so the day after my inspired story I'm all kinds of sore and tired so i decided to go out to the local swing club and soak for a few hours in the hot tub, maybe do some gentle one on one if i see anybody i know but otherwise i was there to soak,

heck i even took a book to read in the tub, it was a cold and quiet Wednesday night and i was just soaking up the heat letting my tender flesh relax as i leaned into the whirling jets, reading and chatting away when another person would join me, i kept refusing to get out and play until much later in the night when a friend from another blog post, why I'm glad to be a member for life Big **** was there with his cousin hoping to bump into me,

by now i had been soaking more then 90min naked watching porn and anybody who even knows about me knows i am always a horny girl so with the littlest encouragement i was up the stairs and in a room in no time at all and both men wanted to play with the door open.

so there i was sore and still fucking loving the thrusts that hurt so good, once again the cream in a kinky Oreo with two big black cocks filling up both ends, i decided i am truly deeply and incurably insatiable, i want to fuck all the time and don't think that i can ever find enough to satisfy me, sure i reach a point when i want to quit for a minute but that is all in a half hour i want even more than before,

this is why one on one relationships wont work for me, i have yet to meet anyone with an appetite equal to my own, and have a hard enough time finding people to keep up with me for a night... still you gotta admit it is a wonderful way to be worn out...

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