squirter school

So if youve been following along you know that i am a huge fan of female ejaculation, ecspecialy when its mine and i am trying to learn how to squirt more regularly. i have been chatting with a certain couple here [member cmasterrandall] about squirting.
well after consideration i decided to try a session at master randalls squirter school, anything for education right, so i arive at his home talk to the girls and was totaly at ease, once i was comfortable we moved to his sex room, you might call it a dungeon but it was well lite and very very well equiped.

after a talk about my limits, intrests and experiance he and his lovley assistant, who was the star of a hot dream i had later i cant wait to taste her, so they strip me down and set me up on his medical exam table,

sometimes when i cum i try to control myself my body and how i react because i worry about hurting someone when i am flayling around so to take that concern away from me he bound me. tying the rope around my breast to hold my upper arms close to my chest then wraping my wrists he put my ankles into a wooden stock to keep them spread and used the rope to suspend them in the air, my body fully restrained like it had never been before,

he put a training bit into my mouth to help with the noise he was sure i would make, and when i was ready he got out the hitachi to warm me up, we wernt 15 minutes into playing before i squirted the first time, coming so hard my vision went blank for just a second. the total release was so much more powerful with my entire body bound like it was,

then he hooked up his tens machine, a device used for electrical acupuncture, which i have tried and loved, that can also be used for sexual pleasure which i hadnt tried yet but was very into, so he attched the pads to my thighs, and played with current untill we found a pleasent pulse,
while he was doing this his lovley assistant attached nipple clamps onto my tight little buds, caressing my breasts and pulling she was a total comfort to me when i might have paniced she was there with her gentle eyes and comforting hand on my breast...

then it was time for the probe, it was small but wow when he turned the current on it felt
incredable, but as anyone who has been lucky enough to get into me can tell you i have a horible habit when im excited i sqeeze things out, i cant help it and i was ubber excited so to keep the device inside my pussy and to free his hands up he used duck tape to hold the toy in place inside of me,

at this point i was hovering on that sweet edge of cumming my whole body vibrating on a differant plane. he placed the hitachi against my clit with the gentlest of touchs and it was all i could take, i came and i came and i came harder wetter faster then i ever had before,
i came so hard i squirted in buckets i could hear my cum splashing on the exam table the floor and whatever might have gotten in its way as it flooded out of me, i came so hard i could feeling splashing back agaist the tape onto my pussy. i didnt even think girls could squirt with something in them but hot dam i did,
that was so amazing my body is almost shaking at the memory of it, i was so overwhelmed with sensation and play didnt stop there now the room was flooded with the musky smell of sex and cum my ejaculation filling the air with that scent of joy,
he keept at my pussy bringing me off again and again in about an hour i had cum more then i do in three days, he truly is a master at what he does with your body, and all i can say is you must see master randalls squirter school for yourself.
this is one treat you can give yourself or a loved one that you wont be sorry about, spending an hour with him i learned just where to touch that vibe to set me off like a light now if i can just learn to tie a knot i will be deadly...
so thank you sir for such wonderful attention and for my lesson in squirting, im so glad to have given you a chance, and im also glad you helped me push my boundries back some...

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