play in four acts

OK so i was supposed to take the night off but i couldnt resist hump day at the swingers club, and i was running a little late this month, so why not celebrate besides i love that place i am so in the fan club, anyway it is awesome to have a place to go where sex is on table so to say all the time, so i was going stag on a Wednesday night, flirting with the whole room in my special i expect you to fuck me kind of way,

the night got off to an early start as i sipped a coke i had a offer from a man i had seen there many times and had half an eye on, he had to sneak it in, so i slipped off to a room striped down and waited for him to join me it made me think of being a randy teenager again because he had to keep dressed and be quick but that didn't stop him from being thorough it was a pleasant and quick roll in the sack to start my night off right

after we were sitting having a snack when his friend joined us big **** was his name and boy did he live up to that, wow what a cock, its just not fair when black guys aren't circumcised it makes them ridiculously impressive and I'm not a fan of size. anyway after some quick head and a long ride on the symbian we retired to a room where we were fucking doggy style with the door open, when a friend of his came up to watch, since they knew each other i asked the other man if he wanted some head, surprise surprise he did and so we had a sexy hot threesome with me staring as the cream in a kinky Oreo,

the men switched places this was turning into a marathon when the new friend pulled out and drove me crazy with his hand, he made me squirt all over, this is only the second time i have ever been able to but is was way better because i didn't even realize it was happening until i was cumming all over the place i mean in buckets, he was just fingering me and i don't know how he did what he did but hot damn it was amazing,

then he fucked me more and i was giving head but when he was ready he came around and sat in front of me, and as i sucked him off and plunged down on his cock so he could cum down my throat he was shaking like a hairless chihuahua with his orgasm,

after every one was satisfied we dressed and i was ready to go home happy when downstairs a group of people were chatting and a shirt caught my eye so i decided to stay a while longer and see if i could get it off of him,

he was a cute younger guy not normally my type but then again my type always leaves room for the willing, so after a little chat he made his offer and off we went up the stairs again to play in the room with mirrors

and i must say i have such a sexy ass when it is up in the air getting fucked i don't know why women don't like hips because i love the look of mine with a pair of men's hands holding me steady and backing me up onto his cock.

we played for a nice long while, watching the show in the mirrors, then we took off for the night each headed our own way, and for a night without getting any pussy i still had a wonderful time, i loved fucking all those guys in one night, good strong fuckers to, now i cant wait for the next hump day so i can celebrate again...

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