NYE from 11-12

as i was heading back downstairs a pretty blond with her robe tied just loosely enough for me to see her lush breasts, she tells me she saw what i had done with the cougar in the swing and wanted to know what it felt like, i told her i would love to play with her in the same chair if she wanted to, we were just going downstairs and i needed a smoke so i told her to find me and we would get that curiosity taken care of...

i went down and was filling my drink when i noticed two women arriving that i was meeting there, i headed to the door to meet them and take their coats and make introductions to my friends who were hanging around, we made our drinks visited for a little when i introduced them to my friend the lizard man and bragged about his piercing, one of the girls said she would like to feel that so when he said lets do it now we grabbed a key to start another round of the fun,

we got a little room and me and my two girlfriends headed to the room with this lucky man to give him a taste of the rare FFMF foursome, we stripped him down and as i sucked his cock, giving him the best head i could while one of the other women sat on his face her hot ass stuck out right in my line of sight, the other women had her Hitachi on plugged in and on her clit by this time so we were playing good, and after a nice shuddering time riding his face she started to ride him and i watched while he played with my pussy rubbing my clit and fingering me.

after a while of that and flipping and more i reached and did a little clit assist helping my friends get off, and then we lay happy campers for sec to catch our breath and clean up the room. i needed another drink so i left my friends to their own devices and headed downstairs where i ended up talking to one of the women who wanted some DP, i wanted to talk to a few of the guys i know and we agreed to meet upstairs in a little bit. while i was running around i found the blond with her boyfriend on the dance floor i let her know i was headed upstairs,

i sat in a chair across from the glider just waiting for her, glad to see her show up i couldn't wait to see her cum. i went to town on her pussy licking like i was starving for pussy, she was wet, with a little blond downy fuzz on her pussy and i felt like a man striking oil when i learned first hand i had found my self a squirter, she came three times spraying on my face soaking me with her cum and i couldn't have been happier then to have stood up covered in her lovely lady spunk, what a wonderful way to end an old year we went downstairs to count down to midnight getting our glasses and kissing like fools everyone in reach when midnight struck.

I knew it was gonna be as good a start to the new year as earlier in the night had been a great way to end the last year, i want to send a special thank you to all of the wonderful friends i met in 2008, it has been an amazing year but i think the best is yet to come...

a foursome for lizard man. eating out the squirter in the glide

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