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OK it may be true nothing says i love you like a threesome but it is even more true that adding a partner to a failing relationship is no way to save anything at all... it would be like trying to put out a fire with straw, i know it is tempting but if things are going south already you should focus on that not on finding a women to play with...

so i got an email from someone i wrote off a unsolicited single male, sending him my standard response which is the truth, i say this a dozen different ways when i reply to these emails, some of which are clearly cut and paste and others that are nice and do interest me but all the same i thank them for the contact, let them know i looked at there profile, then tell them that for safety reasons i do not meet single men one on one, but if they want the chance to meet me and see if we play well together they can check out my group [group 170713 IWF].

I don't mean to stray from the topic, so i send this reply to a man saying i don't meet single men one on one, he writes back that he isn't single, so i send him what i reply to most couples with if i like their profile (of course his was just a single male) that i would love to know more about them and what they are looking for in a playmate, are they experienced and can they host, and do they want me to include a male friend of mine for fun, and if so which one do they want me to ask. i sometimes ask more detailed questions depending on how brief their profile was...

so his reply wasn't quite a full awnser, it was pretty short and left a lot to be desired but he did include pictures of his girlfriend and she was very pretty, so i decided what the hell and started talking about dates to set up a play date with them, now i don't mean to brag but i am a busy girl and i have plans most weekends, and back up plans when in true aff style people cancel or flake out on me. i know what i need to be happy and i arrange to get it often nothing wrong with that in my book,

but anyway back to my story i tell this guy i will meet them for dinner and see if it works, now the trick here is that if i make a date with someone from aff, i really plan to fuck them, i mean you would have to do or say something really repulsive for me not to fuck you at that point, I'm not one of those I'm looking for the right vibes chicks I'm a let me test drive you and see what i think, i just wanna take you for a spin, then i can see if we click. because really I'm not here looking for friends (but i am so glad that i have met a few people here that i love) i am here looking for sex lots of hot dirty sex mostly with strangers, even if we met and fuck a few times if we don't really get to know each other and i mean basics most of the time i don't know where people live or work, then we a strangers or at best fuck buddy's. all this to say more often then not i don't judge someone until i have slept with them first.

the point of all that was I'm a pretty sure thing if i am meeting a couple, and once I'm willing to talk dates that means I'm already decided i will fuck you, barring some unforeseen drastic turn off, so we set a date and he writes me like five email within 3 hours of each other, kinda freaky but maybe hes just excited right but then the next day it was like 9 emails in 4 hours and i felt like it was very passive aggressive it would be him writing and the first one would be some question then he would be like if you still want to meet then it would be are you still intrested then it was i guess you were fake then it was you must not be interested.

it was freaky, it may have been totally harmless and he was just eager but i had my husband read them (changed my password today that chapter is done, what will i do for common sense now) and he felt like it was scary, we are pretty sure the man was unstable, or at best on something. so i wrote to say i didn't think i could meet them and i was sorry but i wished them luck in their future searches. i almost never do this but it was just psycho enough to make me not want to risk it, specially since he wouldn't give me her profile name.

then he writes me this email demanding to know why, and saying that this had been my plan all along to set him up and i was fake, and so on so i write back to say i didn't like that he came on so strong with the email, he should leave time for me to reply to him instead of just an hour before he jumped to the conclusion that i was fake and then escalate inside the 4 hours to 9 emails each one more and more aggressive. i put a lot of thought in wording it right so he wouldn't be hurt and so that he would take the advice to heart. he reply that he isn't gonna read it because he wants to still be able to like me. like I'm some low class bitch whose gonna leave unforgivable things about him in a note I'm leaving him.

then he sends like 5 more emails saying that he was having a hard time with his girlfriend and they were counting on meeting me to save their relationship, how much he loved her and wanted it to work so they decided to try having a threesome, so i will restate the first paragraph, threesomes are awesome and an amazing thing to share with someone you love but if things aren't going well adding people wont help save the two at the center no matter how many you add...

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