whiped but not beaten

ive gone and done it the kinkyiest thing i can think of i went to my friend chasing my sexy red head yummy and if you remmember the deal i went ready for a whiping. i arived on a bitter cold day and hurried into his home, he lead me into his front room and we sat on the floor in front of a fire, he told me i wouldnt be alowed to speak to girl that is what he called her girl and that since i was being so brave for my first time he would have girl be extra nice, this was all it took to make me soping wet

i nodded my agreement and my face was sealed in a goofy grin when he called girl into the room, he instucted her to undress me as she slowly pealed my cloths off untill all i had on was my bra i almost came as she slowly unsnapped it then ran her hands down my arms to pull the bra off, close enough i could smell apple in her fire red hair, i knelt naked in front of her my eyes on master waiting for the next command.

yes it was that quick for me to think of him as a master of me, maybe not in the traditional trainer sense but at least for our time together anytime im in the same space as him he will be my master he found my achealies heel and knew how to use it i wanted girl with every fiber of my being

he told girl to she was to lick my nipples then apply a clamp her tounge on my tight rosy buds made me cum as i started to shake she bite down hard and i was exploding lifting my hands to grab her head and crush her to my breast, crack pain exploaded across my calfs he had whipped me with a little cat o nine tails for my forwardness with girl i had forgoten not to move girl pulled back and attached the clamp to my first nipple, shit it hurt but in such an erotic way she licked and bite my other nipple i held my hands fisted at my side and by the time the second clamp was in place i was flexing my breast to put more tension on my nipples

he ordered girl to show me her pussy and she sat back removed her robe showing me her perfect large breasts her milky pale skin with a million freckles and her red hot landing strip in that shade of hair that turns me into a wild bull with knee high boots on she spread her legs wide and used one had to spread her lips and show me her pinkness,

i was wild with desire i wanted her so bad every time i leaned in he would crack his whip in the air and i would hold back he told girl to cum for me, and she began rubbing her clit franticly it was the hotest thing ever and when she began to ejaculate i couldnt belive my luck that she could squirt and so easily

master told her to let me taste and i almost dove into her but she only offered me her hand and i sucked every drop of her essense off of her fingers master ordered girl to rub oil on my back and so she worked a sweet smelling oil into all of my skin rubbing quickly to get the blood flowing,

once she had done that master told her to let me have a proper taste i was over joyed and girl sat spread eagle in front of me, and i set to my task amazed at the ease i had expected punishment first but i wouldnt look a gift pussy in the lips i was going to town licking her all over my face buried in her wet lips.

crack it was my back this time and so much harder but her pussy was so sweet i didnt want to stop crack again with the cat o'nine tails crack i still didnt want to stop but i did gasp for breath crack with out easing in a rythem now i was so involved in licking her clit

the pain came in red hot waves then she was cuming squirting all over my face in waves like my pain it was so fucking hot and yummy i was still licking her hole as her cum splashed on my face, master was pleased with how well i had taken my whiping i could tell he was happy

he ordered me to kneel over girls face so she could lick my pussy, when her delicate hot tounge thrust into my folds i came again liquid heat pouring out of me, she kept on my clit licking and pulling when i felt an explosion of pain a hundred times worse then the whip

master had spanked my ass with a paddle, pain washed over me and when he did it again i couldnt contain my response it was making me hot by the fourth crack of the leather paddle on my ass i came upon impact creaming into girls mouth,

then master told me how prowd of me he was he told me i deserved a reward and so after having girl rub more oil on my tender and raw flesh he had her sit before me again letting me eat her hot wet pussy licking in hopes of realeasing her flood,

i was shocked to feel him enter me in one deep swift stroke he drove into the pussy i had been waving in the air, i felt lube on my asshole as he was steadly fucking my pussy without missing a beat he thrust a viberator into my tight little asshole and reached in frount of me to rub my clit i couldnt take much and focused on the oral i was giving so i could last a little while i attacked her clit licking with a fierce passion while my pussy was assulted my asshole violated and my clit so over stimulated i came so hard i was screaming and crying and shaking i almost blacked out it was so intense,

he came shortly after me and i went back to work on girls sweet pussy finaly using my fingers on her clit so i could pull back and watch her squirt on me, it was so amazing even the pain and i sit here her cum dried on my chin wishing for more already...

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