Babysitting for men without kids-

I was fourteen and looking for trouble when the Internet really picked up speed. We had a new computer at home that finally went fast enough to allow for chatting and is not chatting fun for everyone. You can be anybody you want to pretend you are. my favorite was the persona of a barely legal porn star named Mary Jane Dream. I would even cut out porn star pictures from the free porno sites and email them to men as though it was me. I started to chat in a local room you know swm seeks swf kind of stuff, then private chats with local guys until I had a handful that I was cyber screwing on a daily basis sometimes I would be in two chats at once with them both jacking off at the erotic words I sent into their homes. Both cumming over my explicit description of the sex acts I wanted to perform on them. After a few weeks I gave Roman my phone number and we talked for hours about our fantasies and obsessions. I lied about my age and told him I was sixteen and he lied about his age and told me he was thirty six. We decided to meet and I told him I had an ad in the neighborhood newsletter as a babysitter and he just needed to call and hire me.

I would be his all night long for only ten dollars an hour, twice my regular rate but less than half of what he was willing to pay for a chance to act on half of what we had talked about. He called my mom and set up the date, Saturday afternoon until Monday morning, he even had a elaborate story about working overnight and his wife being out of town with her sick mother and having to keep his third shift job he needed me to keep the kids busy while he slept and then put them to bed while he worked.

My mom with her kind heart asked if he had someone else for Friday and he said he was just going to stay awake and she wouldn’t hear of it she practically insisted he pick me up from school Friday and keep me until Sunday night. I know now that she and dad probably spent the weekend celebrating the break from me. But at that time all I cared about was doing some celebrating of my own.

When he picked me up Friday I was expecting to be disappointed I hadn’t seen his picture and some people do exaggerate but there he was in his black convertible jet black hair with just a hint of gray at his temples he was mature and strong looking. I knew this would be a weekend to remember I tossed my books in the back and slid onto the seat letting my plaid uniform skirt ride up to show the top of my thigh high white nylons.

He said online he was a leg man and I know I had perfect legs golden and smooth. I told him what a pleasure it was to meet him and I just couldn’t wait to see his place. He had other things in mind first and asked if I wanted to go shopping first. I asked why and he said that he wanted to buy me a present to enjoy the weekend. We went to a little store by the beach where the shop girl knew him by name. downstairs they sold printed towels and swimsuits and whatnot for snowbirds but roman took my hand and pulled me behind the counter and up the stairs.

It was a whole different shop up there also for tourists the kind with lingerie models and leather equipment on the walls. He gestured with his hand and told me I could have what ever I wanted I just had to try on a few outfits. It was like a dream come true the most beautiful of fabrics and the sexiest bustiers. He sat back in a overstuffed leather chair and motioned for me to sit on his knee. I did but I felt so revved up I started to ramble I told him how much I loved sexy panties and bras and asked how he had known that and how did he know to come upstairs here.

His reply sure surprised me, he was chatting with me under a different name at the same time I was being two women he was being two men. He told me he loved how bold I was and he knew he had to meet me so he had a back up profile in case I refused to meet with him. It was the sweet thing to say I liked that he paid attention and I snuggled up and kissed him on the earlobe whispering my thanks.

Then he dropped another bomb he owned this surf shop and a whole line of them and this is what they all did upstairs for special clients modeling swimsuits and lingerie for out of town business men. He turned my head and we watched together while the four women each strikingly beautiful in her own way displayed some of the most amazing underwear I had ever seen. After I saw everything modeled and squirmed around on Romans growing erection. I choose my three sets each very different from the others but still the sexiest id ever even seen much less owned.

He told the women to include all of the accessory in the box and then we left with box’s in hand. Roman hadn’t ever even thought of having kids he lived in a condo on the beach and it was a den of pleasure with plush carpet and a leather couch. As I explored it had every amenity of a porno set a two person Jacuzzi in the bath room a king size bed with mirrors above it and soft lighting in every room he sent me to the bedroom to try on my new dress while he poured us a drink and lit some candles.

Beside the bed the master bedroom was decorated in deep shades of green with the walnut wood of a dresser and bed set, in the corner straps hung from what I suspected was a love swing. Oh this was going to be just to good, I stripped out of my school cloths and satin under things, I found a bottle of baby oil on the dresser and spread it over my heated skin just enough to make me glisten.

Then I slipped into the first costume, that’s how I saw it. I slid into the bodice corset style top and laced it in the front with a bow. I pulled and laced until my already hourglass figure seemed comically so. I put on the thigh high silk stockings in a matching shade of emerald that made the pale skin on my thighs stand out against the rich hue of the garters ribbons. I slipped on the matching silk robe that reached almost to the top of my stockings.

I found his assistants had thought of everything and three pairs of shoes in my size were inside one of the boxes. One to match each outfit. I slipped into the high heel house slippers with their puff of matching green feathers and felt like a forties movie star as I fastened the clasp of the necklace I found in the shoes, pearls with a green stone accent. Just long enough to rest on the tops of my breasts which were squeezed together making a tight high shelf thanks to the embrace of the corset.

I looked like a true madam in that gilt mirror. I tapped my way down the tile hall to the living room and took his breath away if he wasn’t such a manly man I think he might have squealed in delight as it was he chocked on his sip of wine. I accepted my glass of wine and his complements on my new outfit. He asked if he could take down my hair. I told him I was his to command and turned around so that he could take the clasp out of my thick hair and let it fall around my shoulders.

That was why I had chosen green, my strawberry blond hair was just past my shoulders and lay softly on the shelf my breasts made in the corset. I shuddered and felt the edge of one nipple slip out of its restraints pushed so high I could almost look down and lick it my self. Roman ran his hand through my hair and down my back stopping to caress my mostly bare ass, his hand was warm and hard against me.

He said my pictures didn’t do me justice and I realized he meant the ones of another woman I had sent to him when I thought I never would meet him. I told him I thought the other woman was more beautiful by far, but he wouldn’t hear any of that kind of talk he made me feel like the most drop dead sexy woman on earth he used words to caress me and then asked if he could take my pictures. Just to prove to me how sexy I was, this was the kind of opportunity I had been waiting for. Of course I wanted to pose for him, it was the kind of thing I had fantasied about since I saw my first penthouse spread.

We went to his studio and I let him rub all of my exposed skin with more baby oil so I would glisten. An I lay back against a pillow draped with silk scarfs as roman snapped away I went to town getting up on my knees and pulling the robe slowly off I adjusted my breasts so that they hung out over the lace and satin bodice that was cinching my waist I turned my back to him and bent down, offering up my pale and tender ass I slowly pulled the panties off over the garter so that he could see my pussy from behind me. Then I laid out on my back over that huge floor pillow arched so my big breasts were aimed straight up I spread my legs and began to masturbate I was to excited to do anything else. I told roman I was to hot to go on. He had to relive me, but instead he handed me an ice cube and deep French kiss. I ran the ice over each nipple to make it stand out more then I held my pussy lips wide open and rubbed that ice all over until I was cumming from the cold against my fire.

Roman finally took mercy and set his camera aside he lifted me from the floor into his arms and carried me to his big bed. He freed himself from his pants and took me savagely. He must not have been as cool behind the cameras as he had seemed because I barely had time to match his frantic rhythm before we both were cumming apart at the seams it seemed. He crushed me into his silky comforter as he collapsed on top of me, still inside my throbbing cunt.

I wiggled my hips and licked the sweat from his throat. Which revived his lust and he stiffened while he was still inside of me. Slower and softer this time he fucked me until I begged for release and then while he was still pumping into me he reached between us to finger my clit. I exploded, shot to the moon, and as I quivered and clung to him with every muscle he lost it again and rolled to the side of me stroking my hair and neck. Until I was in a deep exhausted sleep.

He must have unlaced my bustier and removed it because when I woke he was suckling at my freed breasts, tracing a path with his hand from my big pink nipples to my wetness stopping to tell me how sexy I was in just my garter belt. his mouth followed the path of his hand and while his fingers reached deep into me his expert tongue flicked my clit until I was nearly insane with want. my hands in his dark hair urging him on. Soft sunrise was reflecting off the water in hues of pink and peach flashed through the window and cast a rosy hue in the room as I was cumming into his mouth he lapped up every drop like a drunk would guzzle his first beer of the day.

We both fell back into sleep and the next time I awoke it was to his deep kiss which tasted like sweet peppermint of his toothpaste. He told me his housekeeper maria was here and had breakfast ready if I would get up. I was famished from our randy night and surprised at the news he had a housekeeper who came and cooked for him. I rolled from his big bed and dressed in my bikini and pulled a modest sundress on over it making swift work of my morning toiletries. Then heading out to meet maria, and eat my breakfast, roman was already at the table reading his daily paper.

When I walked in he looked up and frowned at my modest dress. He ordered in a stern voice that if I wanted breakfast I had better take that moo moo off. So being brave I stripped the dress off over my head teasing him as I did it. He flicked his fingers at me. And I went to him he adjusted every which way at the triangle top until the edges of my soft rosy nipples were exposed. Then he pulled my panties clean off my bottom then pulled me into his lap where I sat trying to eat breakfast while his aroused flesh burned against mine.

the wiggling was just right when he pushed his thick cock right into my wet and ready pussy. I gave up eating and gave myself over to his deep thrusts while his hands on my hips guided me over him to match him thrust for thrust. The day went along much as it had begun and we were making love on nearly every surface even in the hot tub of the condo in cool seawater and on the elevator. I dressed each evening in the very lovely lingerie he had bought for me and was sorry to see Sunday night come but even as he drove me home he got me off with his hand under my skirt.

I will never forget that magical weekend and the amazing loving roman gave me not to mention my souvenir lingerie. I meet up with a few other men on-line to babysit for them without children present at least until mom caught me and put an end to my on-line activities. But none of these men stand out like roman did he was a master of seduction and erotic doings

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