The show i was looking for...

caution you might not wanna read this, this story contains graphic descriptions of bi-sexual men playing in ways that make some people uncomfortable so if that is you i would recommend skipping today and returning tomorrow....

i hate to ramble or rail when i am about to tell a dirty story but i do want to point out that i think it is bullshit that bi-girls are celebrated and bi-guys are shunned, i for one love watching men play with each other, now i know this isn't for everyone and that is why communication is important at a party....

i love giving anal and can not believe the number of men who will let me or ask me to violate their asshole while maintaining they are totally straight not even bi curious or bi casual, one man at the party let me lube him up and fuck his asshole good with my little toy it was so hot and so very much fun

so when the main part of the party moved to the front room of the suite for a little break while i stayed in back with two of the men the one whose asshole i tapped and the other i know is bi, both well equipped and open minded what a wonderful combination, and as i was working to suck them both back to a hard and ready place i kept moving them closer together

finally getting the idea one offered to let me suck both cocks at once, something i have never done before and i love to add things to my falling into firsts post so i was more than game to try and the men squished their cocks together and into my mouth

at this point i was pretty sure they were comfortable together i mean you gotta get real close to pull a move like that so after a novel attempt i pulled back and asked for a little help, so while i was sucking one he was fondling the other,

yep men grabbing men and i loved it, but wait it gets better, i don my little rubber glove and lube up so as i was sucking one man with my fingers zeroing in on his tight asshole he started to suck the other mans cock, what a sight, that will be on my masturbation memory reel for a while to come, i even noticed we had one man lurking in the room watching with a not quite horrified expression,

besides at this point in the day my jaws were about to go slack so getting help from anyone was welcome, for me to see the men touch and caress each other playing with nipples and balls was hot enough but to watch them exchange oral... wow... happy endings were had all around before a break was called and we cleaned up and went to rest with the others,

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