Party to Cum

I have said it many times before and i will say it many times again i love group sex, i like being naked in a roomful of horny people, it makes me really hot to feel so many hands grabbing and rubbing me, since i have lived in Indy it is hard for me to get an orgy going.

In high school we had them all the time, but now i have found the answer and once a month i will throw an orgy, just something simple. strangers meeting in a hotel room to do wicked and wild things then walk back into the day like everything was normal.

last month was my first party and you can see from the posts i wrote about it how much fun i had, and so many of you liked those stories i thought i would let you know Decembers party is almost here so if you want your invite to come play with me and my friends drop me a line or sign my rack and i will get your invite out to you.

the theme for this party is naughty and nice, i have asked everyone to bring at least one new unwrapped toy to donate to children whose families cant provide gifts for Christmas, this is a special mission for me the gifts all go to families in Marion county along with a food basket and a turkey or ham Christmas is such a special holiday and it is so devastating to not be able to provide even the basics for your children and so many this year find that out of there reach, these are such special kids who so little i hope everyone who attends will remember to bring a good gift for the children and so i am giving everyone the chance to do something nice while doing something naughty...

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