NYE from 9-10

after our fun we headed back downstairs and i released the men i had brought into the general public, after making as many introductions for them as i could manage. I found my friend the Lizard man, who you might recall from my blog post about my first time on the symbian... and the several rides i have taken since. we caught up for a bit discovering we were both going into the new year with divorces planned.

we grabbed a key and headed up to roll around in the hay for a bit of slap and tickle, we lay and played rolled over and played some more his tongue ring on my clit driving me mad as he worked his fingers over my g-spot, making me a very happy camper, then i dove onto his pierced penis taking it all into my mouth until he was the one moaning with pleasure, until he was as hard as a rock and ready to fuck.

"i want you to fuck me now" and i got up on my knees and bent down my face on the bed as he poised behind me driving that barbell on the end of his cock into my pulsating pussy as i ground against him riding him as much as he was riding me he slapped my ass and grabbed a fistful of my hair as i bucked back against that hard hot cock. it was totally wow then he stopped he just pulled out and stood up, i looked over my shoulder ready to bitch or cry I'm not real sure, when he ordered me to roll over so he could see my tits and watch my face while i was cumming.

if i thought his piercing felt good doggy style it was amazing on my back and as he held my legs pressing them back on either side of my body opening me wide for his deep and meaningful thrusts, i don't think i have words for the orgasmic feelings that washed over me in wave upon wave, grabbing his nipples and playing rough with them, then putting my fist in his long glorious hair i ground my hips against his pelvis and we fucked just a good old fashion long fucking until once again i was shaken in my skin about to shudder off the bed as he made that last deep thrust to cum clamped inside my quaking pussy.

we even had time to lie still for a minute to catch our breath. the moment of peace in each others arms made me acknowledge how much i have become a wham bam thank you sir kind of girl. sad i know but that's me with my great fear of intimacy willing to have hot soul searing sex but afraid to lie for minute in your arms as we catch our breath. anyway we needed to get the key back and i was waiting to see the girls i was meeting so we headed back downstairs to hang around and watch the crowd...

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