group play is best

how to tell the tale of an orgy, do i make it vague to intrigue you or detailed to satisfy you, do i tell it in many short stories or one long erotic tale, after the unpleasantness last time my descriptions will be briefer and there is a lot i am leaving out, some things that will be keeping my hand on my clit for many nights to come,

the party was a great success it was wonderful and just what i needed, i was running late that morning so it was 11 when i checked in and i was far from ready but men were already in the parking lot so i headed into the room set up quickly and hopped in the jacuzzi while the men settled in, after a quick dip to clean up i started the play in the bed room, we had a king size bed and so i sat a man down and started to suck,

i am a lazy cocksucker there is no doubt, what i want most is to suck it hard then tell him to fuck me with it so i can get the next one ready, which most often works very well except when i give to good of head the i just suck him off and have to look for the next one, the three of us played in rounds getting each other off and by noon i needed a break already,

i had tried to change the message on my voicemail so that people could find us because my phone was dead but i didn't save the new message when i learned my mistake i fixed it right away but i think a few people missed out because of my fuck up, i am more sorry then i can say i didn't mean to exclude anyone who wanted to play,

after another quick soak in the tub the crowd swelled again so i headed back to the bed to please as many of the men as i could reach and to let the others watch if they wanted to, play continued like this till the first other women appeared, then she and i set to it together pleasing as many men as would come into our reach, rolling out of bed when we needed a ciggy and heading back when we were done, i unloaded my sex bag scattering lube condoms and toys around the room for all

when we had exhausted the men on hand i was trying some oral resuscitation with my ass up in the air so some kind soul stepped up to my pussy and pleased me so much i couldn't contain myself, i actually had to stop sucking cock because i was shaking so hard and as he hammered my g-spot it was amazing how hard i came, i was just twitching like a epileptic coke head,

the whole morning went so very well it was a true pleasure for me and those who came to play did while those who came to watch had a wonderful show,

there are a few things i would like to explain because when i say 30 people were there some people are horrified at the idea, so first not every one is there at once at the most we had ten or so people in the room at once, from 11am to 1am there were between 4 and 12 people in the room at all times, also i want to point out the hypocrisy of people who say yeah i would do a group of 6-8 but never 30 in a day that is way to many, i mean really what is the difference if you are OK with 6 why not 40 the mechanics stay the same, and for an insatiable women like me i can wear out that many men in a day so why wouldn't i if they are willing....

thanks again to the men and women who are adventurous enough to attend i love the kudos i get for being a good hostess but i know that without you attending, the party would be a bust, you guys and gals deserve all the respect for coming to the party with open minds prepared for pleasure...

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