NYE from 8-9

WOW and OMG what a wonderful night i had ringing in the new year, I was of course running late and freezing my ass off as I cruised around the loop headed for Kaza's. There I met two men who both wanted a new membership to the swingers club i attend. really who doesn't want to be a member, so after meeting up we headed over. the lobby was packed the place was so crowded we had to wait outside in the freezing cold, making me wish i had worn some hose with my tight and tiny black dress.

finally we get inside and i lead my merry little tour, short because the rooms were locked, both men easily kept up and i think they liked the place alright on sight, but to demonstrate the way that things worked i showed them how easy it was to get a key. well once we had a key i wondered why not use it, so in our room we all quickly agree to leave the door open, no chain or anything and i arrange the men so i can suck some cock while the other is fucking me from behind, my plump white ass wiggling in the air i sucked all i could as we gathered a little crowd,

the first man tapped out so the second man dove in and played hard and fast deep inside me, pounding out my nerves about the night and providing quiet the distraction i couldn't even keep giving head as i was fucked until i was screaming out, which grew an even greater crowd, i rolled over so the men could see my big tits and stroke them self's over me. i told them to cum on me, and they did it was porno hot and while i was there with men kneeling over me yet another man came into the room making it four of them,

i didn't even catch his name but oh i caught his attention as this young man dove between my legs then came up to fuck me while the roomful of men watched it was dirty and hot, fast and sweet it was amazing i was shaking with my pleasure and came all over his balls.

after getting off every one that i could i called it a break and we cleaned up the room heading down stairs, i had to laugh when i saw the clock. it was only a quarter after nine, this was gonna be a long and wonderful night and i was off to a super start.

as i made the rounds i saw many of my friends and stopped to chat up several of them, marking my targets for the night. i was thrilled to see several men who i would call proven quantity's... more to follow tomorrow it was such a great night i think i will break it up, so you can picture each part clearly...

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