survivoirs party

the orgy was a wild success, what a great group when we all get together to play you will have to be sure to check it out on the other profile...

meanwhile i decided to have myself a little survivors party at the swingers club on Wednesday night after the orgy was done. well i was on my way when my sister called, she had received some bad news from her oncologist about her upcoming chemotherapy treatment, instead of doing it on the weekends they want to have her do both radiation and chemotherapy together for the next six weeks solid. I am of course going to head to Florida... do i have any fans in Tampa... i will be gone for quite a while almost two months i sat in the parking lot on the phone making my arrangements.

finally i was able to go in, it was late and most of the crowd had gone home or closed the doors, i wandered around and settled onto a couch to watch some porn and see who went by... my pussy was still pretty sore from the marathon fuck fest of the day before so i decided to hop on the symbian and give it a good massage...

i striped down and saddled up finding a happy buzzing place, when two of the silver foxes that had been wondering around came by the room to watch and when one started to stroke himself i motioned for him to come over to me so that i could suck his dick, he was just so happy he couldn't keep from crying out as i brought him off while i was rubbing my tender lips on that huge powerful vibrator. he stepped back and the other man came up then he came up again because i was sucking his dick for him while i was getting off on the symbian.

they both cleared out leaving me riding alone and when my pussy had enough i got off. then i moved so that i could massage my back with the other symbian it was great but a girl came by wanting the machine so i cleared out went back to the love seat and porn again, i was thinking about taking my pants back off when a man who had passed by several times started up a conversation, i asked him to fuck me but he had to make it a quickie so no one would notice something is hot about a man fucking me with his pants still on. we went hot heavy hard and very quick then i cleaned up and called it quits.

wish one of the cocks from the party had been there or maybe several but it seems i was the only survivor. after fucking and sucking for 16 hours i still went to bed horny the next night, i just love the way I'm wired. hope everyone else had as much fun as i did...

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