simply a sex toy

I don't like to say that I'm easy i would prefer user friendly, that's right I'm not ashamed to say i want you to use me for your erotic pleasure i want to do things with you some people only imagine, i love to be a sex toy for my playmates, i like to set play dates, what i call it when I'm just gonna meet you and do a few wicked things and take off, we are just playing with one another for fun. knowing that the pleasure is mutual does the trick to ease my nerves.

what i really want deep down in my soul is that I want someone to find the best in me, to challenge me, and to reward me. Sometimes I simply need a friend to hold me, other times I wanna be taken by a passionate lover. i want to find people who deserve me and who will really enjoy me, i provide a unique kind of entertainment and it takes the right kind of pervert to hold my attention for long.

Trust is so rare and once broken cant be wholly repaired no matter the circumstance. Earn my trust and don't betray it, the rewards will speak for themselves. when i can really trust someone i will let myself go in ways even i don't believe after words.

I never, almost never let myself fall asleep in the arms of a partner, I sometimes even call my lovers playmates, not as an insult but as a reminder to myself that I am simply a sex toy. It is my role to be a walking talking sex doll for you to play with as you please, but still i do have a brain.

I don't want strings but a conversation would be nice, I like to have my wits engaged to have my beliefs challenged because they become stronger for me when i am forced to defend them, and on occasion i realize some new truth in the world. I like to meet intellectuals, even if its self proclaimed. whither your as liberal as me or Conservative either religious or atheist i just need some intelligent adult conversation sometimes so stimulate me and make me think.

to find the best in me pick my brain, i may not be organized, on time or always on the ball but i have several lifetimes worth of experience and know some pretty neat things. i guess what im saying is some times its just nice to lay around naked and talk about things other than sex...

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