conclusion of taking a virgin

When we reached the hotel he woke me with a quick kiss and I straighted myself up a little, we split up checking in thankfully my roommate was Nicole who I knew took zanex at night to sleep she would swipe them from her mom who had scripts from a few different doctors and who wasn’t the best at keeping track of how many pills she had stashed and where. Nicole once even gave me a soma to take now there was a pill I liked at first high. My head would bubble away from me but I knew the only way I would take one of those this weekend was if I screwed up bad enough to injure myself and I wasn’t going to do that so I didn’t feel to giddy as I lay in a sexy skirt and halter top under the first cover I felt that rush that makes it all worth while. When the coach was sure we were tucked safely in bed and went off to have her nightcap, we all knew she was a drinker, couldn't say a curse word to save herself but could drink like a sailor. Nicole offered me one of her totem poles, a 10mg zanex and I told her maybe later if I couldn't sleep and left it on my nightstand I said I wanted to watch TV for while before I crashed. Fine I don’t even care if you watch one of your boring history documentaries she said because I took two tens and am gonna sleep like a baby don’t worry if I look dead it just means there working, just don’t make me get up before 10 and I have no problems. Not a half an hour later she was down for the count and I threw the blankets off and was out the door in a flash I rushed down the hall and down the stairwell condoms and a light blanket in my big purse. Right on time Devon hadn’t been waiting long at the bottom before I appeared at the top step of that flight his eyes riveted to my long bare bronze legs and the flash of red satin under the short black skirt. He looked truly tongue tied so I kissed him long and hard to see if adding my tongue to his might untangle him. Stepping back to take a breath I asked if he was ready and took his hand to lead him out into the hotel courtyard and down a little path I had noticed leading to a line of brush and trees I was betting there would be a lake at the end of the path and really was hoping for a gazebo, we walked fast just in case someone was watching from a window above us. Like most walking trails this one lead to a nice size lake and went all the way around it and I spied just what I had hoped for a nice wooden gazebo the bottom solid fence to keep little kids from rolling into the water and it would also keep bigger kids rolling around from being seen from the road or hotel. We walked around the lake fingers interlaced and talked about what we liked best about each other, I warned him I wasn’t a virgin I said that beth and I had been fooling around and found her sisters vibrator so we went to the store and bought a huge box of condoms so we could try it out and when it was my turn it felt so good I just couldn’t keep from putting it all the way into me. He looked appalled and interested at the same time he had just two questions why use a condom when a dildo cant get you knocked up, and did girls really play like that with each other at slumber party's. He taught it was only on late night showtime movies. I told him almost all the girls I know did, I shouldn’t have said anything but I didn’t want him to worry when he felt I wasn’t a virgin. Worry about what he asked and I said you know getting sick from me that’s why we got the condoms because we didn’t know where Beth's sisters pussy had been. He was stuck on the slumber party idea and asked how he could get invited so I told him neither of us could have a boy spend the night at our houses and he agreed we couldn't’t stay at his, but I did tell him we could sneak out for a night if he had a hotel room for us all to play in. That was enough talking we were at the gazebo me leaning against a post him leaning into me I gave him a quick kiss and laid the blanket out on the wood deck the noise from the road sounding like distant waves I let him reach into my shirt and grab at my chest pinching my nipples really hard before I took over and striped his shirt off. I showed him how to treat a nipple right caressing his chest running my nails across them and then when they were puckered just enough I licked at them making them hard as little pebbles I licked and caressed switching sides then sliding my one hand down I undid his belt and button pulling the zipper down while he returned to my breasts cupping them in his big palms just reminding me of how big and hard his cock would be. Or at least I hoped it would be. Clumsy was just another word until night when I learned what it really meant to see a klutz in action. I could be kind and blame it on the dark or that he was scared of being caught, but he groped at me as though I were a pillow he was practicing kissing with. I finally got his dick in my hand and discovered that not all urban myths were true to this day it was the skinniest dick I have ever seen. Long hard and thin his veins were pulsing and It looked almost like a sculpture in motion all in all it was lovely just not what I had expected, I used my fingers to smear the little teardrop of pre-cum off of his little head and down his shaft making him shudder and lie back on the ground my chest forgotten in his pleasure I stoked him a few times maybe a little roughly until I saw his balls were twitching. I rolled the condom on nice and slow and told him he had better wait for me, he wrapped a fist in my hair and pulled me down under him kneeling between my legs nibbing on a nipple. He was jamming his cock into my pussy lips never quite finding the hole so I reached between us and guided him into me. He was almost in a trance it seemed like he would have cum on the spot if I hadn’t told him to start fucking me, that was just what I said, I told him he better fuck me good if he wanted to do this ever again. That snapped him out of it he narrowed his eyes and started banging away just ramming it into me as hard as he could. Long swift strokes maybe five of them and then he pulled back to far and fell out. I don’t think he even noticed until I reached down to correct the situation. Then it happened again this time he noticed and said “oops it fell out” , he tried to stick it straight back in my hole but he had the wrong hole and sunk himself about four inch's into my asshole before I could stop him, it felt so full and amazing I came right on the spot juices dripping down onto his dick now trapped in my ass. I never told him he had fucked me in the ass. You know the jock type they are so homophobic he would probably convince himself he was gay because he had fucked my tight little asshole till it was on fire. It wasn’t more then five or six strokes latter that he came to collapsing onto me In a sweaty sobbing heap, he really did cry. I'm still not sure why I think he was just a little overwhelmed. But he did provide me with a great new antidote for party, what are the two thing you never want to hear your lover say in bed, oops it fell out and sorry wrong hole. The girls all had our share of laughs over the encounter and I can say my cherry popping urges were gone for good I never slept with a virgin again. When the trip was over I broke up with him latter that week trying to make him feel better I told him my dad refused to let me have a boyfriend which I'm sure would be true if he knew I had a boyfriend but it also meant I couldn’t date any of the boys at our school which really was fine he had been the best choice and he was really bad, besides I needed a older man who knew what he was doing with me and how to make things happen.

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