my well equipped friend

so the party was carrying on in a very festive spirit everyone was playing nice waiting turns for me and the women with me, when my well equipped friend just happened to show up,

now the other girl had brought her own pretty jelly vibe and i carry a fully loaded sex kit bag, with 3 vibe several lubes and rubber gloves and condoms and Vick's and baby wipes and sanitizer and i like to think of myself as prepared

i got nothing on my well equipped friend he shows up tool box ready, with some the most fun unique and orgasm inducing toys i have ever played with, just what the orgy needed since i was running out of people to fuck me while i was giving head...

some boys wear out after they cum a few times, i just don't get it but the toys oh they will last all right, so we explore the options a Hitachi vibe (i want one for Christmas) several glass pieces, a stainless steel g-spot tapper, and a liberator wedge to name a few, he even had my favorite brand lube in a new flavor,

what fun that was i even manged to be the example pussy for a Hitachi demonstration, yes i will suffer for education... it was wonderful i was sucking a nice hard cock with my pussy just hanging up in the air and one man started showing another how to use the Hitachi just right to stimulate the clit... yep that was torture, every second i felt like i would explode and shatter...

the student was a very apt pupil and before long the men had made a pretty noticeable wet spot under me, which isn't easy with my ass in the air but i came so much it just poured down,

then there was the stainless steel toy which is a curved piece with weighted balls on each end to roll over the g-spot, since i had played with this toy the last time i saw my friend i urged the other women to give it a try,

so while i was licking her clit my friend worked that onto her g-spot and few minutes later heaven was found, the stem of the toy was narrow and this women could squirt boy could she ever and for the first time i saw squirting while something was in the vagina, not as much but impressive all the same,

her pussy was so tight one of the glass toys with heart shaped ridges on it was being used to get her off and every stroke you could feel her clamping on the ridges it was one of those few times when i wish i had a penis cause i wanted to feel that on myself,

toys may not be a necessity but darn it they sure are fun and i am so glad my well equipped friend could make it to the party and that he thought to bring the props the only thing he brought that we didn't need were the dice, we all know how to get started at the fun...

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