christmas eve fantasy

twas the night before Christmas last year at a good friends house, my friends from the story i make a perfect gift, she and i had been playing together for a long time but he was never allowed to join in, we would all get together for dinner and drinks then she and i slip into the bedroom while we leave him watching TV,

she came up with the perfect gift idea it was almost inspired, she wanted to give him me for his special gift, isn't that sweet, so Christmas eve she hid a key for me to let myself in and so at midnight i snuck in, stripped down tied on a wide green ribbon around my middle. i lay out on their huge tree skirt and struck a pin-up pose under the tree.

as planned she woke him up telling him she heard a noise he needs to check out, so into the room he did creep and when he saw me he froze, i swear he did about ten double takes looking around the room then back at me. i crooked my finger bringing him closer, and when he went to speak i shook my head, when he was close i looked into his eyes and pulled open his robe.

he sprang out hard and ready at what he thought was a dream, when i wrapped my lips around the tip i heard him mutter to himself "gosh this feels real" i almost cracked up and ruined it, but i held my laughter and gave him the best head i could give, he came rich and thick in my mouth quick because his wife hasn't given him head in over 8 years.

i tied his robe and shook my head again when he tried to speak so he left shaking his head and went back to bed, i dressed and waited and about an hour later after he fell asleep she came out to make me some hot cocoa and have a good laugh.

we think he thinks it was a dream he has never said anything to either of us about what happened that night and it really couldn't have gone better then if he had been in on the script, in fact at dinner the other night we were talking about gifts and she even said she wished she could wrap up a blow job for him, since he was so nice this year. you should have seen his face when he choked on his drink, poor man. i almost feel sorry for him, with two such devious minds plotting his escapades.

the plan for this year is a little more complex but should be just much fun....

so merry Christmas eve to all of you and yours as you go about your day, and don't forget to look twice under the tree...

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