Adventures in Youth Group

It was around the seventh grade I started to go to youth group with my friend Sarah at another big church. She had told me her youth pastor was the handsomest man on earth and I wanted to see for myself so I got all dolled up and joined her the Wednesday we got back. He was a total stud muffin thick brown hair and brown eyes like melted chocolate and lush lips that should have been on a women. A strong chin his tight jeans showed off a hard ass and a promising bulge in the crotch. His t-shirt was tight across his broad shoulders and muscled arms.

He wanted all of us to call him jack instead of sir and lead us in a very textbook discussion followed by a game of dodge ball in the gym. I kicked off my sandals and gave him a run for his money. Or at least I made a good show of it since sports were never really my strong suit but I watched Baywatch like the next girl and knew my bouncing breasts were sure to catch any straight guys eyes, and sure enough before the game was half over I had caught him looking at least twice, it was just too delicious.

By the next Wednesday I had made my plans I was going to seduce him, and then fuck his brains out, if he fell for it. The danger was thrilling and I had a sexual high all day just at the thought of how forbidden he was. Sarah did my makeup and hair for me so I looked perfect a few of my red gold curls dancing around my face, made up with very natural colors and wearing a very simple dress it was made of light gauzy cotton and had a v-necked tank top style with a knee length skirt that clung to my hips and flared out it was in shades of green with neat little white buttons all the way down the front, I wore a strapless green lace demi wonder bra and lacy pale green panties that had a bow in the front of satin ribbon, I matched a pair of hemp slippers that had a good size heel on them since he was taller then me.

Sarah couldn't’t quit cracking up since I told her my plan, I don’t think she was jealous she wouldn’t ever have had the nerve to seduce a boy our age much less someone she saw as a teacher. She didn’t think my plan would work but she did admit I looked good enough to eat. I asked her to help me because I was a little nervous so I went over the lines I had prepared for jack.

Asking for his help because I was having these dirty urges at night and even had to touch myself. It never seemed done I just stop and go to sleep isn’t their something more something he could teach me. She thought he might buy it and while we shared our pre-church joint in the woods behind the football field

I asked if we could kiss just so I wouldn’t be rusty, she thought for about a second and bit her pretty lip then nodded consent. I caught her head in my hands and pressed my lips to hers caressing and tasting I tilted my head and licked her lips clean of her cherry lip gloss before she went limp in my arms wrapping her arms around my back and clung to me. When she opened her mouth to sigh I plunged my tongue in and was dancing in her mouth my hand stroking down her back and bottom pulling her into my lap leaning back so that she was on top of me kissing me with all she could, she had brought a hand to my chest and was coaxing my nipples into pebbles.

I returned the favor reaching under her skirt I moved her silk panties aside and rubbed her wet cunt with my hand I moved onto my knees and laid her out on the ground in front of me so I could taste her. She no longer cared about helping me kiss jack she was just so hot I knew It was my duty as friend to make her cum so I went down on her sweet little pussy with thin soft blond hair and juicy lips I kissed her thighs making her shiver before I dove into my delicacy what a treat to have her so at my mercy and how naughty it felt to be out of doors the sky, red with sunset making her skin glow her head thrown back.

I lapped at her soft sweet pussy until I was sure she was wet and ready then I used my hand and tongue together to touch and taste her inside and out. She shattered like glass I had to catch her scream with my hand then my lips as she just came and came dripping down my hand. She shuddered and held me close for a moment, then started to straighten out her skirt and blouse, she put her shoes back on and then finally spoke she told me I didn’t need to practice kissing I was already the best. I asked if she was mad at me, and she just laughed and said that she loved it.

She offered to practice with me anytime I wanted just not more tonight or we would be late we smoked another joint and went into class. We slipped in about 8 min late with our lips swollen and smelling like a perfume counter. It was a small class this night just ten or twelve of us and pastor jack. He looked just like a dream shaggy blond hair and a five o’clock shadow of whiskers on his cheeks I think he was in his mid twenties about ten years older then me. I couldn't’t wait to rub my cheek against his and feel him rub his beard on belly.

I had the perfect plan Sarah already told her mom I had a different ride home that night and my mom thought I would sleep over with Sarah. So I was free until school the next day and I knew what I wanted to do in the meantime a six foot something hunk named Jake. So after the class I asked if I could talk to him in private I told him I was having some problems I needed his help with. Of course he said and after he had seen the other kids off he came back to the classroom and

I was sitting on his desk swinging my legs a little and I had already undone a few of the many buttons holding my dress together. I licked my lips and launched into my sad story. As he sat down at his desk I moved to sit nearly in front of him, legs spread a little. I leaned in showing him my ample breasts, I have a huge problem I told him and Its really embarrassing but you look like you might be the only man who can help me, you see I think I might be a lesbian I just cant stop thinking about sex.

"But when my ex-boyfriend and I screwed around I never got off and I haven't been attracted to anybody else until last week when I saw you. The whole time you were talking to the class I was wishing I could be under your desk sucking your dick, I want to lick your balls and make you shoot cum down my throat." I could see his dick staining against his jeans already this would be easier than I thought I licked my lips and went on, "I have been cumming all week at the thought of seducing you."

"I want to bend over on your desk and pull my panties aside so you can do me from behind. I started to undo buttons on my dress. I want to bite your nipples and lick your lips." He jumped to his feet and kissed me grabbing my hair in his fist and forcing me back against the desk I pressed into him forcing my tongue into his mouth and tasted all of his hot smoky breath. he went to the door and I thought he was going to throw me out but instead he locked it and propped a chair under the knob then came back to his seat.

"I want to make passionate love with you all night in every position we can think of until you cant see straight." I scooted over until he was between my legs my ankles against his knees my weight still on the desk my cleavage in his face my dress unbuttoned past my bra. I continued talking, "I’ve dreamt about you every night since I meet you" And as I was talking my hands started to roam over his t-shirt, I put a hand on each shoulder and slid off of the desk into his lap straddling him I could feel his hard on against my thighs as I pressed down against him. I licked his earlobe and whispered all of the bad things I wanted to do him.

He was a picture of restraint until I pulled down his fly and to my delight found red briefs underneath jack had a wild side I couldn't’t wait to discover. I pulled his cock out of the fly and slipped down to the floor on my knees in front of him so I could suck him dry. I slipped him into my mouth he tasted salty and hot, he smelled like Irish springs, I love Irish springs soap it smells so fresh and manly.

I licked and sucked my hair was getting in my way and I stopped to pull it out of my mouth. I looked up at him with my best puppy dog eyes and asked him to hold my ponytail back so I could get my treat, his voice was hoarse when he asked what treat I was after. I told him I wanted to drink every drop of his cum, I wanted him to shoot it down my throat and I was gonna lick his dick until he did. Then I went ahead and did just that I licked and teased and sucked until he was shaking and pulling my hair I loved it and drove his cock into my throat so I could just lick his balls when my hand grasped them I knew he was close and I couldn't’t wait to swallow him into me.

He lost it he stopped before he was to loud just a grunt really but he must not have gotten off for quite a while he was cumming spurt after warm bitter salty spurt I loved it I licked his head clean and tucked him back into his pants for the moment. I wanted him to take me home, with him.

He asked what I wanted and I told him that I was afraid of being gay since I had never really gotten off on a guy before only when I was playing with girls. He took the bait I read once in a dirty magazine that men love to be challenged in bed so I challenged jack and it worked like a charm I dared him to make me cum when no other man could.

He took the bait it must have been a long time since he had been with anyone he seemed dazed and grateful at his good luck. I told him I didn’t want to be caught and somebody would be locking up the church soon. He asked if I had to go home and I told him I just needed a ride to school in the morning and he was mine until then. So we departed for his car nearly racing across the parking lot, he warned me his new apartment was a mess and he hoped I wouldn’t mind his roommate was a slob.

Of course I didn’t mind the idea of a roommate was exciting to me. So when we got there his roommate Dave was in the living room smoking out of a nice glass bong, jack nearly died of embarrassment pulling me back into the hall and trying to explain things away. I just smiled I whispered into his ear that I had seen his red underwear so he had better just relax and let me have a good time tonight.

I just told him that if Dave wont mind Id like to get high and screw. It will make things so much better for us both. He just laughed and said if that’s how I felt about it he had just the thing for me. We went in and Dave a loner who looked like he hadn’t even seen a girl in weeks was trilled to smoke me out and I teased both the boys stroking the stem of the pipe and licking my lips I pulled my knees up showing a flash of panties, jack said he had a treat for me, another one already I asked . He laughed and said this was a different one.

He went to his room and came back with a white pill he said it was ecstasy a double dose, I asked if I would be ok for school the next day and he said that was plenty of time for it to wear off so I took it with a glass of orange juice about a hour later I felt it and I loved it my body felt like it truly was a temple. I was floating on the precipice of delight, the only way to describe it is to say that you spend 6-8 hours feeling the same way as you do in those 3 seconds when your about to cum then something will set you off and its like the most amazing orgasms on earth but you don’t have to fear it ending in seconds it lasts 6-8 minutes each time.

The littlest things would blow you up. that’s the term used for that orgasmic feeling of ecstasy. I stood loving the feel of my skirt on my thighs dancing to the music on the radio while the two guys sat on the couch smoking out and watching as I slowly undid each button in a daring strip tease touching myself all over I kicked my sandals off and slowly let my dress slide off and down to the floor my light brown fluff showing beneath the lace of my panties and my breasts almost falling out of my strapless bra I turned and undid one hook at time dropping the bra and turned my arms crossed over my nipples

I started to laugh, my laughter was contagious I was loving the attention of the two hot guys and both guys were at attention their hard on's like flag poles stuck out to salute my young fresh body I reached up and let my hair down loving the feel of it brushing against my back I went to jack and knelt across his lap my tits in his face and while he was licking my nipples and taking tiny nibbles I was shuddering in ecstasy

I told him that the way I was feeling he would need reinforcements and maybe Dave could help us out if he wanted and looking at his rock hard cock he wants to, jack said he didn’t care as long as he could fuck me right now, I told there was nothing I wanted more and he had better have condom on before I count to three I stood turning my back to him I stuck my soft round ass in his face and slowly pulled my panties off counting as I went one down to my thighs two past my knees as I bent forward three off my ankles and kicked to the heap where my cloths were while I was upside down I looked between my legs and saw that he had followed orders.

So I put my legs on either side of his and my hands on his knees as I sat down right onto his cock and began to bounce I rode him like a pony and then some it seemed like I couldn't’t stop cumming on him as I jerked up and down on his pleasure pole. His roommate Dave was standing in front of me naked with his cock in his hand jacking it off so I used one hand to caress his balls. Until he shoot a wad on my chest and I rubbed it in lifting a nipple to my mouth and licking my own breasts clean.

Jack came grabbing my hips and pressing himself harder into me and groaning to beat the ban. I hoped off when he was done and was still buzzing so high I went to the bathroom and was splashing my face with water, oh it felt so good, I didn’t notice Dave slipping in behind me until I saw him in the mirror he was rolling a condom onto his dick he was ready to fuck again already. I bent over the counter facing the wall size mirror so I could see him behind me fucking my brains out my boobs were in the sink cold water still running over then making me feel like fire and ice he was really going at it. Making the funniest faces in the mirror as he made me cum over and over again.

When he finally lost it we went back to the living room where jack had made a Turkish bed on the floor with pillows and comforters all with a red sateen sheet set on top he lounged rolling a fat joint looking like some young sultan. I went and kissed his feet on my knees I kissed up his legs slowly tasting and licking as I went. He lay back and waited as I reached his cock and barely teased it with my tongue. I pulled back and said I wanted to smoke his fat joint before I smoked his fat cock.

So he lit the joint and we got real high and were all three giggling and trying to decide who would have to get up and get the whip cream out of the fridge when there was a knock at the door all three of us froze I was scared to death that it was the police or worse my parents. I stayed on the ground perfectly still as if that would make me invisible Dave hid his stash while jack ran to check the peep hole. He freaked out oh my gosh he was running around grabbing his cloths frantic. Its Sarah he hissed at me did she know you would be here.

Oh thank God I said as I leaped up and bound to the door my naked breasts swaying I undid the deadbolt and threw open the door before either guy could stop me and pulled her into the room throwing the lock back into place behind her. I grabbed her around the waste and neck. Does anyone else know you’re here? I demanded No she stammered I rode my bike.

Good thing I said and I spun her around and kissed her good and hard until both guys were moaning. Sarah explained that she had been trying to sleep when she decided that I shouldn't’t be the only girl having a good time tonight and since she knew where jacked lived she decided to ride her bike over and join us if I had been successful in my seduction.

Jack was at first horrified at the thought of being caught by one of his Sunday school students couldn't’t help his arousal at the thought of a foursome between us so he offered a second joint to Sarah and I offered to take her panties off before she stained them she smelled like she had cum on the bike ride over already. We had an amazing night first she and I on that red sateen mound on the floor putting on one hell of a show for the boys until they were so aroused they had no choice to slide on rubbers and fuck us over and over again.

We were truly naughty that night and Wednesday became my favorite night of the week I loved teasing jack while he was speaking to the class or asking the hard questions about those tinglier feelings I was starting to have down there making him turn red and everyone else giggle with me.

We would sneak off into the different closets and restrooms and classrooms of the church playing different games each week. My favorite is when I would be his slave and he would use me roughly for his pleasure commanding me to do all kinds of creative things to him,
Dave was my connection for pot from that day forward and he gave me the best price I have ever had short of free and he would throw in plenty of free pot also he just loved fucking me while I was eating out Sarah's hot little cunt. They never minded sharing me they both said I was so hot one man would never be enough for me I was meant to please the masses.

I never really understood this then it wasn’t until later when what they meant became clear Sarah dated Dave for the next four years then they got married and have two sweet little babies. I went home on a visit lately and they still love to get high and screw we had a truly wonderful time catching up with each other over a bottle of sangria trying to reenact that first night, without jack this time.

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