thank you all...

i owe a huge thank you to everyone here on aff for the support and the prayers, i am spiritual but not religious so it seems odd to ask for prayers from others when that is such a personal decision, i know that prayer can do so many amazing things and when as mere humans we face the huge issues like mortality, emotions and family. prayer is in a way our only guidance our vent and our guide rail towards those goals we keep setting on the horizon.

for me prayer is very personal and i celebrate it in two different ways. in the form of meditation i use prayer to visualize what i want my reality to be, anyone who knows about the theory's behind the power of positive thought teachers such as Chopra and Dwyer. i believe we have the power of attraction and with practice we attract to ourselves what we desire. i also use prayer in the traditional speak your thoughts to God way.

i use traditional prayer to request, protest and praise. it is my way of requesting things i know are beyond my power to provide for myself, such as health, wealth, comfort and outer peace, in other words a calm world around me. prayer is a great way to protest the things that bother you in the world the unfairness that you see .those things that happen that just make your gut go oh god no, and most of all prayer is the best way to offer praise it is a time for affirmation and joy to celebrate the gifts that appear in our lives.

i keep many of you in my prayers. i wanted you to know that the kind words and thoughts that you are sending my way make a world of difference to me. as far as prayer for my sister goes please remember her, her doctors and her family in your prayers when faced with a problem like cancer all we can do is pray for her. so thank you, thank you for your comments on the blog, for the emails that remind me i am thought of, and for just keeping us in your prayers however you might pray...

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