sorry i have to do this but i had a madding time out friday night, i was nothing i couldnt handle just another reminder to self why single guys can be scary and should be handled with caution. i like to go stag to the swingers club and most often can be found hunting there on wendsdays,

i am always comfortable there and have yet to feel preasured or uncomfortable in anyway, i know the securty and feel safer meeting men there than anywhere else if im on my own that said i wasnt born yesterday and i know not everyone who swings is trustworthy, still it shouldnt be hard to learn that no means no,

i am not asking to much to think that a simple no thank you i dont want to do that right now should do the trick, i am a polite person by nature and cant imagine pressing my attention on someone who didnt want it, but this night it was done to me in several differant ways, and by the end of the night i was about ready to hurt someone, no thank you is enough i shouldnt have to resort to no fucking way in hell as a response

i dont often play with men one on one, this night was a vivid example of why, a nice clean single young man got my attention and we sat for a while talking to each other, i indicated i would play with him so we went off to a room, this has been a long week for me, i have meet and sucked more dick this week then some women do in a year so i let him know i wouldnt be giving great head, not that he needed any since he was hard but it is a nice way to start so i showed my trick of putting a rubber on with my lips, he grabbed my hair hard and started to fuck my face it was freaking me out, i kept pulling back but he was pushing hard and this is after i told him i wouldnt do oral, i grabbed his dangling nuts and squeezed untill he stopped

he is lucky i didnt just slap them as hard as i could, but i dont want to be hurt and i know that makes most men mad, anyway he apoligized and looked real sorry and said he got carried away, so i went ahead and said he could fuck me but he had to go easy, he was large and maybe because i asked for easy he went at it extra hard but i know he was trying to hurt me, then when i thought it couldnt get worse he pulled out and rammed himself into my asshole without permission and without lube,

i kicked him in the head as hard as i could manage from my back, i think he might have seen a star or two, i wanted to scream and yell at him i did in fact a little but only for the 20 seconds it took me to grab my robe and hit the halls glad i left my top on, what a fuck'tard i cant imagine anyone playing with him more than once, i was very shaken up by this and went down to soak in the hot tub and calm my nerves

i was soaking happly in the newly reopened hot tub when a nice looking young man joined me and we sat pleasently chatting about the night and the club and what not when another man came up and asked how the water was, it was perfect so he decided to join, an invitiation to soak in the tub is not a offer to have you grab my pussy, just to be clear, i find confidence a turn on but aggresion turns that into a turn off quickly and this man was aggresive,

not wanting to hurt anyones feeling when he tried to feel me up i told i was just trying to soak and i didnt want to lose my hot tub privleges, then he asked the other man for permision after i had told him no and crossed my legs, pretty clear body languge i wasnt interested, i explained i didnt know the other man, which probably was a mistake because it gave me away as single if i was smart i would have used the other man as a cover hoped in his lap and hidden but it was after 1am and i wasnt thinking

the man grabs my hand and moves it to his cock like he has every right in the world to do it, i was done i had my share of men for the night and told him so, in no uncertain terms, i take my hands out of the tub so he starts to kiss and suck and slober on my arm before he grabbed my floating tit, at this point the other guy got agresive to it is like a disease that spreads man to man

now with both of them determined to play with me and me as turned off as i get i debated my options with myself got out and went home early i hate to jugde all men by the actions of a few but i was hot in a bad way red mad hot and half wanted to tattle on the creep like some little kid short of slapping him he wouldnt take a hint,

yes i was at a sex club i was even there to have sex and lots of it but when im done i stop, and if i want to just sit and relax i should be able to, next time i wont be so nice the more i think about it the more i wish i had just given him a good crack across the face he needed to learn manners.

there are time when i enterain the notion of finding a full time lover, someone to watch my back on nights like this because as silly as it seems and as far as i have come from the little girl i used to be in my first abusive relationship there is that part of me that blames myself for these things happening, i feel like i was asking for it and i got what a dirty slut like me deserves, i feel silly looking for your symphaty. i know i only feel this way becuase it was beat into me early on, and now i am a grown women who demands to be treated as a lady at least out of bed, and that i didnt deserve either of the creeps

harmless intentions or not NO MEANS NO, it isnt funny im not joking i may be into all kinds of things but if i or anyone says no then dont press it and never ever just do it anyway...

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