I am a soft hearted person sometimes and it often comes out in a love of animals. All kinds of animals i have three dogs indoors now, my pride and true loves English setters, big beautiful bird dogs. I feed several of the feral cats at our home in the country six now, who i take to Indy feral and have fixed then feed for life and love but wont let sleep in the house.

Because the country home is near allot of woods and few Fields we have more then a few raccoons well my roommate and i learned long ago that if you feed a cat your feeding two raccoons and well i like the things, when i was a little girl i had two orphans my sister and i bottle fed and raised, yes they were named Rocky and Bandit the most predictable names ever but cut me some slack i was six.

so any way we feed about 10 raccoons dinner every night, but i haven't been home in week or two so when i got home today and went to feed my raccoons only 3 came to eat. i was so worried i woke my roommate up to tell him the raccoons were gone i was crying, he tried to break it easy but the truth is a predator has moved into our woods,

he thinks it is a coyote maybe two, he would know and now i am both furious and scared. I am in no ways a predator myself and i have never shot a mammal, that said i want to take my shot gun stake out bait, hide in the tree stand and shot the fucking things till they look like hamburger meat. then i wanna make a campfire and burn them up so all the other animals can smell what happens when you eat something i care about,

this is only a fantasy because i feel sentimental about the cute little rodents i had been fattening up for the coyotes. i am a farmer at heart an realize this is all circle of life shit, what i will really do is walk quickly to and from my car and stand in the door to watch while my dog is outside.

my gut reaction though with out a doubt has made me acknowledge how protective i am about my family even the furry members, i am a mother grizzly bear when it comes to protecting something i love.

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