he came into her hot wet pussy we all were panting and breathless,

she had warned me he could only cum once and there was no way i would waste it so i licked and sucked every drop of him out of her making her cum on my tongue for me, it tasted so amazing with his tangy spunk and her sweet cream, it was absolutely divine, and so as he watched us in fascination she pulled me around into a 69 her favorite position and put on an amazing show for her slack jawed husband who started to talk dirty to us and really get into it,

after we were done and cleaning up he still lay on the bed nearly witless looking spent, when he asked her what this was all about she told him it was their leather anniversary and she wanted to give him the perfect gift, my heart melted as he told her how much he loved her and held her tight in his arms, off i went with that satisfaction that comes from a job well done and a night of sharing pleasure with others,

so as this holiday season approaches consider giving the perfect gift for the person who already has everything, a great experience that they will never forget, for me it is better to give than receive but after this i wouldn't mind a naughty Christmas's present this year my own self, and remember nothing says i love you like a threesome...

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