Taking a Virgin Part 1

In the sixth grade, I had the opportunity to attend a private christian school attached to a baptist church if you can imagine the combination. Other than cheer leading I hated most of my time there making only a handful of friends outside the squad and surrounded by sheltered prissy misses I was bored to tears a few of the upper class men had been experimenting with French kissing. But most of the kids in my grade had still never seen an R rated movie much less pornography.

The only good thing was that I really did have to wear a little school girl skirt. When I did not have my cheer uniform on, white button up shirt and green plaid pleated skirts, I loved wearing white thigh highs and a lacy white garter belt that had a matching bra and pantie set. I was the envy of my gym class whose moms made wear bras that were for grandmother. Not everyone mind you my two best friends were as interested in exploration as I was and we played together often.

Still I was bored and it had been a few weeks since my adventure at the roller rink. What I needed was a plan. Now that I was experienced I wanted to screw a virgin. Pop his cherry so to say, the theory being that its better to train a lover from scratch then it is to have to break bad habits. So I went on the prowl again making a list in my journal of likely candidates for my experiment.

When after a week and many vivid daydreams of the future seduction. I chose a boy in our school two years ahead of my class I wasn’t sure if he even knew my name just that I was another cheerleader at his games and because we took separate vans to and from games, the boys and the girls that is we never had a chance to talk but I sure had noticed him. He was very tall with a mop of dishwater hair he was on the JV basketball team and spent a lot of time practicing karate he was going to get his black belt this summer.

All in all he was a stud but he was also painfully shy around girls I don’t think he had a clue about how cute he was. Stammering when I would say hello outside the lunchroom, once I was pretty sure I caught him staring at my breasts when we were practicing jumps. After two games of watching him on the court as I was cheering with my squad were all I needed to make up my mind, I wanted him and he would be willing if he even knew what hit him.

Then luck played right into my hands the boys had made it to state and the game was about six hours away so we had to stay over night in a hotel for the play-offs. I know who I wanted to bunk with, though it would never be allowed which made it all the more fun for knowing that I was planning something naughty.

It got even better about a hour after leaving the school our van broke down and during the few hours on the side of the road while the coach tried to fix the van. Most of the girls had a boyfriend on the team and so they paired up and sat together or went for walks except for us and a few of the boys who were goofing off or taking naps.

We just leaned against the vans talking I asked if he was nervous and he was he started talking so fast I thought he would start to stutter again. About the game and his dad and so on until he just looks at me and laughs I think at himself for rambling and tells me it was nice of me to listen. So I told him I was a nice girl, he would see, we’ll be friends I declared and he looked a little stunned. You want to be friends with me he asked. He was so sweet and innocent he didn’t know what that twinkle in my eye meant but he understood when I stepped close and said I wanted to be the very best of friends with him. I wanted to be his cheerleader, motioning around to his teammates most of them with their arms slung around a girl or at least holding hands.

He knew what I meant and I knew he wanted me, by the smile on his face as he realized what this meant for him. I took a step closer my face almost in his chest now and looked up licked my lips with the tip of my tongue and begged with my eyes that he kiss me. I got my first hint then that their might be trouble in paradise.

He bumped my nose so hard I saw stars and my eyes watered. He didn’t even know how to kiss a girl. I hoped I wouldn’t get hurt to badly trying to train him and besides how can I train him to kiss. I don’t know how I learned it was just natural how to kiss from the first time I had kissed my girlhood friends.

Full lips pressing against full lips tongue trying to find a taste of the honey behind those lips pressing licking and exploring the length of the others tongue dancing against each other in a rhythm that comes straight from my pussy pulsing through me. I put my hands on either side of his face and held him still as I started to kiss him. It was a conquest in itself to be the first girl he kissed I leaned into him then pulled back a little until he would follow and I would press back until I finally felt him relax and I made a fist in his hair. When he opened his mouth to say ouch my nimble tongue slipped in and made him forget his complaint. My hand massaging his scalp wishing we were somewhere private enough I could massage his other head.

I could hear one of the girls giggling and pulled back from the kiss long enough to realize we were attracting a bit of attention. So I moved to lean next to him against the van again holding his hand this time and we talked on and on about everything and nothing, my fingers busy caressing his, looking him deep in the eyes trying to make sure he knew what I was planning I wanted him to shake with lust and anticipation when we finally snuck away.

The girls van never did get fixed so we all just crammed into the boys van. I sat against the window, my skirt had hiked up on the climb into the back seat and I threw one nearly bare leg thrown over his leaned close to his enough to his hear to whisper to him, and to press my breasts against his arm.

What I whispered I cant exactly remember just the general idea, I told him how cute he was and that I had been watching him for a while but I didn’t think he would want to talk to me. He stammered now turning red and said how he watched me cheer all year and had wanted me to ask me out after he had seen me at the first game of the year but he had been afraid to ask because he was so shy. I pressed harder my thigh now over his groin and said that I would have gone anywhere he asked asked me, and done anything he could imagine to make him happy then

I licked his ear and nibbled on the lobe. His cock jumped to life against my thigh reaffirming the myth about big feet meaning a big dick he felt like he was huge. So after checking that the other two couples in the back seat where using the time wisely and that the coach's were engaged in a lively debate in the front seat that would distract them the rest of the ride.

I just slipped onto his lap to make more room.he was so tall it made us eye to eye. And as I sat on his lap his hard cock straining at his pants, I was giving him the best lap dance I could with out moving my head or shoulders. I was grinding against him and he looked like he would howl at any moment. I kissed him licking his lips and it was more then he could take I felt him shudder and I knew he had cum in his shorts.

I was happy with that for now but I told him I wanted to taste it the next time he came and so whispering in his ear that I had a condom with me and told him how to sneak out of his room tonight and meet me. Then I fell asleep in his lap with his arms around my waist my head resting on his shoulder because I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

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