the levels of BI

OK this trend has reached new epidemics the many many levels of being BI- i know each term means something different to everyone so i think i will just define what it means for me because i for one am a true BI and wouldn't change it for a second, i also love to watch BI people of either sex play together,

BI-lifestyle : to be enjoy a true BI-lifestyle means you really do not have a preference for women or men but you sincerely enjoy sex on a person to person basis without gender preference, you can have lasting and meaningful relationships with either sex as long as it is with the right individual this includes many people who practice polyamory and love both sex's simultaneously

BI-sexual : this is living a straight lifestyle but enjoying sex with either gender, you can have wonderful same sex experiences behind closed doors but do not want to have that be part of day to day life, being BI-sexual means being uninhibited in your sexual experiences but going back to the opposite sex relationships for emotional fulfilment and love

BI-curious : sometimes this term annoys me, there really is no need to be shy if you are curious try it if you like it do it again if you don't try something else, but i know nothing is that simple and this grouping includes lots of the BI group, these are people who have ideas and fantasies of a same sex sexual experience but have not yet acted on it, or who have tried it once or twice but don't want to rush to judgement they would prefer to give it few more chances or who liked it but don't want the classification of BI-sexual ,

BI-closeted : these are the group of people who aren't yet at grips with there desire and who are afraid to let the inhabitions tied to same sex play go so that they can enjoy themselves fully, i think some of this fear is tied to social stigma but another part can also be from a fear of indulging themselves and becoming complete homosexuals,

BI-casual : I LOVE THIS TERM and this group these are the people who come to play and leave every inhibition at the door, they don't seek out same sex encounters but they enjoy group play and in that setting do not let gender affect the desire to feel good, these are the true hedonists that make orgy's worth throwing, the motto here is if it feels good do it, all i would add for my personal crest is if it feels good do it OFTEN...

BI-hypocritical : gotta include this, these are the people who feel really feel that it is OK for one gender to be BI, not only OK but often find it extremely erotic but when the other gender is BI it is no longer OK it is an abomination or some such shit, i understand the issue of comfort and sexuality is a touchy thing i would never ask someone to do or watch something that made them feel uncomfortable but i will call it hypocritical because it is,

BI-phobic : OK i have to touch on it some people find the whole BI thing icky and gross and can not tell the difference between it and homosexuality to them same sex is same sex, sometimes this is just good old fashion homophobia and other times it is rooted in a bad experience somewhere in the past, these are the people who cant wrap their minds around the whole idea, which is OK straight people need love to and that doesn't mean BI people don't like them,

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