Watch me anytime

You are welcome to watch me anytime, there is not much better than live porn in my book, not that i look like a porn star i just fuck like one. So a man came to my party planning on only watching, it was after the people on lunch break cleared out. so he sat at the end of the bed and i got on my hands and knees in front of him blowing the man on the bed. i bobbed up and down wiggling my pussy in the air for him to enjoy. he must have really liked it because my watcher was kind enough to dip his fingers into my wetness, he began to rub my clit then started to lick me in the sweetest way and while i bobbed busily on the cock i was sucking he went to town licking my exposed pussy, if we hadn't had to stop for the phone i could have done that forever, my orgasms are so much more intense when both ends of me are busy it almost doesn't compare. so if your idea of watching includes giving my pussy a good licking then you are always welcome to watch me, i only wish there were more watchers like you. Then a few more men came by and I went for the good stuff

i should preface this story with the warning i only do anal sex once in a very blue moon, so don't expect it, but since i had a friend loosen my ass up using toys earlier in the week, so i tried double penetration i hopped onto a big hard dick then told another man to fuck me in the ass. I'm not the best at this and the poor man on the bottom popped out after a few minute. however the man pumping into my ass did it long and strong almost making me scream as i felt him pumping my tight little asshole full of his rock hard cock, i actually came from anal something that almost never ever happens for me, but damn it felt so good to be so filled up and to have a room full of men watching while he was violating my holy of holy spots.

this is what i love about groups, even a passive sub like me can order the men around, normally i like to be the one who is told what to do, but in a group I'm not to shy to tell a man its time for him to fuck me, or lick me or rub me the right way, i can get pretty vocal if my mouth isn't full of cock, everyone in the group should play this way come know what you want then get it, group sex satisfies both the sex junky in me that wants fucked a hundred times over and the exhibitionist in me that want the room to know when something feels real good.

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