Birthday Bash

so last Saturday a friend from my little group was celebrating her birthday and what better way to celebrate a birthday then with great group sex lots of liqueur and a new Hitachi... i had a wonderful time being the guest instead of the hostessi arrived early to soak in the hotel hot tub and get settled in the room i was sharing with my friends for our own little after party, and since the birthday girl was a little late we were sitting around and goofing off for far to long, and i for one was drinking a stiff and wicked mix of vodka and monster juice...we finally get everything settled and head down to the bar to meet up with friends and take over for the night, i was sent in advance to get the lay of the land and look for people i wouldn't recognize, so there i am with a friend trying to scope out the whole bar, being my friendly self i just found some people asked if they were with our party, they said they were not yet but wanted to be. so we hung for a while and after an offer i followed them to their room and we shared a little peace pipe and some laughs.back at the bar i rejoined the crowd now most of the party was at the bar and birthday girl had bought a bottle of tequila rose from the bar so we all had to do our birthday shoots, the whole party was there and the numbers were nice it was 3 girls 6 guys the kind of orgy almost every man dreams of, we drank our way out of the bar and back to the birthday girls suite so the fun could start. now while i was getting my bag the birthday girl had someone who wanted to eat her pussy, so he lays her out and starts. i cant resist a challenge and i was drunk enough to talk shit so after letting him try for a bit i offered to show him how to eat a women out right, then i did and i loved hearing her very vocal instructions to eat her out good and she sealed the deal with omg Cory you are so good at that before she came down my neck with her squirting juices...we were loud and hot it was the kind of girl on girl action that makes men stand at attention for you so the birthday girl got the first cock of the night and since my mouth was now empty i moved over to my friend watching from a chair and sucked him off in my mouth. another friend had brought a strap on so after we wore out the real cocks in the room i strapped into the strap on and lubed up that big jelly dong, it was so hot to bend her over and ride that hot wet pussy, it was a wonderful new experience for me. i had fucked men with a strap on before but this was my first chick and i did my best. i fucked till my legs were shaking and i was afraid i would fall down.we took a little smoke brake and then i jumped in the Jacuzzi with a friend so we could soak together, another friend wandered in and i had him hop in the tub with us to make it a tight squeeze, but that's OK we are some friendly people so i had one sit on the edge of the tub and i sucked him off I'm my mouth guzzling his dick. while the other man took care of my hot and tender pussy bring my off over and over until we had to stop before i totally lost my mind,if i was a good girl i would have written all this down Sunday like another friend who was there whose post you really should check out [post 1745415 Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like Group Sex] but since i was just trying to sleep it off that day and have been pretty busy since. now as i am writing this now all i have are out of order flashes of the night at one point we turned on the web cam and played talking to fans online and giving them a clear picture of what kind of fun we have at our parties.another friend had camera and a few moments of play stand out in my mind, one of the men there that was a friend of the birthday girl was standing over her head as it was leaning back off the edge of the bed he was working on giving her a nice creamy facial, so i stepped in behind him and got myself a handful of balls and a nipple to play with while i licked his neck and talked dirty for the camera.another highlight was when a man had the birthday girl in missionary position and she asked someone to give her some DP, so i got behind him and reached between his thighs with my lubed up hand and worked her throbbing little asshole over with my hand while he crammed that hard hot cock in her pussy, we were all being very vocal for the camera she would say oh yeah that feels good in my ass and i would call back you like having all three fingers crammed in that asshole don't you...another hot point for me was when the other girls were taking a break and a friend of mine set me up for a good time with on man latched on each nipple one licking and nibbling my neck and a fourth man used the new Hitachi on my over aroused clit. it was a wild monkey sex moment and by monkey sex i mean my moans became screeches think call of the wild and i came like three times in a row that last time i came so hard i flew up off the bed like something out the exorcist, and starting laughing hysterically because if i cum that hard my pussy is ticklish and off limitsand i think the hottest point of the night at least for me was a scene of squirting that was straight out of a porno. we were all either working on the birthday girl or close by watching when she says take your finger out I'm gonna squirt so the lucky man with his finger in her pussy pulls it out and sits back on his heels, the room went into slow motion and she squirted an arch about three feet soaking and i mean like a hose soaking the man kneeling between her legsso on that hot wet note i will leave you, because now i need a cigarette from telling about how hot it was god bless my memory what a comfort it will be in my old and lonely days to think back and have such hot memories to keep me warm...

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