OK i know your not here to see my comments on pop culture but i watch family guy all the time and now McDonald's has a new commercial asking if you are a mcnuggnut... i kid you not, just say it out loud, isn't that the funniest thing ever. mcnuggnuts are people who are crazy about eating mcnuggets, i mean really are you a mcnuggnut... it is cracking me up, i think i am a mcnuggnut because i love to bob on a knob till i get to eat the nuts does that count can we make it a new dirty term mcnuggnuts are nuts about swallowing your cum...

sorry to ramble but that is what i get for being stoned during family guy, really say it out loud mcnuggnut, lmao, also while i was hanging with a girl friend and burning a nice green yule log she made an amazing point to me i never really understood. we were talking about girls and boys and why hooking up online is so much more likely to let you find like minded people instead of just ones that are physically appealing, she asked me how many men i have just looked at in public that i wanted to kiss. maybe 50-75, well then she asked how many men do i see all the time. really all the time men are everywhere.

i have seen maybe a million men on earth and only so many have ever just caught my eye on sight where i said to myself i gotta get me some of that, i think it is the same for most women in the world, and if that is the case then your chances online are a million times better because you aren't judged first on your looks, you get to meet peoples minds first and in the end isn't that the most appealing part the deciding factor in who you chose to have as a friend, or lover, their minds not their looks, i love the Internets blinders it lets people chose me based first on me...

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