playdates with older playmates

first i should apologize to the one in fifty person my age that i actually like, OK even the ones i can only stand, but the rest of them are useless. i am 26 years old born in 1982 when Reagen was president i say this like you will remember because if your my friend you are most likely old enough to have voted for him. not to disrespect the few people my age with their shit together most of the people my age are just to self centered, selfish and both mentally and morally bankrupt, not that those things hinge on age i have meet my share of fucked up elders to, but my generation seems to have the sense of entitlement thing down pat, and the whole i don't need to be informed about the world as long as i still get what i want, fuck the world fuck the police and fuck you if you don't like me seems to be the prevailing attitude which both disgusts me and makes me question all of humanity

i myself dig older people the mature thing does it for me and i prefer their company and friendship i myself feel like i am an old soul with several lifetimes of experience that i am carrying around, so older friends in there forty's and fifty's are closer in mind to me than most people my age. especially with men i find if they are fifty-one there is half a chance we are of equal maturity, i know that is a rough thing to say but you know its true. not to dog them but we all know the guy in his thirty's who refuses to accept he ever made it past twenty one and sometimes you wonder how he did make it, you know what i mean those men that need a babysitter not a lover,

I like my play dates with adults for adult fun, not childish games. i prefer to meet and hook up with people who are smart funny and mature. to me the measure of maturity isn't your age but that does help and what maturity really means has more to do with your spirit then your body, sometimes people freak out when i express this preference for older lovers, but to me it is sensible

i know what i want and I'm not to shy to ask for it, i like women of all ages and really enjoy those sexy couples with a older man and a sweet young girl, i enjoy women of all ages but i prefer men who are old, no pulling my punch i enjoy most playing with men from 40-60, old enough to teach me a thing or two that i might wanna know...

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