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Why is it that people feel the need, mostly women, to give unsolicited advise all of the time and why do so many of them word in the form of a indirect insult. It is just plain snarky and I for one don't get it. The whole i wanna help you be less of a dirty whore, so I'm gonna insult your morals and self esteem then work in other petty insults. I for one out grew this shit in middle school but some women around here seem to be clinging to the wrong part of their youth. I never asked anyone Else's advise on how i should enjoy myself or who i should play with. It is getting on my last fucking nerve when you try to describe your insults as advise. I don't need or want your opinion on my standards or lack thereof. What sick realm of reality are you living in where your comments would count as advise. there are people here who have given me valuable advise and i take it as such. You, and we all know who you are, are not dispensing advise you are lashing out at me for reasons unknown. It is in no way solicited or helpful and if you cant display better self control i will be forced to ban your comments on my blog. I really have no room in my life for the kind of drama you seem to be intent on creating. I do not accept the apology you posted here because it was simply a half assed cop out. if you want to apologize try reading some of the many i have posted in trying to keep the peace with people i have upset here. I apologize and take responsibility for my actions, and promise to work on avoiding the same mistake. like i have said elsewhere i am not perfect and i don't succeed at everything i work on but i do try my best. your attacks haven't had much affect on me, but they sure do reveal a lot of unfavorable things about you don't they. i don't know why i remain a target for you, unless you are jealous of me or think in some way i threaten your position here, but neither seem likely. so really i don't get you. the so called advise you have sent me so far basically was telling me that my standards are to low and that i need to work on my self esteem issues. I have a very healthy understanding and love of myself, i enjoy what i do and for the most part who i do it with, yes i will give almost anybody a shot at least once, but that is my decision to make isn't it. i don't see why that would be any of your business if fucked everybody who asks or only men named bill, to me standard's are just an arbitrary way of excluding people i may have really enjoyed meeting. This means that i do kiss a lot of frogs but i also find a lot of diamonds in the rough so to speak, who asked you to judge me, why would you feel at liberty to come here into my space and attack me. this is very upsetting to me I'm sure you can understand why, i thought you were a mature grown women who could conduct herself with a little more dignity than you've shown here so far. shame on you, why should you try to rain on my parade or ruin the fun for my other friends, i have tried indirect posts to express the thoughts i have on this subject but you just don't seem to get it so now I'm calling you out, shame on you. i am free to have whatever kind of erotic adventure i chose to, with whom ever i chose to. you can back the hell up, i wont be attending your meets anymore what else do you want here i just don't understand you goals. I'm only sorry i ignored the people who warned me about you and your childish behavior. sometimes we sleep with people then learn things later that make us regret it, in those cases i find it best to try and forget about those people, you are making it harder for me to forget i met you. Really why reply like that to a dirty story it was simple erotic tale meant for a fantasy read and give a grin to the men who had been playing with me, then your first post said it all. you didn't need to go on and insult my morals and tell me i play with old and ugly people, i think we all got the point the first post. you were really just showing your ass by the second post. i don't know if this will make it worse or shut you up, i agree this is a public forum but if you cant behavior with a little more self control i will delete your comments and ban you, there is lot of room in this town and on this site i think at this point we should call a truce and agree to disagree, I'm sure you don't need this drama anymore than i do, for all i know you were drunk when you posted your bile. all i am here to do is have fun the blog helps people who don't know me decide if they want to meet me or if i am to much for them, i don't think this is the format for a public bitch fest of snarky comments and put downs. life is to short to waste time on ridiculous shit like this, i sincerely hope this is the last post i ever have to write about this subject. to all the my friends here I'm sorry i had to take up your time with this.

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