instant karma

OK this is just another vivid reminder to myself that i suffer or enjoy instant karma, about the time that daddy was posting that entry about humiliation i was suffering some myself. I am not a bitch simply unprovoked i try to use my bitch force for the power of good and not evil, and i did warn the man i was with that i was drunk and for me that means the bitch flag unfurls, he knew he was cruising for a bruising with me.

but back to karma as that post was going up i was in the hospital and my mom decided to do me a favor while she was grabbing me some cloths to wear when i checked out, she decided to unpack my bags, boy I'm glad i didn't bring my big toy bag but all the same i was horrified to come home and see she had arranged my makeup in a box. along with my stack of condoms a handful of rubber gloves and a bottle of my favorite lube. OMG I'm so embarrassed i wish i had known i would have hidden it better instead. speaking of humiliation that is so embarrassing i cant even say then when i realize it i asked her if we needed to have a talk or if i could just be mortified...

she said she didn't wanna talk about it she was just glad that i was using them if i needed them, which is nice but still it was way more awkward then i could ever describe to you, thank goodness i didn't pack any of my vibrators or god forbid the strap on i would have blushed my way back into a fever. How many of you have been in a similar boat going on vacation and packing something embarrassing...

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