try not to break it

i do on occasion meet with single men, and I'm a firm believer in communication, so why is it if a women lets you know shes tender and to take it easy on her pussy you single guys wanna ram it harder, i know its not just me, this is a common occurrence, this is why some women only wanna do it once a week some times less, you've broken the pussy. every so often a pussy needs a little TLC, show it some kindness and it will pay you back in the end...

first don't go straight there you will get there soon enough tease her neck and collarbone, blow in her ear and whisper naughty nothings, stop and appreciate the breasts show some respect for the rack and pay attention to the nipples, i for one don't mind a little nibbling in with the licks but again listen to your partner and notice sounds of pleasure or pain, sometimes you cant just dive into a pussy, on occasion you need to treat it tenderly rub her legs and thighs kiss and caress her all over, massage her hips before you gently spread those lips for your hot mouth, look at it first and tell her you like the view of her wet pink parts, then blow on it and tease it tenderly then go for the clit, and no harder isn't always better some gentle circling can go a long way with ladies, i for one love to be tongue fucked where someone plunges their tongue in and out of my hole, this feel good and with a thumb on my clit it almost always gets me off, i also like it when someone gently fingers my g-spot, and for those who don't know it isn't deep so there is no reason to be hitting or pushing really hard against my vagina with your knuckles this will make most women very sore and you don't want to break the pussy, especially not while fingering because then no fucking,

about the fucking well that is another thing where communication is key, you should be aware enough to tell when a women is squirming away in pain and when shes bearing back for more, listen to her sighs and moans, pay attention to the body language is she tensing with every thrust does she need you to back up slow down or move her legs around, this is also helpful to those wonderful men blessed with stamina, I'm glad you want to and can fuck for five or six hours, but you should know better then to think any women can hold a position that long even missionary requires leg movement to prevent cramping,

sometimes it is great to have a hot and heavy no holds bar fuck the shit out her and make her beg for mercy kind of fuck fest, but if your partner asks for a little TLC they should be able to get it, be aware of your playmates needs and cater to them, in the end it pays off a hundred fold, i love to find lovers that can listen to me in bed, I'm not bossy or demanding i just wanna let you know if your doing something right or wrong, none of us likes wasting time when we could be making our partners feel better, i for one like to receive direction, and i don't like having my pussy broken it is my favorite toy and i need it so listen up, like i said it will pay in the end....

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