NYE from 1-3

I'm breaking format because we broke the rules, the hours from 1-3 in the morning of my new years day rocked and we played straight through, there were so many people in the room when they came to kick us out that they let us stay this time. if you recall i had just wrapped up with my new blond friend and she and i were sitting and petting while the men milled around us, her boyfriend leaned in and gave me a great big sloppy kiss,

"Ive wanted her to do that forever" i wasn't sure what he meant so i asked and he explained it had been her very first girl on girl encounter, another cherry for my collection, so she and i talked about what she had liked and why then i manged to get an invite from them to a huge party the weekend of my birthday nasty in the natty, I'm so looking forward to it,

when the girl i was waiting for arrived at the larger room we had moved into, she came ready to play she was already running around naked her hot body giving the men around us semi's her confidence and desire did the rest as she leaped on the bed and started to devour the cock closest to her mouth, it was so hot to see her in action.

i knew what she wanted was some good wild fucking and then some hot DP action, which i was eager to see so she would mount a man and get to working on his cock throwing her body up and down his length with such energy i think the first three guys got off before we could ever get to putting that second cock in her ass, but as she was on the next man and she was sucking the dick before her, she pulled her head up and said she wanted a man in her ass hole right now.

so i grabbed the first semi hard cock and started to suck until i could roll a rubber on for her and direct him in between her firm round ass checks, omg it was so fucking hot to watch i forgot who i was doing and looked on mystified. i love seeing people doing something that hot and to watch her work all three cocks like that was mind blowing, we were playing and being loud and had about a dozen people hovering around the room, many working on their own erections so i slipped into my favorite roll as ring leader and fluffer,

"whose gonna fuck her next i would ask" then i would suck his cock totally stiff and put on the rubber so he could fuck her, i think she didn't take a break at all in those two hours, it was just a steady train of fucking every cock i could get at attention, i was working the crowd talking new men into the room as we wore out the old, two poor men i was fluffing came in my mouth they were so eager and turned on by what they could see hear and smell in the room,

there was even a man with a double digit dick one of those 10+ inch dick the kind that are so big they are hard to get hard, well i sucked him up and since she was busy i told him to fuck me first, it was hot and i got off on that overfull feeling but it didn't take 5 min for it to go from oh to ouch and so i swapped his rubber and sent him her way where she took it with out a flinch,

after about a quarter to three we had depleted all the men around us, and i for one felt like i had just taken on an army and won, so we were catching our breath and taking that post hot intense group sex minute to collect our wits when security came to let us know it was time to wrap things up and get a move on, all i can say is i hope the rest of my year is as hot as the first day of the year was, by three i was sober enough to drive so i packed it in and called it a morning.

thank you to all of the wonderful friends i made last year, and in advance to all the friends i will make this year because i know how wonderful you all are, and thank you to the men and women who helped me ring this year in right, it was just so much fun i cant wait to do it again....

playing in the last room, mona getting dp while i was a happy fluffer, ending the night on a very high note...

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