NYE from 12-1

my friend got the keys to another room and the two girls who meet me at the club were supposed to meet us in the room so we could watch the hot chocolate mama get some good DP action, so i grabbed the men i knew and headed to the room to wait, we were loitering in the room waiting for the other girls when my new blond friend came into the room,

i figured since we were waiting anyway why don't we play while we wait so i spread her out on the bed holding her legs back and going to town on that hot wet snatch, the men getting the right idea crowed around and gave her a nice cock to suck on and muffle her screams and moans as she was gushing all over my face and the bed, we were having so much fun we attracted a pretty large crowd and i noticed a bright light on her pussy, and it wasn't from oxygen deprivation, it was a led flashlight, how hot is that so moved my head to the side and spread her lips wide so every one could see and from the side i flicked my tongue across her pebble of a clit until she squirted for everyone to see, it was a breathtaking sight.

after that the man she was sucking on rubbered up and started to fuck her silly and i was horny to the point of crazy so i lay down beside her and my friend started to fuck me, the four of us rocking the bed, feeling wonderful but it was only making me more and more horny. we all got off in rounds and stepped back for a breath and a smoke, then another friend said he had a key to a larger room since we were still waiting for more people to join us.

so we cleaned up the room rolled up the sheets and then we moved the party to the next room leaving behind a man to let the girls know where to find us when they showed up, i wasn't waiting i was having a wonderful time. what a great way to start the next year, covered in cum and fucked silly, i set out the lube and rubbers in the next room ready to see the DP action happen...

eating out the squirter girl while she gave head another man fucked me, then making her squirt with the flash light shining. learning it was her first time with a girl and she loved it, four fucking on the bed then waiting for the girls.

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