ending on a high note

i will leave you with this the party was a great success, almost everyone who came had a wonderful time and i know next month will be even better as we iron out the little wrinkles.

by later that night a third women showed up to play and we three girls wore all the men out in turns, breaking their bodies for our pleasure, i think more then one will be on the injured list still with cramped legs hurt knees and sore hips, but it was more fun than i can say, imagine three hot wet naked women writhing on a king size bed surrounded by nine men all occupied in some interesting fashion as we sucked fucked licked and played our way to complete exhaustion, i wish i had recorded the sounds for you to hear the audio erotic quality of moaning and flesh slapping on flesh in a group that large cannot be found elsewhere, it was that part of the night i love when i am already feeling fuzzy and cum drunk and we are playing hard for the last couple of hours,

we wrapped it up around one in the morning sending most of the visitors home except my friend from farther away who agreed to stay with me, even i am not stupid enough to sleep alone in hotel room 30 people have been to not that i think any of you would hurt me but you cant be to safe and besides i was glad he was back in town, so around two we headed to Perkins for a victory breakfast then back to the room for some amazing one on one that reminded why i love my short list players really for me the day was full of the best of both worlds amazing groups sex mostly with people i knew but still meeting several new friends with potential, and hot one on one with a good playmate then cuddling,

yeah i know its sappy but even i like to cuddle silly or not sometimes it is nice to fall asleep wrapped in a lovers arms and just lie content to feel safe and warm and comfortable together, so more power to the cuddlers, and thanks again to everyone who made the Decembers party so wonderful, the toys are donated thank you all for bringing toys and the orgy was a hit, i cant wait to do it again...

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