humiliation (jeff use this)

girls if you really wanna get fucked tell him all about it, if you want him to fuck you like he hates you humiliate him while hes trying to do it. It was a few weeks ago at the swing club and i was hooking up with a man i had meet several times and didn't particularly like, he has one of those attitudes like I'm lucky he let me suck his dick... yeah right... but anyway after i went down on him to get his tiny dick hard... i mean very tiny... let me be clear i like dicks in all shapes and sizes and the small ones can be as much fun as the big ones if you know what your doing with it but he doesn't... my preferred penis would be 5-8 inch's but fully hard hes pushing 4 and I'm being nice... so anyway i get his little dick hard and he wants to fuck me, he has this whole Dom thing going on where he thinks I'm not worthy which pisses me off so i decided to teach him a lesson i got on the bed face down ass up, with the door open... once we had a little crowd gathered around i began the humiliation process, first i asked if he was in yet i couldn't feel him, so he pushed as hard as he could then i asked if he was gonna fuck me or just stand back there... this was while he was fucking me, i told him maybe he needed one of the other guys to show him how.... i kept it up the whole time he was trying to fuck me i know the men watching were laughing but they must thought i was a bitch... still i was tired of fucking with this little pecker head who wouldn't listen to me when i tell him i would rather we didn't play together, that i thought we weren't compatible... hint hint meaning i don't want you to fuck me, but he persists so i humiliated him... not my normal behavior anyone who knows me would have been shocked that i could be such a cold and ruthless bitch... but with my constant teasing and prodding he did fuck me right that one last time... then he agreed with me at last that we just were not gonna be compatible... still if you want him to fuck you like he hates you, wait tell he starts the shout out, come on fuck me don't play around get started....

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