last night at the club...

well i am writing this from Florida my plane got here around 8 and now i am finally free to log on, just letting everyone know I'm here safe and sound, i had a good time at the club last night but because i wont be home until late march it felt like it might be my last night at the club...

we tied one on and i mean strong until i was buttered like bread most of the night was a blur but i do know i was having a horrible problem, i couldn't get off, that never happens to me and finally after many attempts a certain man got it right.

still it was great fun to hang out with friends and have the pressure off of me, i had so much other shit i was freaking out about that i didn't even care if i got anybody else off and i think that stress played a big part in me not being able to cum...

in another way it was almost my last night at the club for real and i am so sorry, what happened was i hit and i mean hit on hard several women hanging out in the dance room, i was all touchy grabby and i was to aggressive to the point where a women felt the need to complain, i was horrified to be taken aside and given the no means no talk,

i take full responsibility i am so incredibly sorry to have made anyone feel uncomfortable, in the future i will be so much more careful, this will not happen again. that doesn't change what has passed and i feel awful. i was stressed out beyond belief and more than drunk, but that is no excuse for bad behavior this is one of those cases of knowing better but not doing better.

so even though the night was rough i had a wonderful time, i just wanted to say I'm so sorry. now I'm off to bed and tomorrow i take my sister to start her treatment. I'm so scared right now so keep me in your thoughts for tomorrow.

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