NYE from 10-11

so i went downstairs and freshened up my drink and did some serious fixing on my hair, when i saw a friend i had seen at few of the meet and greets i went to hanging out looking friendly so i sat and we chatted for a little bit, one of the men i had brought as a guest joined us and we were discussing how important it was at a place like the swingers club to ask for what you want if you want to get it. girls might hop on your dick if you ask them to but even the aggressive ones want some kind of a nod from you. if your lucky most of the times you get what you ask for.

taking my hint he in all earnestness asks if that's the case why do i wanna get a room, i said no but i was just fucking with him because the set up had been to perfect. we grabbed a key and i tramped back upstairs to a little room where i sucked him hard made him fuck me until his legs gave out then made him get himself off in my mouth it was as hot as one on one gets if you ask me, and i was thinking to my self i should have given him a second look back in September when i first saw him

so i strip the bed and am running to get the sheets when i see one of the men i came with and a super hot cougar making out on the love seat she was astride his lap her shoes off her skirt around her waist and her perfect ass hovering in mid air i just wanted to dive in and forget the sheets but i am a good girl at heart so i went back to the room finished tidying up and dashed back to the couch i was sad to see she was now sitting beside him almost covered, he asked how i was doing or something and i said good but the view was better a minute ago,

she asked if i liked what i saw and i told the truth that i thought it was great and i made me wanna get on all fours and dive right in, i had seen this women several times there she is there often and always caught my eye but gives off the I'm not here to meet chicks vibe so i have just been friendly with her in passing thinking her way out of my league, but it was my lucky night and like we had been saying earlier ask and you shall receive right, so she hops back on his lap and i drop to all fours like a soldier doing a drill. i have never tried to eat pussy from behind like that and i was just hot enough for her and her sweet pussy tasted just good enough i didn't mind that i was doing a little riming with my cunnilingus,

so i licked her from asshole to clit over and over until i was sure she had come at least once on my face maybe twice, and i asked if i could move her into the glider so i could really do it right, well she went along with me and spread her legs those black silk thigh highs against her silky white skin her hot hairless pussy waiting for my attention. i didn't make her wait long i dove right in starting to zero in on her clit and then i turned my head so i could lick across it instead of just up and down then back to flicking then moving down to fuck her with my tongue, she was wild with it shaking and cumming so hard it would lift her out of the seat twice she had to clamp her thighs around my ears but i wouldn't let up just licking and licking

her cum had that great tangy taste not bitter just tart and she came hard enough i could tell when i was doing something right but what was most amazing was when i would thrust my tongue inside of her she had one of those pussy's that clamps on and sucks you in, it was like a vacuum effect and one of those rare occasions when i wish i had a penis so i could have felt her clamp onto that, she was tasty and tight and i licked until she made me stop it was so fucking hot i could feel her dripping off my chin as i stood up, and a few of the men watching even applauded i think.

the moral of this story is if you want something ask for it, you just might get it if you. I'm sure glad i did. what an unexpected delight i sure hope i will be able to repeat... the friend who came to the club with me and was sitting with her made a comment on the NYE from 8-9 post about

what happened and what she had said to him so i think i will just paste it here since tjd57 said so well... "cory found me and another new friend that i had met on one of the couches and dove in between her legs from behind. this other women could not control her screams. we had quite a crowd gathered at this point. cory asked if she could take her to the "chair" where she could do better from the front. my new friend didn't hesitate for a moment. lets just say the screams and the involuntary convulsions gave proof to the moment-or should i say several minutes-of what this lady can do. my other new friend confided in me and said that she didn't consider her self bi but that had to be one of the best pussy eating's she has ever had! guess what i had to live up to later!" Sorry to brag but i think i can be proud because I'm sure a cougar like her has had her pussy eaten out a time or two before. I do love eating pussy and take pride in doing it well...

also while I'm telling about the NYE 8-9 post i did the hottest thing ever i have a special friend who loves my blogs and likes to let me know he reads them with one hand on his dick if you know what i mean. so i was over at his house and having a wonderful time when he logged on to aff to show me something else and i had a wonderful idea i looked at him and said " i should suck you dick while you read my blog" so we went to that post and i told him to read it out loud for me so i would know he was reading and i was so hot to hear about my fun while i went to town on his cock i loved it we never even made it to the end of the post... that is now my recommended method for enjoying this blog if possible have someone ready to suck you cock during the good parts...

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