a short list...

if you've read much of my blog you will know that i will play with most like minded people but even i have a short list of people i keep, those men and couples that get priority scheduling, people who have impressed me one way or the other. some are just for a quick piece of ass others are friends who i can sit and talk to, still more are both someone who will give me a wham bamm thank you sir session when i need it and someone who will hold me tenderly and comfort me when i feel lost,

i meet some people on a regular basis once or twice a month, which is great these are my short list players, several couples and even more single men who i can call for a hook up when i need to get off and they know they can do the same, it is a priority status to have me on tap for fun, i like having friends with benefits on call so to say if I'm having a sexual emergency and must cum or else...

I'm never sure why like thirty percent of my first dates are last dates also, i mean sometimes the reasons are clear, but other times i have fun and offer to meet again then we never do, i don't mind so much it just makes me wonder why, I'm not a nuisance if i offer to hook up again i mean it i am interested, if for what ever reason you don't want to just let me know so i don't sit here and wonder why you never call or write me for that second date,

not to sound like an ego maniacal bitch but if i offer you a place on my short list snap it up and feel special i have a lot of options and i am choosing you, the pleasure will always be mutual, i reward my friends well, these people know who they are and should also know they can call me anytime they feel the urge creeping up on them to do some wicked naughties with me,

i love repeat encounters because i can be relaxed and more comfortable, the orgasms i can share with my short list players have been some of the most wild and intense i have ever had, because i trust them i let myself go and completely immerse myself in pleasure, which is how it is supposed to be, so rock on shortlist players you know how much i enjoy you.

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