another amazing hump day

i know I'm hooked, even when i don't plan on playing i end up leaving fucked silly and smiling every time i go to the swingers club...

so Wednesday i took a man i had met a few times before to the local sex club to get his new membership, i love to act as tour guide and welcome committee when i find anyone who will love this place like i do, so i drag him thru the whole tour showing off the sexy rooms one by one, letting him feel the symbian and showing him how to make it run,

when we reached the room with the red sex chair i showed him how perfect the set up would be for man of his height, i hopped up and wiggled my ass to the edge hooked my black fuck me heels into the loop and let him step into my pussy, even clothed i could feel him at half mast pressing hard against my hot wet spot,

we went around a little more before the tour was done, then of course the choice of where to play was up to him, so as i was sure he would he choice the chair that we had tried, we rushed into the room and stripped with haste so i could hop up and get fucked long and hard till i couldn't stop my screams, i came so hard i was afraid i would hurt him as my pussy clamped onto his cock, it was simply great...

after we went down to the main area to sit and drink and talk for a while, of course i introduced him to the few people i know, it was a really slow Wednesday, and after a bit a couple i liked came in, you might recall them from my INTERRUPTED post, we sat and talked about all things swinger, my friend had to leave to get home at an excusable hour,

i stayed to see what might happen and the very cool couple i knew wanted to play pool with me, which would be fun except I'm so bad a pool i could make my own all new pool game where no matter how many balls are on the table you score by hitting only the cue having it roll around and miss all of the other balls...

since we were three i offered to team up with her to take him on but he had a better idea, so we girls played while he watched, who wouldn't love that, and since we both are pretty bad at pool he made rules that had us both as winners, who ever scratched had to suck on the others nipple,

yep that is a form of pool i can win at, in fact we both won often...

during the game two of their friends joined us to watch with him as we teased and played so when we were done four of us went upstairs to a room with two queen size beds, we all of course strip down and set to playing, first just she and i while her husband went to fetch more sheets, and after the housekeeping was done we set to playing me eating her out while one man fucked me and she sucked on another,

heaven oh heaven i love a moresome and the other friend of theirs i had met downstairs came into the room to join us, woohoo so her husband stepped back and the other man fucked me doggy style while my face was full of pussy she sucked both men while they watched me in the middle, the special guest came and went quickly and the four of us played more,

what i can say about my night is that orgasmic doesn't begin to describe it, it was hot wet sticky sweet salty and real, yes oh yes i love love love the swingers club what a place of wonder and discovery,

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